March 22, 2018
By Duckered BRONZE, Lamar, Colorado
Duckered BRONZE, Lamar, Colorado
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In the year 3400 the people of Earth ran out of ideas on what to do next to advance technology. In a lab, they pondered what to do next they were on the verge of inventing time travel something just wasn’t complete. Everyone went home and the next day Howard the owner of the laboratory opened the doors as always at 7:00 in the morning. This time he noticed the lights were on and the doors were opened already he took a peek through the window everything seemed like it was in order as always except a few boxes were not stacked and were and the dusty floor he first blamed a worker. He then turned around fast after hearing a mysterious voice the deepest he has ever heard. The voice came out of the darkness and said, “Howdy partner”!

The professor gasped and said shakily “who ar- ar- are y- you.” Well, my name is Jack, Jack Hofer, who might you be partner. Howard replied, “Howard, Howard Spindler” he said as he looked from his genuine leather boots to his cowboy hat. Howard now said in a shouting voice,” how did you get here and where did you come from?” he said as the bottom of his white lab coat danced around him, and he jumped while he was yelling, he was furious and took pride in his work. Jack said, “you left your time pod on, so I could travel her and wondered what it what like on Earth” Howard replied. So, your saying that the time machine worked? “Well of course it better be running” said Jack. Howard now could see the light reflect off Jack’s robotic arm and realized he is not from our time.
[Narrator]: Jack came from an alternate reality where they have the same technology as the year 3,467 but they already had this technology in the 1800s. 1862 Is the year Jack came from on different planet so on his planet they had the iPhone X in 1536 so this means they are the same as regular but somehow got more advanced fasted and discovered how to make fire before normal.
Howard finally saw Jack in his entirety a as Jack stepped into the light a robotic metal leg, right arm, and an ear all for a propose. Jack said why don’t you come back with me and I can show you what Zorpop is all about and hey you can bring something back from the future and use it in your inventions. WOOWEE! Howard said. That sound awesome Jack, so your saying that nothing bad could happen like being able to never come back or dying or anything like that? Woah hold your horses I ain’t taking ya to the slums buddy I’m takin ya to Zorpop the highly civilized city that doesn’t have any harm. There hasn’t been a murder in that town in over well I think two centuries! Howard replied, well what are we waiting for! Nothing let’s get ott’a here partner.
Jack rewired the time machine to the right wires into the right places which was the missing link that Howard missed. Jack typed in the code to get to Zorpop which was 1 because they were the first people to get the time machines and if you would want to travel to a place that is older, then you would want to go into the one hundred’s. The machine opens a portal and they both pass through leading to another land their body are being processed through the machine for five minutes but they don’t realize it since this machine is older than Jacks planet it doesn’t go as fast. Jack and Howard at the same time step out on the other side and instantly Howard impressed and unimpressed at the same time he notices that everything looks futuristic but built like it was in the 1800s. Howard asks Jack is this how it all looks? Jack replies, no that is the beauty of this place and if you go out of town it will be different than any other there is a law that prevents a place having the same culture and timed theme location.
They have to pass through a simple door into the next room with a person standing beside it this would be like checking at an airport for anything the is like a knife but here is could be illegal weapons or food. Of course, they are both fine and go to the next area which has a bunch of Western themed snacks but they both ignore it because Jack tells Howard that it very overpriced. As they approach the door to get outside Jack says, “ok you need wear this hat if you’re a male you need this to be with me”. Howard takes the cowboy hat even though he looks unfitting in it. Jack has his mechanical robot horse that is extremely fast. Jack gets and says to Howard hop on pal. Howard gets on in awe and think back to when they were leaving the time machine room and Jack had to talk to that lady much longer than just to ask for directions or to say hello I could understand the language they were speaking but he snapped bac into reality and that was when they horse was about to take off into hyper speed going 120 miles per hour but Howard or Jack feel the effect of it going that fast. Howard seen that they be approaching another town.
Howard said to Jack, I though you said that we would Stay in Zorpop. Jack glared at him and said QUIET BOY! Howard hushed his mouth until the horse stopped at a completely black building that was two stories tall. Howard asked in a quieter voice this time, what’s going on? Jack said is the building that you’re going to get some stuff for your inventions but was said in a firm voice. Howard thought to himself wow this isn’t that cool as I thought the place would look and Howard got an eerie feeling as they walked through the door. There was a person at the front desk and Jack went up to her and said, “hey I got one for the boss”. The girl rushed up the stairs nearby into a room. Howard had a frighten look on face as he looks at Jack but didn’t look back at him then the women came down and an older guy with grey hair and a beard with many wrinkles and 6 feet eight tall. The mysterious man who had a named tag that said Gary so Gary said walk this way. Gary lead the way with Jack following closely and Howard after, proceeding to a room with a metal door.
Jack took out his space revolver and said to Howard “sit down in the chair” as he pointed at him. Gary also took out a gun pointing at Howard asking more politely to it down now. Howard sat down in the chair the chair consumed him into and sent him down into a garbage shoot type contraption. Gary and Jack laughed together and Jack asked Gary ok now pay up Gary reached into his back pocket and payed him 10,000 pops which is equal to a 100,000,000 in USD.
This moral of this story is, don’t trust something if it is too good to be true. Howard didn’t ask that many questions about what might happen other than thing that could have easily made up on the spot. Jack is a bounty hunter and the call is to capture very old civilizations that aren’t relevant anymore to use them for experiments because people in their time are so smart you can’t use them so easily like you can Howard or any of person living in 2018. 

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A time-traveling space Cowboy has came to lesser in time place. He doesn't really time travel 

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