The Flight

February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

Jack was very excited as he boarded the plane to go to Hawaii. He had just the right amount of luggage, and he was prepared for the long flight ahead of him. The man was flying first class, and he was very pleased with space he had to himself; the traveler sat in his seat and a lovely woman sat right next to him.
   He didn’t think it could get any better; that is, until the flight attendant gave them both free refreshments. Everything was going perfect, and the plane was about to take off. The pilot came over the intercom and said, ”Take off will be in 1 minute, have a nice time and enjoy the flight.”  The plane took off, and the journey to Hawaii began.
Jack asked the woman, “What is your name?”
The woman said, ”My name is Bethany.” One conversation led to another, and in no time they knew plenty about each other.
The flight attendant came by, ”Do y’all want any refreshments or maybe even an appetizer.”
Jack said, ”I would like a glass of wine.”
  Bethany replied, ”no thank you.” 
He noticed a suspicious looking man in the seat B 12 vigorously scanning the first class seating area. Jack didn’t really think much of it as he continued to conversate with Bethany. 
The flight attendant brought him his glass of wine, and then the plane passed through turbulence.
The glass of wine fell off the tray and right onto Bethany’s lap. Bethany immediately jumped out of her seat; she looked angry. The furious woman walked to the bathroom in hopes to be able to clean the wine off her pants before it stained. As she was walking to the bathroom, Jack noticed a mysterious man peeking his head through the curtain separating coach and first class.  
  Jack looked where the suspicious man was sitting, but he wasn’t there. He then asked a flight attendant, ”Pardon me, who is sitting in seat B 12 if I may ask?”  The flight attendant replied, ”no one is sitting there, the seat was vacant.”  The curious man started to wonder what was taking Bethany so long in the bathroom. So, when no one was looking Jack got out of his seat and walked back to the bathroom. The bathroom was empty, but he didn’t panic because she could have went to the coach restroom.. He went back to his seat and put his headphones on, so he could enjoy some music. 
The plane suddenly shook and rattled really hard as they went through turbulence again. Jack began to worry so he asked a flight attendant where Bethany had gone. The attendant didn’t know where she was though, but she said, ”there’s not very many places she could go.”   Jack, being all kinds of confused, ordered another glass of wine and waited for her return. When she hadn’t returned in 30 minutes Jack really began to worry. He sat there and wondered what he could do to find her. He soon realized the only way would be to find her himself. As soon as he felt no one was looking, he jumped out of his seat and walked by every row. He scanned every seat for her, while trying to not draw attention to himself. Bethany wasn’t in any of the seats, so he walked back to the bathroom area. Jack noticed an area cut off by curtains, and he wondered what was behind it. He was hesitant, but he peeked his head through the curtain. He saw a figure that looked almost identical to Bethany; the figure’s face was missing, and you could see wires inside of it. As he was about to go in and check it out, he saw someone walk over to her. He had a safety mask on, and he was holding a screwdriver.    
  Jack quickly jumped out of the man's sight, behind the curtain. The curious man walked very fast back to his seat; right behind him was Bethany. As he sat down, so did the supposed human. The curious man started to question her about where she went. Bethany confidently said, ”I was in the bathroom.”  Jack replied,”well, that’s funny because I looked there.”  She looked around, then told him, “Keep your suspicions to yourself or I will blow up this plane”  Bethany then lifted up her shirt and showed Jack a bomb strapped to her. The woman then said, “ You’re either with me or against me.”  Jack, being scared, immediately replied,  “I’m with you.”  She then started to tell him what’s going on, ”I am a project, I am not human I was made by a man. My job is to assassinate the President of the United States, while he is on vacation in Honolulu. Since you were so curious and just had to know, you are coming with me and helping.”  Jack refused to help her and began to tell her how patriotic he is. The robot said, “Then you are leaving me with no other choice then to exterminate you.”  Fearful for his life, he agreed to help her, if he would have nothing to do with the actual killing of our nation's president. Bethany said, “Okay, fine.” The woman then started to spill her genius plan to kill the president. She said, “I will kidnap his bodyguard and take the form of his body.”   The confused man replied, “You can take the form of other humans!”  Bethany said, “Well, yes.”  Just then, she transformed herself into a flight attendant. Jack was in disbelief; he had never seen anything like this. The fake flight attendant continued with her story, as she told him how she would sneak into his room, tie him up, and torture him live. The scared man wanted nothing to do with any of this, but he knows that he has to for his own safety.  A man then came over the intercom and announced that they would arrive at the Hawaii airport in less then an hour. Jack was shocked, as he thought they hadn’t even been in the air for 30 minutes. The man knew if he wanted to protect his president he would have to try and turn off Bethany. Jack remembered seeing a button in the back of her neck. Jack then reached around her in attempt to press the button. Very quickly, he slapped the back of her neck. Then, her head dropped; she was shut down. Jack demanded the flight attendant to open the door, but she didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation. Jack explained to the her what was going on, then she agreed. Right as the flight attendant opened the door, The heroic man threw Bethany off the plane. The flight attendant closed the door, and Jack took his seat. For publicity purposes, Jack wanted to  keep the whole thing a secret. The pilot announced, “I am about to take landing procedures, buckle up.”  The plane landed in Hawaii, and Jack was just happy to get off that plane. The airport was within walking distance from the hotel he was staying in. Jack decided to forget all about the plane ride there, and focus on having fun.

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