Percy spin off

January 26, 2018
By Anonymous

Aleka ran through the narrow ally holding his phone in his hand.  As he ran he constantly looked behind his shoulder looking the monster that was lurking in the shadows behind him.  Trash cans were being knocked over, signs being bent at ninety degree angles as the creature crashed through the alley after Aleka.  As Aleka turned the corner he took his phone and swung it towards his hip.  As he did this, out of the phone emerged a long platinum sword.  This sword happened to fit Alexas hand perfectly, almost seemed as if it was meant for him.  He went and hid behind a large dumpster waiting for the monster to round the corner.  He could here the loud roar of the monster as it streamed down the alley he was just in.  As it rounded the corner the creature stopped it could smell Aleka.  Aleka peering around the corner of the dumpster got a good look at the monster with its large body with torn clothes.  Its mouth was dripping with green goo and it was missing an eye.  Its pig looking like nose sniffing in the air for its next victim just like Aleka’s friend who died to this thing earlier.  It moved forward slowly and Aleka jumped out behind the dumpster with his shiny sword raised high in his hand.  The monster jumped high over Aleka.  Alexa seeing the smash move it was about to perform rolled swiftly out of the way as the monster collided with the ground with tremendous force.  Aleka took a jab at the monster to be meet with the side swipe of the monster to knock him down.  Aleka’s sword skidded across the damp alley floor into the pile of bikes.  The monster slowly proceeded towards Aleka’s body slumped against a building.  Just before the monster finished the job Aleka woke up with sweat all over his face, arms, and legs.  He rolled over to be surprised by his mom sitting next to him on the bed.  “You’re dreaming again aren’t you Aleka,” said his mom.  Aleka was relieved and mad to know he had the same nightmare for the twelth time this month and not yet beaten the beast.  His mom looked at him in sympathy, and said “I think you’re ready.”  Aleka out of confusion said, “For what.”

“Morning we leave to go to Atlanta” said the Mom.  She got up and left the room.  Aleka still confused looked at the clock to see what time it was: Clock read 11:38.  This was the same time he always woke up from these dreams and he had no idea why.

The next morning Aleka’s mom woke him up to the smell of eggs and sausage on the griddle, morning sun shining on his face.  Aleka stumbled down the stairs in his pajamas still clearing his vision from the nights sleep.  As he reached the kitchen Aleka stepped in something wet.  He looked down and milk had made its way around the corner of the dirty brown cabinet.  He slowly rounded the corner, peeking around the cabinet he could see a white slip of paper on the counter.  He crept over to it so see the note had numbers on it.  Four numbers being 1138.  Aleka started freaking out.  He noticed the fridge was left open, and the front door was propped open as well.  He heard a knocking from the side window facing the back lawn.  He slowly walk in the direction of the window knocking keep his hands and arms locked close to the wall.  Aleka looked around the corner to see his boss from the small local ice cream business he works at peering in on him with fright!  Aleka ran over to the window and opened it up.  “Hurry grab a snack and your phone and lets get outta here Aleka!” shouted Mr. Treesnub.  Percy ran to his pantry sliding across the floor in his wrinkled white crew socks he had on, grabbed a granola bar and some crackers and ran out the door quickly grabbing his shoes and phone in pocket.

Meeting up in the backyard, Mr. Treesnub pushed Aleka out towards the field in a hurry.  “We must get to the octagon before dusk so we keep you at minimal risk from the Teras!” says Mr. Treesnub.  Aleka whipped around with confusion, “What the hell is that?”  Before his teacher could answer the question a tree flew over there head almost decapitating Aleka.  Out of the forest woodline comes a Minotaur!  The Minotaur is a large beast looking monster with a large set o bull horns on the top of his head.  The Minotaur stands about 11 feet tall with large muscular arms and legs.  It’s large beady bull eyes locked on Aleka as it stomped it feet on the ground.  Mr. Treesnub looked over and said, “Grab your phone and swing it in a circular motion.  That’s how you can defend yourself.”  Aleka thought, “How the hell is that gonna help me?”  Mr. Treesnub yelled at him to do it!  The Minotaur started ts charge right at Aleka, gaining ground across the field with stellar speed.  Aleka fumbled out his phone and swung it.  Nothing happened.  He tried again again, nothing.  The minotaur no more than 50 years now, Aleka still struggling to swing the phone, not knowing why.  Mr. Treesnub in a panic tried to get the beasts attention by making a scene. 

Aleka with one quick swipe of the phone towards the opposite hip engaged the the shiny bronze sickle!  As it emerged the phone morphed to Aleka’s hand perfectly almost as if the new iphone 6s he bought was made for him. 

Aleka summer salted to the side to avoid the charging Minotaur getting clipped in his leg by the razorsharp horn.  With a yell he got up and faced the bull.  The minotaur swung its feet into the damp soil from the field and stopped in its tracks with a skid.  The monster spun around fast and stopped its feet at Aleka again.  Aleka facing the beast now with the bronze sickle looking right at the bull.  As it charged Aleka dug his feet into the soil to brace himself.  With the minotaur getting closer Mr. Treesnub yells, “Aim for the head!”  Aleka hearing this focused on the beady eyes, filled with rage.  Now only 30 yards away Aleka swung back the sickle and prepared for the strike.  25, 20, 15, 10, 5, BOOM!

Aleka looked up after the swing and saw gold dust.  In confusion, looked over at Mr. Treesnub who was at the woodline in aw.  Dust covered, Aleka walked over to his teacher looking for answers.  On his way over Aleka raised the phone scythe and it retracted back into the phone and morphed back into a phone.  Mr. Treesnub stood there with his jaw dropped and all he could do was say “wow”.  Mr. Treesnub explained, “Whenever you kill a greek beat with the bronze sword, one swipe to the head will kill it, anywhere else will make it bleed.  And when you kill it the monster will turn into dust.”  Aleka looking at him in confusion again says, “How come I haven’t seen these before?”  Mr. Treesnub responds, “You have just matured to a mature age, and that’s when my job comes in.  I’m supposed to find all the maturing half bloods and bring them to camp half blood.  It’s a safe haven for you half bloods to train.  Lets keep walking son.”  Aleka followed with plenty more questions, but was shushed by his mentor for the rest of the walk.  They walked up to Detroit which was only a stretch away from Aleka’s house.  While walking down an ally following the compus Mr. Treesnub had they heard a growl.  In the shadows a set of eyes appeared.  Both Aleka and Mr. Treesnub jumped behind a bush.  Emerging from an abandoned apartment to the left slithered out a snake looking creature.  “S***” said Mr. Treesnub.  Aleka whispered, “What is that?”  The hydra kept coming out, head after head.  When it fully came out of the building it stood just over 15 feet with 3 heads and 4 feet; Fire spitting from its nostrils and mouth.  Aleka still limping pulls the phone out from his back pocket and with a couple swings is able to bring out the scythe.  “Lets take this thing down” says Aleka, but Mr. Treesnub had a different idea.  “This monster is way out of our league to fight so we have to flee.”  Mr. Treesnub quietly went to his tote bag and pulled out 2 cans.  They looked like spray paint cans with greek letters on it.  Before Mr. Treesnub could stop Aleka, he bounced out behind the bush and faced the hydra.  The hydras three heads locked on Aleka recognizing his half blood.  With a loud roar the dragon approached Aleka striking with all three heads at once.  Mr. Treesnub yelled, “Get away Aleka!”  Aleka without fear raised his scythe and side stepped to avoid the hot fire spewing from the hydras mouth.  Aleka took a stab at the monster but missed all three heads.  The hydra attacked again this time spreading the attacks out between each head spitting fire.  Aleka side stepped again dodging another fire blast, and rolled behind a pillar for the last attack.  Mr. Treesnub threw a can at the hydra and smoke started to appear, distracting the dragon for a hot second.  With the hydra dazed Aleka moved inside the apartment.  The closing in on the pillar that Aleka was just at after the smoke had subsided, Aleka had reached the second floor and was looking out the window.

The hydra blew a large plume of fire at the pillar where Aleka was at and then roared in anger.  Aleka in the abandoned building saw a young man walking on the street.  He turned and looked down the ally and his jaw dropped.  Mr. Treesnub ran around the corner to hide from the man, and Aleka yelled get back!  The man with confusion stopped in the ally as the fight continued.  The hydra squealing around in anger spitting fire everywhere had no idea where Aleka was. 

Aleka ran down the stairs quickly to reach the civilian looking in confusion.  As Aleka reached the man he said, “What are you talking about? Run form what?”  Aleka said, “From this dragon looking this thing?  The man looked around and didn’t notice a thing.  Aleka shooed him away past the ally and continued the fight.  The monster still dazed from the smoke was struck from behind by Aleka.  Mr. Treesnub with a loud yell says, “No! Don’t do that!”  As the dragon yelled it turned around with a roar.  In a couple seconds the tail started to grow back.  Not just one though, but two!  Aleka backed up in fear as the hydra pursued him.  Around the corner was a yell.  A girl slid around the corner and launched rockets.  Boom! Boom! Boom!  “Run!” she yelled.  Aleka met up with Mr. Treesnub and this girl around the other block

The girl turns to Aleka, holds out her hand and introduces herself as Liza.  She was a medium sized women no more than 5 foot 4, and had strong arms.  She swiped the brown hair out of her face showing her brown eyes.  Her hand shake was surprising strong and she dressed more like a boy too.  She said, “You gotta use explosives on those fellas.  They tend to be hard to kill by hand, but the T160 do the job just fine.  Aleka smirked a little and introduced himself.  “I heard the action and just had to come,” said Liza.  Mr. Treesnub looked over at her with a white face and said, ‘’Just in time too.”  Liza laughed and started walking down the stairs to the right.  Mr. Treesnub and Aleka followed just behind her.  Aleka looked over and said, “Why didn’t that man run?”  Mr. Treesnub looked over with a smile on his face and said, “Normal humans can’t see the monsters we do.  Only greek descendants can see them.  Aleka in aw thought it was super cool and did a little skip.  He got serious again and glanced at the ground saying, “Where’s my mom?”  “She is in the underworld Aleka” said Mr. Treesnub also looking at the ground.  ‘Why though?” said Aleka.  ‘’I’ll explain later” said Mr. Treesnub as he pushed a door open.  Down the long corridor was a blinking passcode box.  As they reached it Liza typed, 1,1, 3, 8.  Aleka taking note was still confused what that meant.  They entered a elevator and the door shut.  A button at the bottom of all the rest of the buttons flickered and was discolored.  Liza slammed the button saying sometimes it doesn’t work.  The elevator jiggled a little and started moving down.  Aleka looked around and said, “Weren’t we on the bottom floor?”  Liza laughed and said, “We going to camp half blood silly.”  “You might want to brace yourself,” said Mr. Treesnub, and THUD!  The elevator hit a complete stop.  Liza started giggling again because Aleka was on the floor.  The door swung open and Aleka’s eyes almost popped.  It was a whole nother world down there.  Music blaring to the far right.  A fighting arena on the left with kids yelling at the fighters fighting with real swords!  A huge dome in the middle with a podium in the center, and a housing the left.  A couple kids approached Aleka smiling, calling him “Newbie.”  Mr. Treesnub mumbled, “Damn Aries kids.”  Liza running yelled over her shoulder, “I’ll catch you later Aleka” and waved as she ran to her cabin.  Now moving towards the middle dome, Mr. Treesnub gave Aleka the quick tour.  As they reached the cabin Mr. Treesnub sat down Aleka on the bench.  He looked at him with almost a concerned look.  He looked Aleka in the eyes and said, “Your god will claim you in the next couple weeks.  When that happens a symbol of your father or mother will appear above your head and that will determine what cabin you stay in.  All these cabins house all of the same parents kids.  It’s just a matter of time until we find out who you belong to.  In the meantime you get to sleep in this cabin.”  The cabin he pointed to was an old brick building secluded from the other cabins.  It had an old beat up roof made of a combination metal and shingles and there were 2 windows.  One of them was facing towards the woods and the other was a smaller one facing the dome, but was broken and all dusty.  Mr. Treesnub ran over to a shed pulling out a backpack full of stuff.  He handed it to Aleka and shoed him to the house.  “Get cozy in there, but not too cozy” Mr. Treesnub said with a smirk on his face and he walked away.  Aleka walked in the cabin noticing the door squeaked and the floor was also dusty.  As he walked in he looked in the bag.  In the bag was a water tin, a change of clothes, a hat, a pillow, and a small blanket.  Aleka looked at all the beds comparing them all, deciding which one wouldn’t have the most rats living in them.  He decided on the one next to the window so he had some light.  He laid his stuff down on the bed and sat next it.  As he sat he let out a huge sigh.  Aleka had so many questions of why he was chosen?  Who really is dad?  Why was he mom stolen?  Is he gonna get along with all the kids and fit in?  When’s dinner?  And if this all was even real?  He brushed off the bed with his forearm blowing off the dust his forearm after and laid down.  Grabbing the pillow of the floor, and grabbing the blanket from his side he closed his eyes wondering if this was just a dream.  He cracked open his eyes just to make sure and everything was still the same.  He laid there still for a couple minutes pondering on how he’s going to do this.  How he’s gonna find his mom.  How he will even like this new life because it might not ever go back to normal.  A small tear ran down his cheek from both fear and anxiety he was feeling.  Closing his eyes Aleka knew this was going to be a rough next few days coming up with lots of challenges and he wasn’t sure if he was ready for them.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by the percy jackson series and I just wanted to change a few things up.

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