The Zombie Apocolypse

March 16, 2018
By Nicholas1313 BRONZE, George Town, Other
Nicholas1313 BRONZE, George Town, Other
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It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Michigan, best he had seen in his 16 years. Johnny was sitting outside the corner store with a couple of friends. His arm was around his girlfriend, Emma’s, neck. He could feel her blonde locks against his forearm. Across from him were Luke and Mary. Johnny loved moments like those.
Suddenly a huge crash caused Johnny to jump, the sky turned grey.
Johnny broke the stunned silence saying, “I think it is time to head back to school.”
“Definitely,” they agreed.
Meanwhile, the school had been notified by the government that an asteroid collision had happened and in about 13 minutes rocks and debris would be raining down on Earth. The principal initiated Metal Lockdown Dome Procedure (M.L.D.P) which took about 10 minutes to seal. M.L.D.P was a new lockdown technology finished in 2029 for schools incase of natural disasters or school shootings. A dome closed upward, enclosing the school.
Explosions in the sky got louder and louder as though the first one set off a chain reaction. Johnny couldn’t hear the gravel crunching under his feet as he ran because of the deafening explosions. He felt the breeze rushing on his face as his heart rate picked up. Johnny looked back to make sure his friends were still there. Scared out her mind, Emma was right behind him crying as she looked up. Johnny followed her gaze and saw rocks falling from the sky, some bigger than him. Johnny opened his eyes wide in fear and yelled,
No one disagreed. Heart rate rising. Muscles burning. The school was in sight.
“NEARLY THERE!” Johnny yelled.
The dome engulfed the school and the doors would be open for another two minutes. Johnny reached the top of the hill first but stopped when he looked into the closest door and saw his principal. Smiling? The doors closed at that moment. It took him awhile but Johnny pieced it together. Principal Mark Leeward had just locked him and his friends outside.
Johnny stood, paralyzed.
“Sit down, Johnny” Emma said.
“Yea, ok.”
Her sweet voice calmed him. He sat down against the locked door shaking. Hands on his sweaty forehead.
“Yo Johnny, you good?” said Luke, worried.
Why the lockdown? He sat there for a good two minutes before another thunderous sound, made him jump. Johnny no longer felt heavy but energized, like he could run 1000 miles in 20 seconds.
“What the hell is happening?!” yelled Luke.
A spacerock about six feet tall had landed just over a meter away from them. The ground shook fiercely as it landed. Like a small earthquake hit out of nowhere.
“Nose goes” Luke said
“Nose goes” Emma and Mary said simultaneously.
Johnny looked to his left and saw his friends with their fingers on their noses and realized he had to check it out. He slowly took one step forward. No sudden movements. Inching forward, step by step, he eventually made it to the rock. Johnny was shaking, he had a bad feeling about this. He reached out his quivering hand. Centimeter by centimeter, millimeter by millimeter. He touched the surface of the rock. To him it felt like what a moon rock might feel like.
“What is it Johnny,” Luke said in a quiet yell.
Johnny had had his hand on the rock for a good 30 seconds.
“It seems like it came from space.” Johnny replied
The rest of his friends moved toward him slowly.
“This day is messed up,” Emma said.
“Yea, no kidding,” said Mary.
“It looks like a shell to me,” Luke said in a whisper
As soon as he said that they heard it crack. They jumped back as if lightning had struck.
“What’s happening!!” Yelled Mary as loud as she could.
“Are we gonna be ok!” Emma yelled clinging to Johnny.
The six foot high rock crumbled to pieces on the ground. Frozen in fear, Johnny and his friends stared at the crumbling rock. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Green skin, messed and ripped clothes, terrible posture, horrific smell, disoriented teeth, zombie like, monster, clamoring out of its ‘shell’. Johnny got a chill and slowly moved his hand to his back pocket where he kept his six inch switchblade. He and his friends didn’t know what to do. Scared to the bone they didn’t move. Maybe it wouldn’t notice them, maybe it was friendly?
All those thoughts evaporated when the zombie stared into Luke’s eyes. Johnny could feel the bolts and the cold metal hilt of his knife in his back pocket. The zombie charged, straight for Luke, death in its eyes. Johnny reacted as quick as lightning.
“Sucker punch, knife stab” Johnny muttered under his breath as he punched the zombie straight in the gut. The zombie bent over in pain and Johnny drove the knife through the target and froze. The zombie let out a few gags and fell to the ground.
“I had him!” Luke said sarcastically, lightening the mood.
As soon as they said that there was a noise as if something had just dissolved in water. The zombie had disappeared.
“The girls should have the knives.” said Johnny “We’re boxers so we can handle ourselves.”
Another six foot high rock had fallen from the sky to the right of them.
Then they left
Everywhere. Left, right and forward.
“ON IT” said Luke.
One shell cracked open, the smell of rotten teeth and horrific breath filled the air. It charged at Johnny, another charged at Luke.
“Right, left, uppercut,”
The zombie fell, another one right behind it was charging toward Johnny.
“EMMA, KNIFE” Johnny yelled!
“HERE!” replied Emma
“Left hook, right stab!”
The zombie fell and the two dissolved together. Johnny handed the knife back to Emma right in time. Emma held the knife up with trembling with fear and eyes closed. The zombie ran right into it and dissolved on the knife. Emma shook it as if there were a bug on it. The putrid smell got worse. While Johnny was checking in on his friends A six foot tall zombie had come out of nowhere and punched him right in the back of the neck. K.O.
Johnny woke up about 10 seconds later lying on the ground in pain. He saw Emma struggling against this massive zombie about as tall as Johnny .
“Goodbye; Johnny” she whispered.
Johnny couldn’t move. Frozen in fear and sadness. The zombie took a chunk out of Emma’s neck. Tears trickled down Johnny’s cheek. He looked up once more and saw Emma’s mouth wide open screaming but he couldn’t hear a thing.
She fell, gone forever, all because of principle Mark Leeward. Johnny’s sadness turned to rage. He got up and walked toward the zombie. The movement attracted the zombies gaze. The zombie turned, and charged in carnage wanting to kill Johnny. He kept walking, stopped, put his hands up. The zombie didn’t stop moving, it ran faster, Johnny stopped, guard all the way up. The zombie was in range.
“RIGHT UPPERCUT!!!!” were the words in Johnny’s head as his fist made contact with the zombies chin.
The zombie flew backward as if it were on the moon, hitting the ground in a thump and dying. Johnny looked behind him to see his friends fighting their zombies. Boxed in, Johnny rushed over to help them. He grabs two zombies by the back of their heads. It felt like hair that hadn’t been washed. And pulled them to the ground.
“Johnny, what took you so freaking long!”
“Sorry, had some other issues!” Johnny yelled back as he threw a hard right cross into a zombies face and a left uppercut into another zombie.
“Well thanks for coming I don’t know how much more we can take!” Luke yelled back as he double uppercutted a bigger zombie that he had been fighting.
30 violent minutes later they had gotten rid of the circle of zombies. “Hey-huff-where’s-huff-Emma?” asked Mary with a questioned look whilst panting from fighting.
The look in Johnny’s face gave a clear enough answer.
“I-I’m sorry - John” Luke said after a short silence.
“Yeh” Johnny sighed sadly.
All of them turned around simultaneously when what sounded like a magnitude 9 Earthquake hit right behind them. They hadn’t seen any zombies in a while so they thought that it was done. That changed when they saw what caused that noise. A rock that was about 15 feet high had landed about 10 meters away from them. Petrified they stood there.
“D-d-do y-you th-think that that’s a-” Mary stammered
“Zombie, yeh” Johnny interrupted in an angry and vengeful voice.
The rock crumbled leaking out steam, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing, a giant had come down from the skies in a rock and was now standing in front of him. They all stood there frozen not knowing what to do. The zombie charged sending shockwaves out from its feet with every thundering step. It got closer and closer and closer.
“DODGE!” Johnny yelled
Everyone jumped out the way, the zombie went a bit farther forward. They were starting to realize what they could do. It was like a bull fight even though all they had were six  inch blades. The zombie charged again. Shockwaves of thunder… “DODGE!” Two in a row! Though the zombie was strong, it wasn’t very smart. They did the same thing over and over, zombie charges, dodge, rinse, repeat. Everything was going so well, except that no damage had been done, but the zombie was getting tired.
“We might get a chance to attack soon!” Johnny yelled as he jumped to the right once more.
“Yeah!” Luke replied as he jumped to the left with Mary.
Mary and Luke would jump to one side and Johnny the other. The zombie giant charged again, shockwaves, thunder, and… dodge, this time the zombie swung. Johnny looked at Luke and Mary as he ran to the left. He could see the zombies massive arm swinging back around.
He had Mary
“MARYYYY!!!” Luke yelled
The zombie opened its mouth saliva dripping out like a waterfall. Its teeth were all messed up and yellow like he only ate sugar rocks and never went to the dentist. It snapped shut like a hippo over the top half of Mary’s body. Blood trickled down the zombies hand. Luke and Johnny both stood petrified. Luke fell to the ground with terror in his eyes. Tears trickling down his cheek,
“Why her and not me?” he gasped.
Those were the last words Johnny saw Luke say as the zombies boulder-sized hand came down and crushed Luke. Johnny looked up at the massive zombie that had just finished luke.. There! He saw it, the zombie did have a weak spot, right in its solar plexus, was what looked like a piercing in his rock solid skin. Very small but a perfect target for his six inch blade. He put the death of his friends behind him and looked back. The school covered by its metal dome was about 30 meters away from him. Johnny had an idea.
“I hope this works” Johnny said to himself
The zombie made eye contact, Johnny ran like a bolt of lighting toward the school. He could feel the wind in his hair. The shockwaves from the zombies feet were getting louder the zombie was getting closer, and closer, Johnny was about 10 meters from the school. Johnny spun around
A sound that almost caused Johnny to go deaf shuck the earth the zombie jumped and dove for Johnny
“Perfect” Johnny whispered,
He waited, the zombie was about 1 meter away from being completely on top of him,
“back and release” johnny said as he jumped out the way and threw the knife right at the zombies weak spot. The next thing Johnny heard was what sounded like the loudest dinosaur roar he had ever heard. He looked back the zombie had fallen about an inch away from him. He could smell the putrid dead zombie smell as the zombie dissolved.. Now to see if the second part of his plan worked. He went to inspect the metal dome. It had worked. The weight of the zombie made a hole just big enough for him to squeeze through.
Johnny went into the school and picked up his knife on the way in. He came face to face with the principle as soon as he walked into the dome.
“Help; Why her and not me; goodbye; Johnny” Johnny said in a grimacing voice “those were the last words of my friends because of YOU! You shut the door on us. Is everyone listening!? The person that saved you all is the cause of Mary, Luke and Emma’s death. This man is a murderer!! YOU HEAR ME!”
“Oh we hear you Johnny, we hear you; security! Take him away… FOREVER!” Principal Mark Leeward said staring at Johnny with that same look on his face. At that moment security came out of nowhere and took Johnny by surprise, one on the left arm. In an instant Johnny flicked the knife around in his right hand and threw it as hard as he could at the Principal
“This is for my friends” Johnny whispered as he was dragged away.

The author's comments:

Danger, Zombies, Death. Meet Johnny, Luke, Emma and Mary who were trapped outside in a zombie apocolypse but, not the one you  are thinking of. Join them on their journey as they fight multiple  zombies and have other  dangerous encounters. Will they survive? only you can find out

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