The Big Splash

February 9, 2018
By BoidN04 GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
BoidN04 GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
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“You got this Maiwenn!”, Julia shouted across the pool.

“Thank you Julia!”, Maiwenn responded.

“Don’t be scared you got this, it’s your time to shine!,” Julia shouts as Maiwenn gets ready to start the race.
Maiwenn was there seconds before diving in the pool. Emotions had to fly away, she had to keep cool.

Nervousness was something she had to eliminate, coolness was key in this moment. All the training and all the hard work to collapse because of some stupid emotions was unacceptable. All the dedication and all the grind to go down the toilet for some bad mindset. She couldn’t let everything she did to get to this point go, she had to seize the moment. The bad thoughts had to get out of her head, all they did was make her more anxious. She had to think about how to give her best, and not how to give up when the cold water pierced her body. How to keep going and give her best. The referee signaled for the start of the race and on the whistle Maiwenn dived right into the water.

The water was freezing cold, but she had prepared herself for that and did not let the cold water bring her down. Maiwenn kept going, every stroke mattered a lot. The closer she was getting to finishing her race the more nervous she got. Every stroke made her more nervous, and it was not helping her at all. It was not allowing her  keep a cool mind and focus on what is really important. She was concentrating on how things could go wrong, but that was affecting her performance. She  was obsessed with the worst case scenario, but she had to beat that obsession. Maiwenn had to defeat the fear and the anxiety for her to give her best. That was the only way between her and victory and her personal best.

Maiwenn was getting closer and closer to the finish line, but the anxiety was not going away. This was crucial she had to beat her anxiety, she could not let it beat her. As she was nearing the end of her 2nd lap Maiwenn was getting even more nervous and that got in the way of her performance, she started to think she was tired and was not doing well.

She started her 3rd and final lap, and she knew that she had to forget about everything bad that could happen, and she had to focus entirely on how she was going to win this race. As the finish was getting closer Maiwenn realized that the anxiety was just in her head and nothing bad was going to happen to her. Maiwenn realized what possibly could go wrong, she knew that nothing could harm her. Suddenly she didn’t feel anxious or  nervous anymore. She was swimming with a cool head just focusing on how she could win the race. Maiwenn was flying on her final lap, she had beat her anxiety and was finally giving her best. Suddenly the wall of the finish line pounds her hand, which meant she had finished the race. Her body jumps up to see the result, and surprisingly she had won the race.

Maiwenn beat her fear, realized nothing could harm her. She felt as if she was on top of the world, she felt unbeatable. All her teammates congratulated her, and she learned a very important lesson. She learned to never give up and to always face her anxiety and fear. Nothing could stop her now.

The author's comments:

This is a story about my friend Maiwenn.

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