Salvation to Oblivion

March 13, 2018
By Typlayz BRONZE, Schaller, Iowa
Typlayz BRONZE, Schaller, Iowa
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March 2, 2020
My name is Tyler and I can say that those movies have came true. This short story started three days ago, a zombie outbreak polluted this forsaken planet. I mean, who is demented enough to make real zombies.
It's been awhile since I have had contact with the outside. My mom, dad, and sisters went to work the day of it happening. I hope they’re okay. No, I hope I will be ok. From what I know, I need to lay low until I have to absolutely leave, and I think I can live for now with my current supplies.
I tried reaching some of my friends, but all the electricity and wifi went out. So, that means I have crappy service. I managed to get one message out to each of my three friends. I hope they got it, I really do.
Right as I’m thinking about my friends, someone knocks on my door. I look out a window, just to see if it is a zombie banging on my door, for no reason. But, I see a truck and I think to myself, wait, that’s my friend’s truck. He opens the door and then quickly shuts it. I was right, it’s my friend Colton Thompson.
Colton is a big guy; he is eighteen, tends to wear a leather jacket, and carries toothpicks with him all the time. He kind of has a beard,  usually is a joking type of person, and isn’t the smartest, but that's why we have me. But when it comes to survival and zombies, he’s your man.
“Oh my god! Colton how did you know I was here?” I was excited that he was here, but a little surprised. I know he could survive. But, I didn’t think he would get here alone.
“Dude, I got your emergency message and I decided to head to your house at my earliest possibility.” He told me with great amounts of seriousness. “I have more supplies in my truck. I’m sure you still have plenty, but I’m just making sure.” Colton’s seriousness concerned me. He usually isn’t serious.
“Yeah, Colton you were right about me probably wanting to be prepared for upcoming possible events such as a zombie apocalypse.” I apologized in a joking way. “But, how were we supposed to know that it would go down like this?”
“They did say something bad was supposed to happen in 2020, but don’t worry, you still had a plan and knowledge of what to do so that's a step in the right direction.” Colton continued talking with a commanding tone of voice “There is some stuff we should try taking into your house. I’ll back up my truck to your steps. Watch my back.” Colton decided to bring the truck closer to the house since Schaller is still being populated with those devil spawns.
We started gathering everything from Colton’s truck. There was stuff from canned food, bottled water, and “weaponry.” Something occurred to me when Colton and I were talking. “Colton, where are your parents?” I asked with a great amounts of curiosity.
Colton sighed and hesitated to speak, but he spoke, “We packed the whole truck up and I was getting ready to drive, but I got surrounded. They threw themselves at the hoard, yelled that they loved me and to drive away and I did.”
“Colton, I’m really sorry for your loss.” I apologized sympathetically
“Thanks, but we need to focus on survival, we need to keep swimming, like a fish.” He obviously was holding back a lot of sadness and he has a lot of courage for ignoring it.
“First of all we aren't in a book, we don’t need to be using analogies like that. Second of all if you got the emergency message, don’t you think the others got the message?” I stared at Colton, feeling hope that my friends still may be out there.
“Tyler we can’t say for sure many things can happen in between then and now. Our best bet is to take night shifts on look out and take two hour rests. I have a watch so we can keep track of time and I have flashlights with plenty of batteries. Now, you rest first and I’ll watch. Tomorrow will be a better day, I hope.” Colton commanded
“Be careful, Colton, wake me up before you make any rash decisions. I will do the same when you are sleeping.” I told him.
“Do you think this is funny?” A mysterious figure appeared from the shadows of the room. “You murdered your partner, his daughter, and his daughters dog. What kind of twisted psychotic ways are you using the ferocious hell spawn of a creature for Edward. Honestly Edward you killed many people that didn’t deserve it, and you will end up killing those kids. You twisted donkey, fix it or else Edward. Now leave!”
March 3, 2020
It was the next morning around six-ish and my night shift had ended. In fact the night has ended in total. I decided to wake up Colton to see what we should do now. When I woke up Colton, I thought he would be tired and not really awake. Nope, he woke up and without hesitating he took initiative.
¨Tyler make breakfast, I’ll search your property for things that will be of use to fortify your house.¨ As he spoke, I felt like he forgot about yesterday, but I know Colton, he never forgets.
“Ok, bring a flashlight, because the garage will be dark. Also, bring a baseball bat for protection.” I say these things due to the possibility of these hell spawns not being like the movies or video games.
Colton went to the garage and brought in a lot of supplies. While in the meantime, I was cooking ramen for breakfast. We didn’t have anything good for breakfast due to the lack of pancakes that do not spoil overtime. “So Colton, how do you plan on fortifying my house?” I probably knew the answer because I’m smart.
“We should probably start boarding up windows. Since there are twelve windows that we would want boarded in the house, we each take six. When you are doing your six I”ll exercise and vise versa.” Colton talked as though he had done this before.
“Colton, I told you how many windows there were yesterday.”
“I knew that, it’s not like I went and counted them all again.” I started laughing while he was saying shut up.
Colton started to board up windows while I was running on the treadmill and doing other exercises.
It came to be around eleven by the time we got done boarding the windows. Around that time we heard gunshots. We thought it was our imagination at first, but we heard it again. It confused me, because my first thought would be that most people would go towards big cities and most likely die. I grabbed my dad’s emergency compound bow and Colton grabbed his baseball bat. We got to the roof by climbing out a thirteenth window we didn’t barricade up on the second floor. As we looked around, all we could see was lot of zombies and by a lot I mean almost three towns combined. I may be exaggerating, but there is a crap ton.
We heard the gunshots again. It was by the Schaller-Crestland Elementary School. It concerns me that those people could be in danger. I know we will need as much help as we can. “Colton we need to find a way to the school. Those people could be high amounts of danger that it won’t be funny.” I am hoping we will get there on time.
As Colton and I was sneakily walking to the school and fighting zombies as need be, Colton asked me “What if the zombies have a DNA thing in their body that multiplies them.”
“You mean genes right?”
“No, that's what humans wear.”
I shook my head and then I saw two mysterious figures with guns just shooting the guns. I thought to myself why would they be doing that? But I didn’t understand. What scared me the most was the fact they were walking towards Colton and me.
As the two mysterious figures moved forward towards us. I could start to recognize who they were. Before I could even comprehend who they were, they yelled “Tyler! Colton!” They were alive and they were our friends.
“Hey there Edward, its me again and I can’t help but asking are you happy now. You reunited Oblivion and now what? How come you are in charge of all these freakish hell pigs huh? It's probably because you are looking for something and that item controls the universe itself and can give powers of unbelievable amounts. Do you really think the zombies can find it for you?” The man sat down and looked down then quickly looked back up and yelled “What is wrong with you? I called out your plan. Just give it up you idiot!”
“I did vat must pe done, nein I did it to penefit zee vorld. Arh! You zee Monty effery dimenzion needs palance here is zee palance. Zee sombies are mine to control ha.”
“Brutus kill this donkey.” Monty commanded.
“No.” Brutus mumbled
“Monty, hahahaha you make me laugh. Prutus is a sombie now too. You know what to do Prutus.” Edward walked away as Monty was brutally murdered by Brutus.
“Wait did you guys get my message? How did you guys meet up? How does Gavin know how to use a gun?” I was so happy they were here! It could possibly could help us being in Oblivion again.
Austin is my cousin. He is tall, has glasses, he definitely isn’t smart, has blonde hair, and is dumb if I didn’t say that before. “Yeah we got your message, but chill out. If we were in a book i’d have the author make a story about me, but we are not in a book.”
“Yeah that's true. Gavin how bout you? Whats up? Your not talking to much.” I decided to ask.
“I lost everything, but don’t worry I just need time. I know we don’t have all the time in the world, but just need to think about it a bit.” Gavin replied
“Ok, if you say so.” Gavin is almost as smart as me. Key word being almost. He usually is quite happy, but not today.
“Urgh i’m gonna murder that female dog just for what he has done to everyone. I promise.” Colton Screamed.
“Colton who says you can even take on this guy or thing or whatever it is. We have to be smart.” Colton didn’t want to agree that I was right, but he knows I was right.
On our way back to the house it was turning night and me and Colton filled them in on our plans tomorrow is a new day.
“Ring around zee rozie bocket full of bozies asches asches zey vill fall dovn. Arh! Zoze kids don’t know vat's coming. Hell vill rain dovn und nothing vill get in mein vay. Arh! Mein peautiful rotded flesch pabies are koing to cauze haffoc across zee glope.” Edward crackle.
March 4, 2020
I was sleeping in when I abruptly got pulled out of bed and everyone yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
I sat up and responded “Thanks guys, but I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.” I know I should stay positive, but today is going to give me a whole other reason to be sad for this whole new world.
“Well anyway if its my birthday or not we need to focus on a plan here. Colton you know of two places with guns correct?” I asked remembering he told me that one day on the PS4.
“Yes, Gavin you get some gear and we will head out to the houses. Austin you and Tyler try fortifying the house and the neighbor’s house. After that exercise and wait for us to get back.” Colton took the initiative once again. Which doesn’t surprise me.
“Colton before you go can you grab a walkie talkie I found it at my house and I thought they will be useful.” Austin finally mentioned.
“Yeah, Colton could we also stop by the school? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was stuff there too.”
Gavin and Colton headed out as me and Austin went to the basement to find supplies. We managed to find some PVC pipe and a lot of wood. We came up with the idea to make a bridge across from roof to roof with our neighbor’s house.
“Ty grab the bow and watch my back. In the meantime i’ll see if the boards can reach to other house.” Austin started measuring. The PVC pipe and boards where about 40 ft long. Don’t ask me how just believe it.
“So, Austin what about your parents? Even your sister?” I asked because he didn’t bother show any sadness or sign of something bad.
“Well, I don’t really know. Kenzie was at her friends house. My mom and dad where at my grandmas. We checked to see if they were there. All we saw was a destroyed house.” Austin hesitated telling me this, but we are related so he had to tell me.
“Austin I don’t know about your sister, but your dad and mom I can guarantee is alive somewhere.” I reassured him knowing his dad always carries a gun with him.
“Thanks Ty, but let's focus on the matters at hand.” He mentioned while he was still positioning the board on the roof.
It's been a couple hours from what I could tell and we finish the bridge acrossed. Colton and Gavin are still not back, but I didn’t hear any gun shots yet. Hopefully no time soon of course. Me and Austin cooked up a MRE for both of us. Austin found them in his house due to his father being in the army. He is no longer in the army, But when he was he was a very strong from what I heard.

“Oh look my pretty hellhound look at that key it is so beautiful.” Edward was holding a sphere is his hand. “This is our ticket to Dimension Oblivion I call it. Look who is here Sparky. Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, even the me of that dimension. Sick em Sparky.”
After we finished our meal, me and Austin grabbed Austin’s hatchet and went to the bridge. We carefully walked on it one by one. When we got to the other side, Austin started hacking at the roof. Eventually we made it into the house. Right when we get inside the walkie talkie goes off.
“Austin, Tyler, do you copy.” It was Gavin trying to reach us.
I responded asking “What’s your status Gavin?”
“Could you and Austin bring two vehicles over. We found so much useful stuff.” Gavin responded excited at finding different food.
“Ok, copy that.” Austin replied.
Me and Austin climbed out of the house and we got into my mom’s van. I drove to the school running every hell freak on the road. I saw Gavin and Colton waiting outside for us.
“What did you all find Colton?” I asked
“We have all the stuff rounded up, Gavin, you and Austin keep look out for any other humans or zombies.” Colton commanded.
I agreed and went inside. The stuff was much closer than I thought. It was in the commons of the school. All I saw was canned food, bottled water, knives, hammers, all kinds of material for fortifying areas, and most importantly we found around a hundred gallons of gas. Holy crap were they right that they found the jackpot.
As we carried the stuff to the vehicles. Me and Austin told Colton and Gavin about the bridge. They made sure it was safe. Me and Austin had to keep convincing them until they could prove it.
“Ok guys, we should be be good in supplies for awhile. Our next best action is to start fortifying the town.” I mentioned that now that Colton has no idea what to do next.
“Tomorrow we should go to the junkyard to find any possible barbed wire or salvagable items so we can fortify more of the stuff around the town.” Austin pitched in.
We went through the night with our shifts while I was hoping tomorrow will be a good day.
“Prudus Dear, If I don't come pack I vant you to right ein pook apout me preaking zee fourth vall. Arh! I'fe neffer proke zee fourth vall und i'fe neffer peen in ein pook either." Edward had the weird orb in his hand. "Afder I comblete modifying zee zummoning key I vill kill zoze kids. Vat apout Dembzey, Takeo, Nikolai, und other me. Arh! Bathetic, zey vill die ein mizeraple death."
March 5, 2020
It was the beginning of the morning and we ate breakfast and did all our morningly chores. We went to the junkyard to find nothing it was all destroyed which confused me what could of happened. We went home, but when we got home four people where in my living room.
Gavin straight out says “Your Richtofen, Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo.” Due to his knowledge of Call of Duty all of us know who they are. Although i’m only narrating so to keep this interesting I make it sound like only Gavin knew about them?
“Yeah, yeah, yeah ve are zee brimis crew und zere is great danger. Arh! Ein Richdofen from another unifferze is looking for ein zummoning key from zis unifferze. In fact zat one is zee most boverful of zee vo unifferzal range. Arh! Ve can't let him haffe it.” Richtofen is a German scientist who worked with a guy named Maxis. He now saves dimensions in hope of a better tomorrow, but the hopefully good Richtofen is helping us get the summoning key of this dimension. I never knew there would be one of this world.
“So what does the summoning key do in this dimension.” I asked being a little skeptical.
“The summoning key of dimension Oblivion will do anything you think off besides give you powers which from what I have seen you working on a prototype of a computer chip that works with your body’s infostructure to give abilities to be ready for any occasion.” Nikolai is a russian. He fought in the Battle of Stalingrad and he’s been through alot. He has a goatee and he is quite serious.
“If the legend is true, seven years from the date of the owner’s death it will rise and wait for a new owner.” Takeo is an asian. I don’t have anything against asians. I know it sounded like I do, but I don’t. Anyway he wears a ponytail and is disciplined and honorful.
“This all is a shocker, so, PLOT TWIST!!!!!” Colton screamed
“Mein sveet little rotded flesch pabies. Arh ! Vy does zeze kids get to preak zee fourth vall py zaying blot tvist. Is zat effen preaking zee vall. Arh ! Either vay it’s not fair I vant to preak zee fourth vall in ein pook. It's not fair, not fair, chust not fair.”  Edward is pouting like a baby. “If I don't get zee key mein mizion vill pe incomblete if I don't get it.”
“I brought a lot of supplies, weaponry, ammo, and other parts for construction of stuff. We can have Tyler and Richtofen design and create awesome stuff, so we can kill every last freakbag out there.” Dempsey is a heavily geared and prepared military soldier of America from the dimension of Primis.
“Zo, zis is america. Arh! Vonderful, I zought efferyone vould pe dumb like you Dembzey. Put nein, Tyler here he vill ko blaces.” Richtofen seemed happy that for once he had someone smart with him.
“Can’t we leave this dimension?” Gavin pleadingly asked.
“Zere is tvo reazons ve can't. Arh! Effil Richdofen vill get zee zummoning key. It vill cauze impalance in dimenzional traffel if you didn't destroy your dimenzion. Arh! Zecond ve need to destroy your dimenzion.” When Richtofen said that this will be hard I didn’t think it would be this hard.
“Wait does that mean we will be like dimensional travelers like you guys. We could go to the redneck, football, murder, and hell dimension. That seems really cool.” Colton’s eyes lit up with excitement.
“Nein, you vill pe zee only traffelers in zee dimenzion. Ve vill zacrifice our zelffes.” Richtofen mentioned with great confidence.
“Why do you guys have to die?” I asked.
“Zee element 115 in zee zummoning key needs four zouls to pe bovered und you vill haffe to kill us und take our zouls.” Richtofen replied.
“But we need teachers Richtofen. You can’t leave us to die.” Colton pouted.
“Colton sdop peing ein paby. Anyvay you guys vill already haffe ein great leater und if he gets zee zummoning key he vill guide you guys to zalffazion. Opliffion is ein great team und I know Opliffion vill find zalffazion.” Richtofen's words were encouraging.
“Well we must stay in the house. Evil Richtofen can see outside you house, but not inside. If we are seen helping you he will send millions or even billions of hell pigs at your door while he finds the summoning key.” Nikolai told us in a commanding tone of voice.
So, tomorrow we will find the summoning key. But in the meantime, we must prepare. We ate, shared stories, and exercised. After all that I decided to design some new weaponry. I took a gander at the parts the primis crew brought us. They didn’t just bring parts. They brought guns and ammo.
I looked at the metal tipped arrows and then back at the electrical supplies. I thought of the idea of making my bow into a electrical bow. When I put it together I designed a system to create electricity as I pulled the arrow back and I did cause having a 4.0 GPA helps. This was a very shocking idea.
I ran into the living room to show everyone. “Guys look what I have made.” I showed them the bow.
“Dude that looks shocking.” Colton laughed.
“Colton I already said that in the middle of making the tool.” I laughed back at him.
“Shut up Ty I made my own story about the adventures of the awesome Austin.” Austin told me.
“You shut up Austina. Anyway let’s test this awesome bow.” I commanded them.
The primis crew stayed inside to watch the testing of the bow. Once I shot the bow I could feel a electrifying pulse through my arms. Once the arrow hit a zombie. The zombie got disintegrated.
“Dude make us some dope gear.” Austin whined.
“I’ll make you all gear, but I don’t know when we will get all the gear made in the right amount of time we need. I don’t get these things out of thin nuclonium.” I reminded him.
“I vill help vith zat. Our tvo prains vill vork in harmony together und make amasing gear.” Richtofen told me.
Overtime me and Richtofen created four amazingly awesome stuff. No one is getting the bow due to the need of a more powerful arsenal. And we also have a more wide variety of options to modify.
While I was working with the last weapon. Richtofen designed four external storage compartments that allowed me and everyone else store awesome gear infinitely while we are on our adventures.
“Argh! Vy do zoze kids make it zo difficult. Arh! I chust vant to murder zem in puckets of plood. Nein I can't, pecauze zoze desbicable kids haffe ein schield on zeir houze. Arh! I don't know how, put zey do und it pugs me. Once I get zee zummoning key I’ll destroy zeir unifferze vith zem in it.” Edward laughed maniacally.
March 6, 2020
Me and Richtofen has finally created the four weapons. Good thing he made a machine that speeds up the body’s mental state to believe that we slept and our body has been healed. We walked into the living room and I announced “We have completed the awesome gear.”
“Hey, what about me. I want a awesome gun.” Nikolai complained.
“Oh Nikolai. Mein dear, dear Nikolai, from our avezome adffentures ve haffe blenty of cool sduff.” Richtofen calmed Nikolai.
“Yeah that is true.” Nikolai agreed.
I walked to Colton first. “Due to your love of rushing in, we made a shotgun that shoots alien bullets. It’s element is made of Sodium Tri-Oxiephoton that tears the victim apart on the inside. The gun has two modes. Pure shotgun mode or assault rifle mode.” I informed him.
“Sweet how does the assault rifle mode work?” Colton asked.
“You can just hold the trigger and it keeps on firing.” I answered him.
“Even more sweet.” Colton excitedly grinned.
I walked towards Gavin “Gavin you loved the ICR from Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Right? Don’t answer that, I know you do. That's why we engineered one from scratch that shoots bullets that penetrate even the hardest of material. Like freak bag bone. Also it has a grenade launcher attached.” I told Gavin as his eyes lit up.
Moving on, I walked towards Austin “I got you nothing.” I just blankly told him.
He fell to the ground and yelled “I swear to God if we die due to one less person having a weapon. I’ll dance on your grave in the afterlife.”
“Don’t worry I got you something. It is called the Scoped M514 PWRD. It’s a assault rifle that also can be a sniper. You have an assault rifle, press this button and boom a scope pops up and bam it's a sniper.” I laughed while telling him.
For me I made two phase sabers to deal massive damage on one of those freak bags. I know i’m not in a book, but who knows. I just want to avoid getting copy right you know.
“Efferyone has ein veabon, excluding me und zee Brimis crew, Ja? If zo lets ko to zee graffeyard und end zis.” Richtofen commanded.
“Wait, wait, wait. We can’t go all willy nilly without a plan. We would die, and we can’t let you and the primis crew die Richtofen. I can agree with the summoning key will be at the graveyard. But we need a plan.” I stopped Richtofen.
“This wisdom in this man has all the honor in this world Richtofen. Anyway he has been in the universe longer than is so he should be the main leader.” Takeo stepped in.
As the rest of the day went on we discussed a plan on how my team will get the summoning key. I went out as my team will watch my back as I look around and when I look around I’ll find the key to the summoning key which will lead us to the summoning key. We went through the night doing shifts. I can’t wait until the morning.
March 7, 2020
“Is everyone ready?” I asked
“Yes. We have our gear ready to go to the graveyard.” Colton replied
“And we have the serum that will kill us.” Dempsey said
“Ok let’s do this!” Austin said
As my team ran to the graveyard we were thinking what happens next or what if we fail, but I thought it's best not to think about that right now. We made it to the graveyard, but without question the key was floating above ground.
“Tyler it's above your grandma’s grave.” Austin blurted out.
It shocked me. My grandma was a dimensional traveler.
“Giffe me zee key.” It was evil Richtofen for the summoning key.
“Run Tyler! Go to your grandma’s house.” Gavin yelled.
I ran as my team distracted Richtofen. I eventually made it to my grandma’s house. There the summoning key is. It’s waiting for me. After I got it everyone is at my house. Team Primis already drank the serum. I took their souls with the summoning key and now its powered.
“Giffe me zee key!” Evil Richtofen put his hand onto the key and started pulling it towards him.
After an instance my eyes lit up, and Evil Richtofen got thrown to the wall. I opened the portal to Richtofen’s original dimensions. Me and my team has left for good.
“I'll get reffenge on Opliffion. Arh ! I vill.”

The author's comments:

It's my plan for a zombie apocolypse mixed with Call of Duty

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