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Zombies Attack Great Walnut City

March 15, 2018
By ppadavich BRONZE, Galva, Iowa
ppadavich BRONZE, Galva, Iowa
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 I woke up to the sound of my cat purring and laying on top of my face. And the sound of my mom yelling at me to get out of bed. As I finally got out of bed, I realized today was the last day of school, and I had to get to school. After I got dressed, brushed my teeth, fed my cat, and ate breakfast, I was finally on my way to school. It took me exactly fifteen minutes, like it does everyday. Fifteen minutes of splashing in puddles, stepping on the cracks of the old sidewalks, and carrying my heavy bag for one more day. I better introduce myself.
I am Olivia May. I live in the smallest town known to mankind. The town is called Great Walnut City. Although, it wasn’t that great. This town had very little, including a school, library, and park. We had a population of one hundred, so it wasn’t easy keeping businesses running. It wasn’t the best place, but I made the best out of it. The park had a couple of slides and one swing. The streets had a bunch of cracks and potholes. The trees,  the ones we did have, were old and dead. There was always trash and dead animals on the ground.
But Molly Anne changes all that. She is my best friend and lives right next door to me.  Molly and I both share a passion about exploring. We go exploring in the old buildings we have. We always mess around how there are monsters or zombies in the buildings, but we become brave and go fight them. Except Molly has a phobia of zombies. So she usually stays at the base and communicates with me through walkie talkies. Sometimes she brings me tools I need for special missions. Molly Anne does go exploring, just not when monsters are involved.
We have found so many books, which is where we get all of our books from.  Mrs. Nawn also gives us books sometimes, too. They are always my favorite ones. She knows exactly what I like. Molly is more of the magazine person.
When I finally got to school, it was real quiet. Even the wind didn’t make a sound. It was unusual. Usually the school is very busy.  So when I got in the school, I decided to go to my locker. I got my books out and put them in my bag. I started walking down the hall and I heard a noise. I figured it was my friend, Molly. She was always playing jokes on everyone she knew, even the teachers! All the sudden I saw a dark figure run across the hall, it was nibble, so I didn't see much. I started speeding up because I was getting scared. I saw the figure again, but this time there were more figures following it.
I quickly turned the other direction and they were right behind me! “Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk” I hollered.
It was zombies! I never thought they were real, until now. I used all the force and strength I had to push them down and get around them. I darted. I ran into something going down the hall. I was relieved when it was Molly.

“What the heck is happening, Liv?” asked Molly in confusion.

“Ther-ther-there are zombies!” I told her in fear.

We were both shaking in horror. I yelled at her that we needed to get going. So, we ran down the hall, petrified. We didn’t get far because there were zombies waiting for us. Luckily, there was a door right by the stairs so we could run right outside. We didn’t exactly know where to go, because our parents wouldn’t exactly believe us that there were zombies at our school. They were the ones always telling us that zombies aren't real and that we needed to get over it. But Molly and I kept our books about them. We had a special place where we go in emergencies. We ran, ran, and ran to the spot. It was the edge of town and was about eights blocks from the school.
Eventually we got there and geared up for battle. We needed all of our potions, maps, and tools. There was one tool we needed the most- the Jiggalad. Molly put it on the highest self in the fort. We didn’t know how to get it down, so we were launching rocks at it to cause it to fall. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk. Bang. We got in down after four tries. And we had the emergency car for the top most emergency times- like this. We thought it would be a perfect time to test it out. We made it  on the last day of summer of last year. We grabbed the key quickly and darted for the car. Well it wasn’t exactly the dream car, but it had three wheels. It was called the Duovancar. I don’t know why it is called that, because it’s not even a van. Hahaha.  We never told our parents about the fort or the car because they wouldn’t approve of it.

We started on our way going 10mph. It was better than running, that was for sure. After a short amount of time, we got there ready to battle. We went in the front doors and zombies were on the opposite side we were. Molly and I had to sneak past them so they wouldn’t attack us. We quietly snuck past them; walking on the top of our toes. Luckily we had experience with this because I would always sneak out to go to the fort. Molly wasn’t as lucky as me, she always got caught then she was grounded. But I always found a way to communicate with her. Whether it was throwing a rock with a message taped on it. Or having secret taps on her window.
Well  anyways, we got past the zombies and starting running down the halls nervously. Not sure what was waiting for us at the end. When we finally got there, I was shocked. There wasn’t anything in the hall. So we decided that we should split up. I had to go upstairs and she stayed on the main floor.

I was actually scared to go upstairs. I was afraid to admit that in front of  Molly, though. She thought I wasn’t afraid of anything but I was- exploring the upstairs hallway-in the dark-by myself. I finally got enough courage to go up the stairs. After fifteen stairs of cement I finally made it to the top. Everything was normal. I was surprised. Nothing.


I stopped. I just heard something. I couldn’t even make it out. I didn’t think it was anything, so I kept walking.


I suddenly stopped again. I heard it again. I looked up and around. Still nothing. I am starting to get nervous. I got my tools out to protect me.  Luckily, I had the Jiggalad. I was only 12, so I couldn’t have a whole lot. All I had was some string, rubber bands, a sack, a telescope,  and a water bottle. Of course it was filled. I was hoping Molly was having a better time than I was.

“I am so scared. What if something comes out and attacks me! I took steps as small as a baby. I finally realized I wasn’t going anywhere, so I started taking bigger steps. I realized I needed to do this for Olivia. She knows I don’t like zombies, that’s why she did most of the fighting when we would explore. She would be so proud of  me and that’s something I wanted. So I got to the first classroom. I looked inside and there was nothing. I moved on to the next one. It had nothing in it. That was the same for all the classrooms. I was really surprised.


Oh no, what was that!! I think I heard a zombie. I heard it again. I started walking towards the bathroom.(the opposite direction I came) I heard that same noise again. I started picking up my feet faster so eventually I was running. I kept looking back and seeing if anything was chasing me. I took a sharp left and I was at the bathrooms. I lock the door and take the deepest breath I was capable of. I thought of  Olivia in this time because I was scared for her. I prayed and prayed that her and I would be okay.

Molly. Molly. Molly. That’s all I could think of. I couldn’t even think of where to go.I gathered myself so I could think of what to do. Five minutes later, I was ready to go. I hurried down the hall. I was looking in every classroom to see if the zombies were in there.  I used my telescope for this because there was no way I was opening the doors.
I had to take a break from running because I was tired.I took out the water bottle and started slurping it down. It was gone within the minute. I crushed the bottle up and kept it in my left hand. Iwas naturally right handed so I kept that hand open to hold my telescope.
My favorite teacher’s room was on the right side of the hall. It was Mrs. Nawn. She always helped me with everything and understood what I was thinking. The room was dark, which was  unusual, because  she was always at school. Always. Obviously, I couldn’t use  my telescope so I had to open the door and look inside. I put the telescope in my bag. I still had my crushed up water bottle in my hand. I figured I might need it just in case. I opened the door and what was in the inside made me jump out of my pants. There were at least ten zombies in there. I screamed  so loud all of the zombies turned to me and started chasing me. I was so scared. I froze in terror for what seemed like an eternity. I finally took off. I shut the door right behind me and ran down the stairs and fell. I fell down the stairs and I got back up and continued running. I kept looking back and I ran into something. I was so close to crying-all in fear. I was on the cold floor and the figure was standing over me. It put its hand out and I thought it wanted to take my bag. But then I heard a voice. It was the sweetest voice. I have heard it many times before. It was Molly. I was so relieved it was her. She helped me up. I didn’t have to say anything because she saw the fear in my eyes. By the time we started running the zombies were right behind us. We took a quick left down another hall. We had enough time to stop and get our special tools out. The Jiggalad, rubber band, and our courage is all we needed. We stayed right around that corner where we stopped. The zombies trudged their way past us. Then we hopped out behind them and said in unison” hey zombies!!” They looked at us and paused. We enough time to turn the Jiggalad on and start it up. It sucked the zombies up. One by one.  It was hard to hold. It was shaky and heavy with the zombies inside of it.  It took both of us to manage it. But we got through. Then Molly had to put the rubber bands over the machine.

“This is hard, I can’t do it. I am sorry Liv.”

“Molly, you have to do this. If you don’t our town will be taken over by zombies.”

“ Then will you be proud of me?”

“Molly, no. I have always been proud  of you. You came with me to fight zombies. I know you don’t like them, but you did it because you love me and care about our town.”

“Awww LIv. That means a whole lot.”
“Please, just do it already. They are going to come back out. Hurry Molly. Hurry.”

“Oh yea. I will do it Liv.”

So Molly got the bands on the machine so now the zombies  are gone forever. So after a huge sigh, we decided to walk the halls some more to see if anything else was waiting for us. Molly was carrying the Jiggalad and I was walking right beside her. We took a sharp right down a dark hallway. BOOM! I landed on the floor. I was confused. I didn’t know what happened, but I was guessing I tripped over something. It was too dark to tell what is was. I told Molly to turn on the lights. When I saw the blink of the lights, I looked around and I saw I tripped over a foot! It was another zombie! Ahhhhhh!!
This zombie was different. It seemed very calm and looked at me very pleasantly. I was really surprised.
“Are you going to chase us or hurt us?”
“No.No. I need help.I need to find my friends. I don’t know where I am and I need to find help.”
“We can help you. Your friends, I think, are in this.” I was pointing to the Jiggalad.
“Ahhh. What does that do?”
“ It sucks up zombies. So they don’t cause any trouble.” Explained Molly.
“Arggggg. My friends. My friends are in there!”
“Yes. Yes, they are. We must suck you up so then you will be with your friends.”
“Arghghghghg. Please do!! It was nice meeting you.”
“ Here we go Molly. 1. 2. 3.”
“Blrupppppppp” The machine gurgled up the last zombie. We were reileved we were done with the zombies.
We finally went home. Molly and I had a long day fighting zombies. We needed our rest.So, Molly and I saved the town. It was the only thing we were known by. “The girls that saved the town from ”zombies”” No one believed us that this actually happened. Even our parents. The only person that believed us was Mrs. Nawn. She cares about kids. She loves listening to our stories. She had a daughter, but she passed away from leukemia a while ago. That’s why she is so close to us kids.
   Molly and I kept exploring and fighting the zombies and monsters.Molly came to be more courageous, which is good. Our parents actually believed us, too! It took them awhile to listen to our story and believe it. From that day on we were the happiest could be; people started believing us and we got recognized for our courageousness.  We were the heroes of the town! That’s how we started our summer off.

The author's comments:

I thought it we would be fun to make a story like this.

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on Mar. 28 2018 at 3:52 pm
TheEvergreen SILVER, Birmingham, Alabama
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"Never laugh at live dragons." -JRR Tolkien

I loved this story! You conveyed every scene so well--it was like I was looking through Olivia's eyes. However, I did spot a few simple editorial mistakes (think quotations), but they should be easily fixed. You have a very unique way of narrating that I like, though I would suggest that you try to describe certain parts of the story with more vivid storytelling and less overview. Also, you tend to accidentally repeat yourself several times in this story, ex: "I shut the door right behind me and ran down the stairs and fell. I fell down the stairs and I got back up and continued running." In that instance, you did not need to repeat "fell." Anyhow, I loved your "Great Walnut City;" you did well adding character to the town in everyone in it. I loved the play-by-play chase scenes. I love it! Good job!

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