Forever Alone

March 26, 2018
By billybob388 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
billybob388 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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I once again was alone in the bunker. I Can't get out because if I do I know I will die, But my foster parents I don’t know what to do, my brothers and sisters are gone I was, alone forever alone.I close my eyes as I hear the noise that ruined my whole life.
No Parents. No  Brothers. No Nothing
Just alone.

I did not know where I was or where to go. I  opened the door to see nothing dead trees, dead bushes,I figured if I was alone I would die, make everything easier but it was hard.
I wish I was dreaming.I try to pinch myself to wake up, but I didn’t work.I thought to myself “ifIcan get to the house I can grab some supplies food, water- oh was I thirsty and hungry, actually STARViNG.

Chapter 2. The people

The thought made me run for the house only to be surrounded by these... these creatures, they wont stop coming closer, they have a crazy look in there eye like they wanted to eat me, take me captive. All of a sudden guns started going off they were shooting the people “what is wrong with society” I thought.I closed my eyes because I know what's going to happen next.

  There  is  no noise, quiet,open my eyes to see three  men standing in front of me,”Come with us, Boy you’ll be safer with us.
They lead me to there camp. There was about 100 people in the camp,There was a fire and some meat I think burning and just some small walls beyond the camp. They had some armories and some  food storages not big though. I felt safe knowing i had them with me and  scared cause i don't know what they would do to meThe leader sat down and introduced the squad, “I'm Sergeant David’s and this is my squad, Private Rodrigues, Deputy Karlson” “ and your name son, My name is Josh Richards.

“ What's going on what has happened?I said.i was in that bunker for almost 2 years i feel like i haven't even changed, i thought. i’ve been in that bunker for to long” well you Know about the Bomb that was dropped on us, Well there was a reaction to that causing a fever that will make your head pound, BOOM, BOOM,BOOM. The illness that's basically in the nuke/bomb is called  Ermodocyvirus , This virus is very dangerous it can cause you to have a high fever and potentially die!. It was found back in 2001 and it was from north korea or japan i don't know that right now, it rots your skin and ya it's gross DO NOT TOUCH THE BLUE LiQUiD.
“Ew- ok, nice to know” but what else and there's a illness ,we had ten guys and they had the disease and eventually it caused to death.
“Get to sleep we have some stuff to do tomorrow.

Chapter 3. Shooting Drills

I woke up to drilling. The sound hurt my ears but the scarshing of the metal “I have know idea what they are doing but it is driving me nuts!!!. I  walk out of the room, they expanded to walls.”Sgt David’s  walked up to me and  said they had a couple  zombies come in “zombies?”Well yes they will eat any human teeth enough to rip out your bones. And hands that can tear you apart.”Get some armor on and help me!”
He handed me a 9mm handgun, which I know  my guns just never shot one.
“Josh, do you know how to shoot a gun?
” Yes”
I actually didn't not know how  to hold or shoot.
” Ok good!” come help me clear these walkers he said in a harsh tone.
  We walked out the door and never have I ever seen so many of these “zombies”. It was insane there was probably 50-100. It's Like killing 1,000,000 whales.
I looked behind me there was  Rodriques and Karlson carrying LMG (Light Machine Guns).

They spotted us they were coming and I didn’t know how to shoot.I pointed the gun but the walker was to quick he grabbed me and I  fell to the ground.The walker was on top of me and trying to bite me pull the trigger of the gun and hit a wall.
”Josh... i'm coming buddy” and just then there was a gunshot and the walker was off me.
Deputy Karlson  walked up and said, “ Boy you a almost got yourself killed”.
“ Josh, you said you know how to shoot- I quickly learned that i should never lie about shooting a gun because i will end up hurting someone
”  I  lied. Can you teach me?”
“Well be better of to teach you or you will get yourself killed. I went back to the camp and got some chicken.The chicken was nice and juicy  and it was amazing.

The next morning woke up to some gunshots just assumed they were shooting zombie but then  I heard sgt yell saying give up and knew right away they were other people , I  ran up to a tower that had  had a hunting rifle with a scope. I quickly grab it and am through the sights I  see a head and  aim at it  but I didn't had the guts to do it.”give up know before you lose everything.”
We didn’t  have a lot of  people in the group, we didn't even have a change to fight back so I hope we just back off “ we will let you in and take whatever you want” “ OPEN THE GATES”  “BEEP BEEP BEEP”  they came in  I tried my best to hide behind something so I  don't get noticed because if they ask I wouldn't want to get took away. They began with the weapons cache  they took all the AK47’s and All AR’s They took the barrett 50 cal. Only thing that was left was the pistols.


Chapter 4

We started off by the swamp hoping we could not get spotted by any “walkers” sgt pulled a knife out for in case the “zombies attack”. We started to get into the muck and we slowly sunk and deputy carl had a really bad sharp pain in his leg as he stepped into it.” AWWWWWW”screamed deputy  Karlson, “MY LEG”.We hurry and rush over and i noticed blood and then, Walking I turned with the knife in my hand and seen a zombie coming toward me i quickly swing my arm and stab him in the head. It was really uncomfortable because that was once a human being.

I stayed back and helped karlson before we had to execute him,meaning  kill him or stab him in the head so he dont turn.Karlson told me a few words”Please take my stuff,My room and Have everything in there,There better with you than having em empty”. I told him” I will Karlson, Karlson what is your first name.”To…………..”.”GUYS COME QUICK HURRY. Sgt Davids quickly came  and noticed his friend/buddy was already gone.”sgt davids what was his first name”.”Todd”.” And what's your ”Ethan”.”EThan do you want to do it?”.”ya (Crying).


The next day we got ready to bury When a group of people arrive and ask to stay camp here.There english was a little wavy but i managed to understand we let them in and we started to get them settled in. Ethan asked “What made you guys come here”.” we heard you keep people safe”.” “From who”.” A man before he died, He said to find the group east of the bloods(BAD GROUP). “ what was his name”.” James”. “MY brother wasn't dead”.” He passed when we left he said you will take care of us and get us ready to fight.


“Crunch”.”Crunch”.CRUNCH.” WE were hiding underneath the ground in the sewer. A while ago we were helping out the newcomers and there was banging and shooting  we got a couple people in the newer maybe 75 but the others didn't make it.”Ethan what are we gonna do” i ask “wait for them to leave we only have pistols we will not take down 300 guys”.” I ended up sitting down and falling asleep.

I woke up to sunlight in my eyes and us running there was only 10 of us left.” Ethan put me down and he was grabbing his chest.”Ethan what's wrong” I got shot in the back”.”WHAT NO”. but EThan leans in and tells josh something”lean in here”.”OK”.” Josh im your father i legally changed my name to davids and when you said your last name is richards that’s my last name i left because  of war   before i left your mom and I Put you up for adoption because your mom had only 2 hours to live and i was being shipped to afghanistan”.” Oh My God your my dad”.” Yes bud im your dad”.After a while of talking his eyes started fading away”DAD…...DAD…..DAD……. WAKE Up Dad please” I listen to the heartbeat and have tears run down my eyes. 1 heart beat. 2 heartbeat. And the beating stopped.

I sat with my dad for awhile when there was some waling i noticed the other 10 people they all started to sniffle.”WHERE DO WE GO” I said “ DO WE JUST GIVE UP BECAUSE MY DADS GONE OR ETHAN IS GONE”.”Private rodriguez  started to take 0ver everything  as the new leader.He decided to have us go on the road as i turn around I can see fire and smell fire we quickly started to walk on the abandoned highway. About 2 hours later my feet killed me they felt like 2000 shots were going into my foot. We stopped and took a break not long after we got up and started walking when I saw the sign i ran away from the group and quickly got up to it the sign said military base about 5 miles away.

When we get to about 4 miles we got jumped by a couple of men in army uniforms they asked us what we were doing on private property and asked if we got bit.i say” Sir can we please come in we need a home are base was destroyed and we need help we don't have any guns”. I notice that the guy had the same uniform on that my dad had on and i asked him if he knows him.”Ya i know your dad he was my sgt. “PLEASE LET US IN WE DON'T WANNA DIE” The gate opens and we began to walk in. THE END

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I like zombies and the waling dead along with article

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