The Natural Disasters

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

A tsunami doesn’t seem like a really bad natural disaster that could happen to someone, but on that day it has appeared quicker than the blink of an eye. It came so fast that there was nothing that any human could possibly do to keep it from coming onshore. Once it did it changed the life for the people in Mumbai forever.

One day, in the city of Mumbai a boy named Ari which had a Kobe Bryant jersey on with his Orange Kobe 10’s on with brown hair and blueish green eyes was sitting on his front porch looking out into the glamorous Indian Ocean, which the color of the water is like a jaw dropping moment. Ari’s Mom calls for him so he gets up out of his chair to go see what his Mom has wanted, so he strolls into the living room where a huge 72 inch tv sat in front of his Mom looking very surprised.
Ari noticed that she was watching the news.
He asks his Mom, “ Why do you look so surprised?” she said.
“ There is a tsunami coming directly toward our country!”,
hey both had worried looks on their faces. A tsunami was like the Titanic when it hit the iceberg meaning that, that means that the city of Mumbai is going to be under water.
So Ari and his mother start to get around the life saving supplies, so they can survive during the massive tsunami. So they go out to their porch where they both can clearly see where the tsunami is and Ari tells his Mom,”the tsunami is in Kochi which is not to far from here he says.”
Kochi is about 500 meters from Mumbai so they climb up the ladder on the side of the house to get on the roof. They are on the highest point of the house.
They see all of the dirty water approaching closer and closer so they embrace each other as tight as they can and hope for the best. Soon they look down and they are still on their roof but they are floating with the strong current but once the big wave hits them they say to each other.
“ We have no chance...”
Ari falls asleep and he wakes up and looks around and his Mom is nowhere to be seen so he cries out, “Mom!”
He is so sad and he sees someone that lives in his village and he asks them, “Have you seen my mother?”
They answer back, “No we haven't.”
At this point Ari’s emotions are like his Mom is in the moment of dying. His Mom meant everything to him because his Dad didn’t care about him- so he moved to the U.S.
Ari has fallen asleep again and when he wakes up because he hears the wave arising towards him. All the other people hear someone screaming 500 ft away and they finally realize that it is Ari screaming because the wave hit him and the roof he was sitting on. He gets pulled away from the wave like he was getting pulled away from his Mom which really happened.
He gets rushed under water and he is in the moment of doing constantly backflips, so he tries to swim back to the top of the water and he finally gets to the top after he almost lost his breath under water to begin drowning. He thrashes onto to a peice of a torn up roof he hangs on for his life. He finally realizes that he has a life jacket in the backpack that is clipped to his back, so he grabs that out of the backpack to stay on top of the water.
Ari sees someone on a raft boat driving around looking for anyone still alive so he waves really fast and they finally realize that he is still alive so they drive to pick him up. As soon as Ari gets in the boat he asks, “Where this boat comes from?”
The man says, “ Oklahoma.”
Ari asks them, “So I floated all the way from India?”
Then Ari realizes that the man is his Dad and Ari says, “Hey, Dad how are you doing?”
Ari’s Dad responds, “Ari is that you?”
Ari responds, “Yes I am Ari your son.”
So they hug each other and Ari’s Dad asks Ari, “Where is your Mom?”
Ari responds, “So one day I was sleeping and when I woke up she was gone, she must have gotten taken away from the water that rushed next to us when we were on the roof that we were floating on.”
  So Ari and his Dad drive the boat to where his Dad lives which that is all the way up in Maine so they had a really far drive but when they got to Ari’s Dad’s house they finally realize that they have not seen each other for more than 15 years.
Ari’s Dad says to him, “ it must be really sad to lose your Mom like that.”
Ari says back,” Yeah, but it feels better to have a Dad back too.”
Ari and his dad see the tv at his Dad’s house and they are warned that a tornado is coming to the state of Maine so they go into the bathroom so they don’t get blown away they also hope that their house doesn’t blow away. Ari’s Dad goes outside because he forgets his wallet in his truck and he comes back inside , tells Ari, “Hold your head towards the wall because the tornado is very close.” So Ari does what his Dad tells him to do. Then at that moment Ari and his Dad feel the vigorous push of the tornado. They get out of the bathroom after they were in there for more than 2 hours. They go outside and see that the town has been disrupted worriedly.
Ari and his Dad try to search the town for any kind of store some sort of store that sold food, as they were they had to walk all over town because his Dad’s truck which was a brand new Chevy 300 got taken away by the powerful tornado. So they didn’t have a truck so they tried to find one and they finally did but it was in Vermont not to far away from his Dad lives. They get into the truck this on is a Ford 400 which was a newer truck than what Ari’s Dad has.
Ari tells his Dad, “I’ve been through so much thank god I found you because if I haven’t found you I would probably be dead by now.” 
Ari and his Dad get to the state of Indiana where the Pacers play, Ari asks his Dad as they are not that far away from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse where the Indiana Pacers play, “ Dad can we go to the Pacers game tonight they play the Los Angeles Lakers.”
His Dad says, “ Sure son why not.”
So they go to the game and Ari sees Kobe Bryant dunk on Paul George, but right after that dunk they start to hear sirens so Ari and his Dad go out in the hall to see what the tv says and the lady on the news report that there is a hurricane coming from the Great Lakes which are up by Michigan. Ari and his Dad just stay inside and wait for it to come they would go watch the rest of the game but it got called off because they don’t want any of the players to get wet because the rain comes down so hard that it could come through the glass that is over the court.
After they realized that the hurricane passed they went outside and saw everything destroyed into pieces the trees were split in half and some of the people’s houses weren’t even standing any more. So Ari and his Dad walk around a while to try to find another truck because the other one is gone from the hurricane it got blown away and then smashed into pieces. Ar asks his Dad, “ can we get a boat and go back to Mumbai and try to find my Mom?”
Ari’s Dad responds with, “ Ya for sure bud that would be great if we could find her.”
So Ari and his Dad go out by the ocean and they find a boat then Ari’s Dad goes so fast in the ruff water it was like needles hitting your face. They get to Mumbai after it took them 4 hours to get back to what was left of Mumbai they get to some dried up land that has nothing left on it and Ari sees his Mom standing on the stranded island of what was left she is constantly waving her hands because she just wants to get off of that land she has been there since the tsunami happened which was two weeks ago. Ari’s Dad parks the boat and Ari gets out and runs to his Mom like he was running a 400m dash on a blazing hot track.
After Ari and his Mom get done hugging they realize that Ari’s Dad is all alone so they walk over to him .and
Ari’s Mom says, “It has been so long that I have seen you.”
So Ari’s Dad goes up to her and gives her a massive hug because they both haven’t seen each other since Ari was born and Ari is now 16. The new reunited family gets on the boat and drives into the sunset as one new family and they live happily after all.

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Its a survival story

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