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The Assignment

March 19, 2018
By Presto SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
Presto SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
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“Bob, we have a job for you,” CEO of Integrity Industries Stark Taylor told Bob in a debriefing report.
“Yes sir, what are your requirements,” Bob inquired toward the leader of the multi-trillion dollar industry.
“It’s all in the folder that will be waiting for you inside your apartment in London. We have your plane tickets, pack your bags. You will find out everything necessary for your mission when you get their. Dismissed.” Stark formally ended the conversation.

This was quite confusing. Bob had rose in the ranks of Integrity Industries, but he had never been assigned a mission. He had recently just been let in on the secret that Integrity Industries was not just the worldwide network provider of all internet across the world, but they secretly collect every single search done by anyone in the world: to better the world from crime. Or at least that was what Stark Taylor told Bob when he let him know that Integrity Industries wasn’t just an internet provider. Even though Bob believed that everything Stark had told him was true, he still had his doubts.

While walking down the sidewalk, Bob heard someone mention that Integrity Industries wasn’t what they appeared to be. Bob whirled behind him trying to get a glimpse at whoever had just spoken about Integrity Industries. But there was no one there. Whoever had been talking about Integrity Industries was like a whisper in the wind. One second it was right next to you, the next second it’s gone. With a shrug, Bob headed toward his apartment.

As soon as he walked in, Bob saw the file folder which read in big bold letters classified. Now that Bob knew that what he was assigned to do was extremely important, he started to get worried. What if I could die on this mission? What if other people may die? Bob didn’t know the answers, but he knew he would have to find out quickly. He knew that he had to open the file immediately, otherwise as Stark Taylor had told him, his role at Integrity Industries would diminish. Bob was slowly starting to feel like everything that he had heard from Stark Taylor and his recent promotions at Integrity Industries were like a heavy weight that he was unable to lift. It was almost as if he was trapped to the bottom of the ocean unable to breathe. Bob knew he had to go to sleep.

Slowly, Bob trudged to his bed like he was going through molasses. Safely storing the file next to him in his desk, Bob turned out the seemingly bright light.  As Bob laid down in his bed, he let the dark monster of sleep slowly take his consciousness. 

When Bob awoke, he grabbed the file, his suitcase, and his airplane ticket to guarantee that he would get the the location of his mission.  It was five o'clock in the morning. Bob’s flight didn’t start until six o’clock and he lived about four minutes from O’ Hare airport in Chicago. Also thanks to his job at Integrity Industries, Bob got to go through TSA pre-check which allowed him to go past all of the lines. By 5:15 a.m, Bob was already into his terminal.

“Southwest flight 1724, you may now start boarding the jet.” The flight attendant announced to the crowd waiting near gate 58B.

Bob trudged along with the rest of the herd. He had only flown about nine times this year. You couldn’t call Bob a fan of flying, in fact he hated it. He just wanted this flight to finish almost before it started.
The plane was taking off. Bob closed his eyes as he heard the plane engines scream as they picked up speed. Bob’s heart started racing. Now all that was between him and the thousand-foot plunge to earth was this tin can. Slowly but surely, Bob fell asleep.

When Bob woke up, Southwest flight 1724 was only an hour from New York. In two hours, Bob’s mission would be complete and his life would change. If only he had looked at the mission report before getting on the plane. Because there was only an hour left during the flight, Bob decided to open the folder. What the folder said almost made Bob have a heart attack mid-flight.


I know that you are new to learning that Integrity Industries doesn’t just provide internet to everyone in the world. You no know that we gather intelligence to better the world from crime, terrorism, and injury to life as we know it now. This mission is for you and you only. Bob, you are the trojan horse of rome.  Nobody knows who you are. But they will. You will casually stroll into the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

Before you read my next words, I want you to know that the United Nations has became more and more corrupt over the years and someone needs to stop them. Bob when you first took a job at Integrity Industries, your blood sample was taken. What you didn’t know was that we implanted a micro bomb with enough power to wipe New York off the map inside of your blood. Your job is extremely simple. Walk into the United Nations headquarters, and our technology experts will make the micro bomb react with your blood. You will go down in history as a hero. Remember that.

Stark Taylor

Bob’s pulse was racing. There’s a nuclear bomb inside of me? The entire city of New York is going to be erased off the map because of me. How did this happen? What can I do? I need to let authorities know. No, I need to die before Integrity Industries takes the whole city of New York with me. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

Bob heart was racing like he had just ran a marathon.  He needed to die. He would be a hero if he died, but there was so much left in life that he could do. He was only twenty seven years old. But Bob was an honorable man, and would do anything to protect his country and to protect the people around him.

As soon as Bob’s plane landed, Bob told the TSA officials about what had happened. The TSA officials at first thought that bob was lying, so they ran blood tests on him. After finding a small microchip with uranium in it, the TSA officials became panicked. Luckily Bob had been to a flight school and knew how to fly an airplane. Reluctantly, the Southwest pilot let his plane be used. Bob sprinted faster than a cheetah as he ran down the runway towards the plane. 

Once Bob got to the plane, he ran to the captain’s cabin and started the plane. Bob hadn’t flown a plane in two years, and he had never flown a plane that could hold more than two people. Thankfully, only one person would be flying that plane. The plane was at top speed down the runway. Bob’s heart was racing. Could Integrity Industries blow me up right now? What will happen to the rest of New York? The plane had safely made it into the air. Bob was trying to get the plane to go higher and higher. He knew that he had to crash the plane, but he didn’t know what would happen afterword. After about fifteen minutes of flying, Bob saw about twenty miles of open forest and took the opportunity. At 9:40 a.m eastern time, Southwest plane 111 crashed down in the New York countryside. The lone passenger was killed. He would go down as a hero in American history for saving New York City. That was the story of Bob.

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