Wise Huntress

February 28, 2018
By minerva357 SILVER, Alice Springs, Other
minerva357 SILVER, Alice Springs, Other
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" A writer by nature is a dreamer-a conscious dreamer." Carson McCullens

Minerva MacFenrey sat behind a rocky outcrop, watching the two men stumble through the ground flora of the Scottish Moors. Observing like an hawk, she withdrew an arrow, and silently fletched it to the string of her powerful longbow. They were not the men who had captured her family, but they were loyal to the same man, the one who had corrupted the government. Drawing her arrow back to her cheekbone, she aimed, and released. One of the men was left, paralyzed to the tree, with his partner’s corpse trapping him and the arrow embedded in  his pack, inches from his throat.

Smiling, Minerva deftly leapt off the rocks, and landed in a fast sprint. With deer-like grace, she ran, barely touching the floor of the Moors. She leapt over a small brook, and went up and down three small hills. She smiled. That was two killers less to worry about, if the hidden adder had done its work. The earth gives, and it takes, Minerva thought. After rounding a bend through some thick trees, and came to the side of one of the hills. Peering over her shoulder to make sure no more of the Government's Hunters were around, she moved some flora aside to reveal a small tunnel, and Minerva entered it, and crawling along, she heard a noise overhead. The thudding of heavy feet, the scraping sounds of their terrible weapons. A gruff voice barked out orders above Minerva.

“ I want you to find that girl, and bring her to me, preferably alive.” Minerva gritted her teeth, and forged ahead in the dark tunnel. Hopefully they would not be able to find this tunnel, or at least be delayed by it. She continued on, but now with more haste. There was a sound, not unlike one of the Hunters entering the tunnel, and crawling forward. Minerva felt something, not unlike another tunnel.  Slithering into the side tunnel, she forged on. Hoping with all hope, she wished she could be safe, and get away from the evil, corrupt creature her beautiful country had become. Minerva felt a sharp pain in her leg, and she looked back to see that one of her arrows had cut into her leg. She hissed at the pain, and mentaly cursed. At last, she saw daylight, and Minerva stumbled into the sun, blinking. A woman was standing right in front of her, with a boy around her age next to the woman. The woman smiled, and helped Minerva get to her feet.

“ Welcome to the Village. We have waited for you. I am Candace, and this is my son Logan-Reynard. He will help you, whether you wish to stay, or not.” I blinked, and stared at her in confusion. “ You may stay here, child, and grow happily here. There is such a place for you, Wise HUntress. Or, if you wish, you could continue your search for your family, though their state remains a mystery: it might be a empty hope to continue, if Death has claimed them. Logan is willing to assist you either way.” Minerva blinked, and her thoughts whirled.” If you wish to continue, it is that way.” She pointed to the waterfall.

I’m coming, mother, father.” Minerva whispered. She hesitated at the edge of the cliff, looked over her shoulder, and dived into the raging waters below.

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on Apr. 18 2018 at 7:32 am
minerva357 SILVER, Alice Springs, Other
5 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
" A writer by nature is a dreamer-a conscious dreamer." Carson McCullens

OMG, thanks so much @Bruvton! I published it in a bit of a rush, so yes, I agree, it could be improved. Thank you so much for your praise and feedback! Please look out for more of my writing, and I think I might have a new piece out sometime soon.

on Mar. 17 2018 at 11:50 pm
Bruvton DIAMOND, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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"They don't think it is what it does, but it do." ~Oscar Gamble

Great story! There were a few minor grammar errors, and some things that would be improved with a bit of editing, but otherwise this story was excelled beyond the rest!

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