January 31, 2018
By BenRhodes SILVER, Hemet, California
BenRhodes SILVER, Hemet, California
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           Jon Snow walked to the window in the back of the house and pulled the glass door open. Stepping onto the porch he took in the scenery. He always loved Alaska with its endless view of pine trees, the smell of rain, and the silence. It was his place enabling him to get his privacy from the outside world which Jon wasn't very fond of. The nearest thing was a small town that was about thirty miles from Jon’s cabin, which was planted firmly on a hill yet still engulfed in the sea of green trees. Jon only went into town once a month at the beginning of every month for the necessities and no one sees him for the rest of the month.

          Jon cleaned up his gun and loaded it, he was going hunting today. Jon was known for being quite a sharpshooter and a regular hunter, he hunted everything from deer, to wolves, to birds, and even Bears. Jon got in his truck and drove to his regular spot which was even further away from any contact with humans. He knew that if anything ever happened to him, that people wouldn't know until the end of the month that something was wrong. Jon took the long unending stretch of road for about an hour until he arrived at his destination. He pulled off to the side of the road, the trees thick and the land behind hidden by the towering trees above cascading shade on everything in sight. This was Jon’s regular hunting spot and for all he knew no one else hunted here, that's why he liked it.

          Jon stepped out of his truck into the thick mud below and headed for the trail. At the time it was 2 in the afternoon when Jon believed the game was best, Jon put wooden stakes into the trail so he wouldn't lose his place and end up walking in circles. It wasn't easy to find your way through the trees because every angle looks the same, and Jon knew that if he enters there is a possibility he may never come out.

Jon was approaching a section of the forest that was well known for bears in which he knew and kept a close ear for any sounds coming from a bear. Jon turned a corner through trees and noticed he had entered a den, a bear den. The cub started crying and Jon knew that it wasn't safe to stay in the area, he turned to see the momma bear about 20 yards in front of him. His heart stops and without even having to think, he takes a look down his sights and fires. The bullet exploding out of the barrel and hits the bear through the right side of its neck, taking off bits of meat and hair. The bear leaped at Jon with all its might 1300 pounds of force, knocking Jon to the ground with the power of a car.

          Blood entered Jon’s eye and the taste of blood was evident as it dripped into his mouth, he could feel the gashes extending from his forehead down to his collarbone, the deep gash of raw meat Jon. Jon pushed himself up as soon as he could but the bear came down upon his back with a claw, tearing through his flesh like a knife in butter. Jon screamed in agony, reaching for his knife in his pocket he drives the knife through the bear's arm and pulls it down to the paw. The bear leaps back and Jon attempts to escape by rolling down the side of the hill where his rifle lay. He grabbed the rifle and aimed it up as the bear leaped onto him, the bear cut into his neck as he pulled the trigger right below the jaw. In a moment the explosion of sounds but now dead silence.

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