The Forest

February 9, 2018
By JaxStubblefield SILVER, Malakoff, Texas
JaxStubblefield SILVER, Malakoff, Texas
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What you're about to hear is crazy. Just image for a second that everything you know about this world is a lie. Secret portals to other earths, aliens, monsters, heroes , and even villains. All of your favorite childhood stories actually alive all in one place, The Forest. Let's go back about a week to where all the craziness started. Ever since I was little my mother, well my adopted mother  told me I was special, I thought that this was just something that mothers say to their sons, but this just wasn’t the case.


“Jake!Billy is here to stay the night.” Nora,my mom said.

“Ok, send him up please.” I answered back.

Me and Billy have been planning this for a while now, we always joke about going to meet our childhood heroes Prince Charming, The Evil Queen, and even Snow White, but we never thought anything of it. It was around 11 o'clock and my parents had fell asleep and Billy and I were sitting in my room playing video games when my bed started moving. Me and Billy looked at each other in shock and stood up. After a minute of the bed moving a light started shining from under my bed.

“What is that?” Billy asked.

“I have no idea, close the door and help me move the bed.” I said.

As we moved my bed the light got brighter and brighter and once we moved the end completely out of the way a wooden door appeared with the words Welcome To The Forest on the front of it.

“You don’t think The Forest is really under there do you?” Billy asked.

“There's no way, all that stuff is just a bunch of stories. I said back.

“Yeah, maybe you're right” He said back.

“Only one way to find out” I said as I reached for the door knob.

As Billy and I started into the door nothing was there no light, no grass, no sign of anything, just nothing.

“See, I told you it was nothing.” I said to Billy.

“Jake, walk through it.” Billy said with a smile on his face.

“What! No way, I am not doing that. I said to him.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors whoever loses has to walk through.” Billy said.

“Alright.” I said.

“Rock! Paper! Scissors!” We both said.

As I looked at my hand in the shape of a Rock, and Billy's in the shape of a piece of paper.

I knew exactly what he was going to say so I just glanced at the door and reached for the doorknob very slowly, as I was pulling the door open, Billy stood up and once I got the door open I quickly grabbed his foot and pushed him into the door. He let out an angry “AhHHHHH!” and went into the other side.

“Billy? Billy! Billy stop playing around and come back. I kept repeating
I kept thinking to myself what have I done I killed him, I killed Billy.

It’s been about 20 minutes since Billy went inside, I know I have to do the right thing, I have to save him. I go downstairs get some water, and food and I pack some clothes all into a bag. I open the door and jump right it. I see trees, green grass, horses, and a small hut. I look around and say to myself “Where am I ?”


I make my way to the hut hoping for some answers and to find Billy. I see a basket of apples on the outside of the window of the hut, I hear humming and singing and birds chirping. I knock on the door of the hut, A lady in a blue and yellow dress opens the door “Hello, how may I help you?” she asks.

“Well I am looking for some information and I was just wondering if you could help.” I said.

“Sure, my name is Snow, what is yours?” she asked.

“Snow? Like Snow White?” I said confused.

“Yes in deed, and what is your name.” Snow said to me.

“Jake, my name is Jake.”  I said with a smile on my face.

“Come on in, Jake lets see if I can help you in any way. Snow says as I close the door behind me.

“Well first off where are we?” I asked.

“We are in The Forest.” she said. “ Are you not from here?” she added.

“No, I'm from a place called HuntsBurg I lost my friend Billy in The Forest and I am here to find him.” I said.
“ Well if there is anyone I know who can help it is Charming.” Snow said. “ We can make our way to the castle and see if he can help.

“ P-P-R-P-Prince Charming?” I said with disbelief.

“Yup, my husband. Now let's go find your friend.” Snow said with a excited tone.

As me and Snow where walking through the forest I told her more about where I am from and how I got here. She also told me alot more about The Forest. Appertaily all of my favorite fairytales aren't so fake after all. As we approach the castle I see knights standing outside the gates, once we are inside we are greeted by the seven dwarfs themselves. Then coming down the stairs I see The Prince Charming.

“Hello Snow, who have we here?”  he said.

“I’m Jake.” I said.

“Jake is from another land and has come here to find his best friend and bring him home.” Snow said to Charming.

“Well we are glad to help.” Charming said.

“Where was the last place that you saw him?” Charming asked.

“Well I saw him just before he came into the forest which would be right outside of Snow’s hut, is there any place around there that he could have gone or been taken to?” I asked.

“Well, there is one place… But lets hope that he isn't there.” Charming said.

“Well, where is that? I asked.

“The Evil Queen’s realm, no good anywhere in that place all bad people, Black Knights, Bad Wizards, Thieves, and perhaps the worst of all The Dark One.” Charming said.

“Well, I will go get the horses and well start making our way, her realm is a days ride from here. Charming said.

“Wait, if you said that you are from another land then how did you find The Forest, it is hidden with the strongest of magic and only those that are from here may enter how are you here?” Snow asked me.

“I don’t know I just found a door and we stepped through it, so your saying that Billy and I are from here? I asked.

“Well, it could be possible, maybe we can solve that mystery too, do you know how to ride a horse?” Charming asked.

“No, but I can learn.” I said.

As I spent 30 minutes learning the right way to ride a horse it was finally time to leave. We each packed food and water and made our way through the forest towards the Evil Queen's realm.

“So Jake, how old are you?” Snow asked.

“I am 15.” I answered back.

Once I answered Prince Charming and Snow looked at each other and then we stopped.

“Why are we stopping?” I asked in a confused tone.

“Uhh, we need some water, were just getting water.” Charming said.

“Ok..” I said.

We continued to ride and after we were almost there I heard Snow and Charming whispering.

“We have to tell him the truth.” I heard Snow say.

After we finally reached the entrance we stopped and took another water break. I had been thinking about what Snow and Charming where hiding from me. Did they know my parents? Did they have some information at all? I decided I was going to wait until we got to the castle to ask, but I might have to just ask now.

“Snow? I said.

“Yes?” She said back.

“What are you and Charming hiding from me? I heard you whispering earlier today” I said.

“Are you sure you want to know? Snow asked.

“Yes, I am sure.” I said immediately.

“ Fifteen years ago Charming and I stole the Dark One’s baby and sent it away so that it could have its best chance.” She said.

“So, you are saying that I am the Dark One’s son?” I asked.

“Yes, and if that is true that means that you posses some strong magic.” She said.

“How do we know if this is true?” I asked.

“Well if you are in fact his son then that means that his magic cant effect or hurt you.” She said.

“ So,where do I find him?” I asked.

“You simply ask for him to come, and he does.” She said.

“Ok, sounds simple enough. Dark One! Where are you come out! We need to talk!” I yelled.

“Well maybe he is just not in the mo-” and Snow was cut off by a loud evil laugh.

“Hahahahahahahahaha” I heard coming from behind me.

“ Hello, Dark One i believe that I possess some magic and I think that maybe you can help me.” I said.

“ Well hello deary how do you think that you have this MAGIC?” He said in a crazy tone.

“Well, you see I’m from here and I have just found my way back, I lost my friend and that brought me back here. Apparently 15 years ago I was taken from this land.” I said.

He just stopped and stared at me. Then he turned around and took a few steps, before I could say anything else he struck me with a magic spell. Nothing, nothing, I felt nothing. He is my father, I am the Dark One’s son.

“Son.” He said.

“Dad?” I said back.

He came over to me and said

“Let’s go find your friend.”

As we were leaving I told Snow and Charming goodbye and me and my dad teleported straight to the queen's castle.

“Hello your majesty I believe you have something that belongs to my son.” Dad said.

“Your son?” The Queen said.

“Our son.” He said back.

As she looked at me and laughed she said that she sent the boy home. After all this she just poofed Billy right back home.

“Well Prince Jake, welcome to your kingdom.” My parents said.

The end.

I told it was crazy now I am a Prince of my mother's Kingdom. Crazy, Right?

Just another day in The Forest.

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