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Long Lost

March 26, 2018
By stategirl119 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
stategirl119 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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Mom was cooking Soba when the news came on the radio, “All citizens of Tokyo, America is sending a nuke!  Get to the selters we have two hours until it comes!” The news reporter said pannicing.
”Mom, is this like my favorite game fallout shelter? But in real life?” I said intrigued.
“Yes Lunar, but it is bad we can die- hurry now, pack and get in the car!”  Mom said worrying, her blue eyes wide, and scared.
I rushed to my room and grabbed my bag packing everything I need. I looked in my mirror, my blonde hair a mess and my sky blue eyes big. My necklaces hanging neatly, the silver heart necklace. I grabbed it and put it on.
“Moma I need Yui, Haruto, Mei, Yandere,  and Haru!” I shouted walking back to my bed and closing my bag. ‘If my friends die then I will have no one but mom and dad.’ I thought running to the door, dragging my bag behind me,  and putting my shoes on. Mom came outside holding her bag and my little sister, Asuna, her long dirty blonde hair curled, and her big brown eyes gave me a look that said, “What is going on, sis?”
Mom looked at me and shouted over the yells in the streets, “Lunar take your sister and run, run as fast as you can to the shelter that your friends parents and I made, they will be there.” Mom slowly put Asuna down.
“Mom w-what about you?” stuttered Asuna quietly.
Mom said nothing, she was crying but mom put Asuna’s bag on Asuna’s back and I noticed mom didn’t have a bag. I put my own bag on my back and held Asuna’s hand.
“Bye mom, love you.” I said slowly tugging on Asuna’s hand. We ran to the shelter and got in, mom was correct my friends were there Yui’s mom ran to us and picked me up, “Where is your mom, Lunar?” She asked. I looked up at her and shook my head, she hugged me knowing what happened.
“It will be alright, I got Soba in the kitchen are you kids hungry?” Aika said putting me down. She went up the stairs and closed the door, and came back down leading us to the kitchen.

Yui, Haruto, Mei, Yandere,  and Haru were in the kitchen with their parents when I came in with Asuna and Yui’s mom. They all looked at me and smiled, then looked around, I couldn't stand it any more I started to cry.
“Mom is gone!!” I said sadly. They all came and gave me a hug.
“It’s fine guys… i’m fine, let’s eat soba,” I said softly pushing against all my friends. I grabbed a bowl of soba and sat at the table. I ate slowly.
BOOM- the ground shook and  I stopped eating Soba and fell on the floor crying, my silver necklace was cold against my skin.
“Mom had a chance to get here…. But she didn’t make it! She is gone forever!!!”  I said in a ball on the floor, my long blonde hair in a bigger mess than it was at my house. Everyone came to hug me Yandere whispered in my ear, “My mom and dad will take care of -”
“Lunar wake up your crying in your sleep.”  A voice said. I looked up, opening my eyes, and saw Yanderes head hovering over me.
“Yandere, I was dreaming about last night.”  I said lazily, wiping the tears off my face looking around the room.  

Yandere moves from above me her black hair in a ponytail, and her big grey eyes glowing in the light, “Ok let's go Lunar, Yui’s mom made breakfast.” She said smiling.  “I'm not hungry,  I want to go to the radio to fix it.” I said slowly sitting up.  I gave a determined look toward Yandere, “If they wish to see me tell them I am downstairs at the radio center.”  I said jumping off my bed. Yandere walked upstairs to the kitchen and I went, the opposite way, downstairs to the radio center. There was a small tool box under the desk so I picked it up and sifted thru the tools finding the correct one.
“Don't worry momma I WILL find you, or find out you are truly dead…” I sighed, picking up the tool to start working. I heard footsteps heading down the stairs, I grabbed a different tool. Someone grabbed me and hugged me. “You look cute working, can I help please?” Haru said still hugging me. I giggled, “Yes, yes you can Haru.” I said smiling. “Yay!” He let me go, more footsteps came down the stairs and Haru turned me to look at my face. His gold hair lightly brushed, his cute hazel eyes searching he was….. Smiling. Soon enough Haruto appeared. “darn , bro you said you would wait to see her while I was eating!” He said glaring at Haru, his green eyes exited, his dirty blonde hair in a slight mess from running. I laughed falling into Haru and he caught me, “careful, princess, don't want you hurt!” Haru said, he knew that Haruto was glaring at him. I blushed. “Ok, but I have to get to work.” I laughed adding, “little prince!”  Haruto walked in and smiled, “Hey, can I help?” He asked nervous. “Sure just don't get in the way.” I said and worked on the radio again.

Haruto smiled “ok, I won’t let a beautiful princess like you down!” He said. I smiled looking at the open radio, and quietly started working.
Haru worked beside me, I looked over to his spot and smiled, “How is the work going?” She said. “Prince!” She added teasingly. Haru smiled and said, “Good, my lady.”  my stomach grumbled. “I will get you some f-” Haruto started, but Haru was already running up the stairs. I heard some clattering upstairs in the kitchen, then small slow-moving footsteps coming downstairs. Not to long after Haru showed up with a big tray on it was Ramon, some Soba, and a side of Sashimi. It smelled so good!! He placed it on the desk smiling and placed a rolling chair there, picked me up and placed me in the chair giving me the chopsticks. I smiled and started eating fully aware that Haruto is staring at Haru angrily.
“Thanks, Prince Haru~chan!” I whispered.
Haruto glared at Haru a bit longer then came over, “Princess?” He said  trying to get my attention, but my mouth was full of Sashimi so I did not say anything. Haruto grunted and Haru laughed. “Only i can call, my lady, Lunar Princess!” Haru said. I giggled, “Ok you both stop fighting! Haruto what is your nickname?” I said stopping them from fighting. “I…..don’t have one..” He said. The boys looked at each other than back to me, “Ok, I will call you fair knight!” I said approvingly. “And you can call me Luna” I added swiftly. Haruto smiled, “fair knight” He whispered happily, his face was red. I giggled “sweet you like the nickname! Haru you can continue to call me princess, and my lady, if you would like. And I will continue to call you Prince, or Prince Haru~chan.” I said happily. Haru laughed quietly. I finished my dish, and Haruto grabbed the tray. He quickly ran up stairs, a few small noises in the kitchen then he ran back downstairs, when he appeared, he smiled.

I got up smiling. “Fair knight I have a quest for you!” I said then laughed. “W-what shall I do for Luna girl?” Haruto stuttered. I beamed, “could the Fair knight go get tools for me please?” I asked trying to sound like a queen. “It could be possible little luna-” Haruto started but Haru interrupted him. “Princess? May I be excused I see that it is your birthday tomorrow and I must not miss it!” Haru said blushing. I looked at him and smiled. “Yes, Prince Haru~chan! You may be excused, in fact I need to go myself so Haruto you don't have to grab the tool.” I said remembering that after my birthday it is Haru’s and Haruto’s birthday.

I started to go to my room smiling. “PRINCESS!!” Haru yelled up the stairs. I froze, “yeah, Prince.” I yelled back hearing him run up the stairs. “I need to talk to you, but tomorrow, and alone” Haru said. “Ok! I will say this, what is wrong with Haruto, he is your brother and he seems grumpy around you.” I said. Haruto was in the hallway, looking up at us.

The next day- lunars birthday-
“Wake up princess!” Haru said. I opened my eyes seeing Haru. “Happy birthday!! You are now 11!” He said smiling. I gave a cheesy smile back and yawned. “Still older than you” I laughed, “because, Prince, you are still 10 years old!” I got up off from my bed, still in my anime pajamas. Haru looked at me and laughed, “I’ll be back then princess!” He said, walking out of my room. I got into slippers and walked out of my room. I walked up to the kitchen, I smelled my favorite dessert, Mont Blanc. Haruto popped out of the kitchen, right in front of me. “Hello birthday girl.” He said, pulling me in the kitchen. “Hi? I guess.” I muttered as he stopped near a chair and told me to sit. I sat willingly. There was running up the stairs, “Haru always running?” I asked not looking back. “What are you talking about sis?” Asuna asked. “Yeah lunar.” Yandere, Mei, and Yui said at the same time. I looked back then smiled and giggled, “Nothing.” I said.

The girls looked suspicious, “Is it really nothing?”  Mei said looking at her brother Haruto. “The birthday girl shouldn’t lie” Yandere and Yui said. “Fine, i actually don't know..”  I said telling the truth. Mei gave a glance at Haruto, “I will tell Haru that the brother code is being broken” She said upset. Haruto looked surprised and said, “No, don't please! I’ll go to my room!” Mei smiled at me, her face just like Haru’s, same eyes, same nose, same small mouth, but she has freckles. 

A few years later. Lunar is 19.

“Lunar wake up, you are 19 today!” Haru said. I sit up quietly, opening my eyes, Haru is sitting next to me, his gold hair was brushed to the side, I got up and hugged him. “Yeah I am up now let’s go work on the radio today is the last day, tomorrow it will work!!” I said exited, ‘I will finally find out if mom is alive!’ I thought. Haru smiled getting up off the bed, allowing me to move off as well. Haru left the room to go get dressed so I closed the door and got dressed. I decided that since it was my birthday that I should dress up so, I looked in my dresser the deepest I could look, there was a silver box that said my name on it, I looked inside the box, there was silver feathers in it and a letter, the note read ‘for my little lunar, I love you, if this was found on your birthday like I hoped happy birthday -love mom’  I placed the feathers on my dresser and I grabbed a purple top and a long blue skirt. I put on the Make-up and curled my blonde hair-I noticed my eyes changed colors again, this time to Hazel.- I got on slippers and started walking downstairs.

There was a loud noise in the radio room then static, I ran down the rest of the way and rushed in the room. There smiling at the radio was Haru. “What happened!?!?” I said unbelievably, “I-its working!!!!” I yelled happily. I ran and gave Haru a hug. “It’s done, Princess, now let’s find a station to find your mom.” He said smiling. I backed away and sat in my chair, starting to flip thru stations until i found one that had a little less static. “Hello, is anyone on this line?” I asked, my heart was racing. “Hello?” someone said on the line- it was a female adult- “was that a voice Reo?” the voice said again but to the other person on the line. “Yeah it was” the other voice said this time a male. I looked at Haru and smiled “Haru, I can’t believe it...” I said still in awe. “Did you just say Haru?!?” the female voice said. “Yes mrs. why do you ask?” I say. “My child had a best friend named Haru, his brother was named Haruto and his sister was her other best friend her name was Mei.” She said. I gasped, I covered my face and started to cry. “M-Mom is that you?” I asked sniffling. “Lunar???” the girl started crying as well, “Yes, it is me!” she said. I cried more. “I can’t believe you are alive!!” I said. Everyone ran down the stairs “what is wrong sis?” Asuna asked. “MOMS ALIVE!!!” I said happily, still crying. Everyone gasped and  ran to the radio. I pressed a button and mom said, “I can see you all, Lunar, Asuna, Haru, Haruto, Mei, Yandere, and Yui, I can see all of you!” her voice shook. “Mom press the blue button on the radio.” I said my eyes watering. There was a click then a flicker of light, then mom appeared, her blue eyes filled with water, a tear flowing down her face. She was smiling. “I love you mom!” I said letting tears run down my face, “MOMMA!!” Asuna yelled joyfully, she climbed in my lap she was crying as well. We were all crying then mom sat up straight, and wiped her tears, “don’t cry my loves we will be together -” She said. The screen faded away, the radio started to static again. “Bye mom…” I whispered.

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