Into the Future

January 24, 2018
By Anonymous

In the middle of Montana two friends Brice and Larry decided to take a two week vacation to Los Angeles, California.  Brice and Larry have been best friends since high school which they are both now in their mid 20s.  It was in the middle of June 2018, they both took a two week break from their work in order to enjoy themselves in California.  They booked a flight for June 17th to fly out to Los Angeles which was scheduled to be a very hot couple weeks n California.  As they were getting close to Los Angeles they could see the wildfires burning up the state of California under the airplane. The wildfires have not extended all the way down south to Los Angeles yet so Brice and Larry were going to be fine and not have to evacuate the area.  As they landed on the ground they checked into their casino hotel where they were going to be staying for the next two weeks.  They were escorted to their room on the 13th floor of the hotel and inside the room there were two king size beds, a 50 inch tv, a couch, and a mini fridge. They decided to spend the night in the hotel and watch the NBA Finals game 7 of the Pistons vs the Lakers.  When the game ended the Pistons were crowned champions of the NBA for the 2018 season with Andre Drummond winning MVP.  The next morning when they woke up they checked their phone and the temperature read 105?.  Since it was scorching outside they decided to go rafting before the temperature increased during the middle of the day.  As they arrived to the rafting center it was 11:30 and this was one of the highest rated rafting places in the world.  Brice and Larry decided to go on the same raft and have some fun that day.  As there were rafting down a river they hit something big in the water and it sent them flying off course.  As they were kicked off course they took a different turn then they were supposed to.  Once they turned the corner there were huge rapids in front of them and the rapids tossed their raft around the river from side to side.  Out of nowhere a whirlpool formed in the middle of the river and it was sucking the raft down into the middle of the whirlpool.  Brice and Larry tried to paddle out of the whirlpool but there was no hope, the current was too strong.  In the middle of the whirlpool there was a hole and Brice and Larry’s raft fell into the hole.  Through the hole Brice and Larry fell very far and then they woke up but they were in a whole new dimension into the future but still alive.  They looked at each other and looked around to try and find out where they were at. Everywhere they looked they was destruction from all the buildings surrounding them and some flooding from when the San Andreas fault line erupted.  Brice and Larry looked around for anything not destroyed or any people around the city where the fault line went off.  The two friends walked around trying to find out what city they are in, and then off in the distance Larry spots a building that he remembers.  Larry walks over to the building which was about a quarter of a mile away from him.  As he approaches the building he realizes that the building is their hotel where they just checked in at yesterday.  Larry yells over to Brice to come see their hotel and try to go inside and look around the building. As the entered the completely destructed building they see a telephone and see if they can reach out to anyone, as soon as Brice picks it up the phone buzzs because there is no service.  They look around and then a chilling roar is heard that sends goosebumps down Brice and Larry’s bodies.  Larry turned to Brice and asked “Did you hear that?” and then Brice responded “Yeah that was scary”.  Brice saw the stairs in the hotel and started running up them to get to a higher point.  Larry fearfully scampered up the stairs following Brice and they were able to get up 5 flights of stairs until there was an obstruction in the way.  They looked around on the floor to find the nearest window to try and get a view of what made that aggressive roar.  As they are searching everywhere around them they hear another loud roar from behind them. Brice and Larry go across the hallway and there was a window that was wide open.  As they approached the window they could hear more commotion coming from outside.  Larry looked out the window first and he saw a huge dinosaur about a half a mile away from their hotel.  Brice looked at it and sure enough it was a huge T-Rex.  Brice and Larry couldn’t believe their eyes and what they were seeing that they had to survive with dinosaurs and somehow make it back to reality alive.  Brice looked at the T-Rex again and then back at Larry and asked him “What now?” and Larry said “We should quitely go find the raft store and see if we can get back to the whirlpool and get out of here”.  They walked back down to the stairs and began to walk down them and go back down to the main floor and exit the hotel.  They walked into the lobby looking for anything to eat and there was absolutely nothing there for them in the lobby.  As they walked out the hotel they didn’t see any dinosaurs so they began to walk around the destroyed city of Los Angeles and looking for anything useful to help them survive.  They have been walking for about an hour around the city and they saw a huge flooded area of water from when the fault line erupted causing tsunamis.  They looked around and saw a high cliff so Brice and Larry decided to take a hike up the hill so they could get a high aerial view of the world they are now living in now.  As they look out over the land, they see destroyed buildings, major flooding, and earthquakes that occured from the San Andreas fault line destruction.  As they realize by looking over the city they realized they were in a parallel universe of California after the San Andreas fault line went off, where nobody is alive besides them.  It was getting dark and Larry and Brice were getting hungry so they had to find a way to find something to eat.  As they were walking down the other side of the mountain they saw a dead animal carcass and it was of a big dinosaur.  As they approached it slowly a large howl came from behind them and when they looked behind them there was a 9 feet tall hairy object standing there, they realized it was a huge bigfoot.  Brice and Larry both were frightened of what they were both seeing and all the sudden the bigfoot says “My name is Harry”.  Brice looked at Larry shocked that the bigfoot just talked to them and Larry responded with “My name is Larry and this is Brice”.  Harry looked down at the dead dinosaur carcass then handed each Larry and Brice a piece of meat for them to eat.  Brice and Larry ate the pieces of meat that Harry gave them in order to survive.  Larry looked at Harry and stated “Thank you, can you help us survive and get back to the real world?”.  Harry looked a little confused when they asked by not knowing much english and he responded with “Yes”.  Harry began to grab the dead carcass into a hole where he hid all of his food from other dinosaurs that are living in this world.  As they looked where to go adventure first to get out of this world, they could see a forest area and they wanted to stay away from that to avoid all the dinosaurus.  They could see tall buildings that were destroyed from the fault line eruption and earthquakes in the middle of downtown Los Angeles so they walked to the buildings to try and get any supplies.  In the stores they found an entrance so they scavenged the whole area and they found walkie-talkies and also phone.  As they tried to use the phone they realized there was no service that worked and they realized that Los Angeles has turned into a twilight zone where electronics didn't work so they had to find a way to leave by themselves.  As they kept looking for a way to escape they saw a huge body of water in the distance so they walked over with Harry to go check it out.  As they were approaching the body of water they heard a large gurgling noise to the east of them, and Harry looked at Brice and roared “Run”. As they started to run off away from from the loud noises i the east they started to run west and in the west there was a T-Rex standing in front of them.  They all looked at each other and began to think of where to run, and Harry stats “We should go back the way we came there is a big cave that tunnels up to the top of the mountain we can take”.  Brice and Larry started running for their life towards this cave that Harry knows about.  The T-Rex started make a run after Brice, and Larry as they were running towards the cave. They barely made it to the cave on time with the T-Rex right behind them, and all the sudden there is a volcanic eruption that has formed from the earthquakes and shooting lava in all directions.  They walked up this long wide cave that had a staircase that had looked to be man made inside.  They took that path to reach the top and exit the cave on top of a high ground.  As they were reaching the top of the cave Harry was getting near the exit to walk out, and then a different dinosaur came outta nowhere and almost ate Harry.  Harry punched the dinosaur has hard as he could which made the smaller dinosaur walk away from Harry.  Larry realized that they might have to be stuck in the cave for a day with the volcano erupting and scorching the ground all day.  Harry walked over to one side of the cave and he opened a little door where there was just meat carcass lying on the ground in there.  He pulled one out into the open of the cave so Brice and Larry could get some more food to eat.  Brice knew it was fresh by the way it smelled right when Harry dragged it out into the middle.  They started eating all the meat from the dinosaur o they could fill up for the night since they were basically surrounded inside the cave by a volcano, and a T-Rex.  They all slept in the middle away from any entrance so nothing could attack them during their sleep.  When Brice and Larry woke up they realized Harry wasn't lying next to them anymore.  They searched the whole cave looking for Larry tobe found anyone inside the cave but he wasn't there.  They looked outside to see if he was outside at all.  As the they approached the top entrance they see something laying dead on the ground which was black and looked somewhat like Harry.  They walked outside to go investigate what they were looking on the mountain.   As they got near the dead animal and it turned out to be a different dinosaur, so they kept looking for Harry around the mountain.  They couldn’t find them after looking for a while so they decided to go start heading back. Once they turned around they saw their life flash before their eyes, with a huge T-Rex staring at them from the top of the cave.  The T-Rex began to charge towards Larry and Brice. They looked at each either confused on where their next move should be. Out of nowhere Harry appears up at the top of the cave so Brice and Larry run straight towards the T-Rex because he is in their way and at the last second they split and Brice goes to the left and Lerry runs right.  The T-Rex looks confused on what just happened so he sat there and then attempted to chase back up to them.  At the last second the T-Rex lunged to try and grab Larry.  The T-Rex barely grabs him by his pants and pulls him back.  Harry grabs a huge boulder and throws it in the direction of the mouth area of the T-Rex right before he tries to bite down on Larry.  Larry uses that split second of time to make a run to the cave.  Larry just barely makes it into the cave before the T-Rex can make another attempt to bite him.  All three of them are now safely inside the cave with protection around them from the dinosaurus and the volcanic eruption.  Harry started to walk into a secret corner of the cave and dragged out meat he had stored there.  They then started to eat some of the meat for their dinner of that night.  As the night time was approaching they decided to find somewhere inside the cave to get some sleep. They found a little dark part of the cave to sleep for the night away from all their predators and natural world events that could occur overnight like a volcano, earthquake, or flooding.  As the sun rises in the morning Harry is the first to wake up.  He then goes over and decides to wake up Brice and Larry so they can continue their search for the whirlpool to go back home.  Larry gets up and begins wandering around for something to eat.  Harry gets up to go grabs him some meat he has stored up and also some water from a freshwater stream that Harry collected.  They began to start eating some of the food and water that they had to fuel themselves for the long day ahead of them.  Larry and Brice began walking outside and they saw a huge meat carcass lying on the ground that could last them multiple days for a food supply.  But as they were approaching the carcass they could smell that it was a fresh kill and the meat looked good to eat.  Then before they realized what was happening the T-Rex came up from behind them and grabbed Brice and ate him.  After he swallowed Brice he looked over at Larry and lunged for him but Larry started taking off running away from the T-Rex towards cover.  The T-Rex left Larry and began eating from the meat carcass and let Larry get away.  As Larry ran into the cave he yelled for Harry then Harry responded “What happened out there”.  Larry looked at him and said “The huge T-Rex ate Brice”.  They both sat there trying to figure out what to do next with Brice inside the T-Rex.  Larry has been friends with Brice for too long to lose him in a different world with dinosaurus.  Harry and Brice started to look around the wooded area that surrounded the mountain overlooking the destroyed city to find the T-Rex.  They searched the whole mountain top looking for the the T-Rex responsible for eating Brice.  They started walking into an opening of the woodland and the whole ground area was scorched with flames from the volcanic eruption.  As they starting walking through the volcanic rock field their feet began to burn so that had to turn back quickly to get out of the lava.  They heard some loud noises coming down from the city so they decided to investigate.  Down in the city all the see is ash in the air from the explosion which is making hard to see anything farther than a block away from where they are.  They keep walking in hopes of finding Brice and they begin to hear loud aggressive roars off in the distance.  They slowly walk there way over there past all of the debris laying on the ground.  As the noises are getting louder they see a staircase from a destroyed building where they decide to go in hide away from the large dinosaurus.  As they walk into the building they realize there is no ceiling to the building they are in because it was destroyed.  They sat there as they heard the T-Rex walk by the half building they were sitting in.  They sat there for another 10 mins just to make sure it was clear for them to resume walking along the city.  They see a little clearing in the fog so Harry and Larry begin running toward the clearing to see if they can see Brice better.  As they get to the clearing they look around and see nothing and Larry looks down at his feet and seeing himself standing on the edge of the ground.  He looked at Harry and he pointed down to the huge crack in the earth that extended as far as they could see about 20 feet in length.  They knew there was only one way back and it was back behind them.  They started walking back the other and the ground began shaking rapidly.  A huge earthquake was hitting them in Los Angeles and they still haven't found Brice yet.  The earthquake began shaking all the buildings that were still standing.  With the ground shaking Harry and Larry run as fast as they can so they don't get hit by a crack in the earth's crust by the earthquake.  As they are running out of the city they can see other dinosaurs some big and small also running towards the wooded area by the cave that Harry and Larry were running to get into for safety.  They make it into the cave safely from all the destruction and now they just need to find Brice.  They began looking for a huge search mapping out the whole city on where they can look as the night is falling.  Harry and Larry go to bed in the cave and all they are thinking about is how they lost Brice to the T-Rex and he is dead.  They get good sleep and are woken in the morning to loud noises from the outside of the cave.  They look around trying to find where this noise was coming from inside the cave.  They search the whole top level and where Harry has been storing the meat from other dinosaurus, he saw a bunch of smaller dinosaurus eating their food.  Harry ran over to the smaller dinosaurus and started grabbing them by their tails and throwing them outside of the cave.  Once he started attacking the dinosaurs they all began running away from Harry outside the cave as fast as they could.  They were looking around trying to find how much meat they had left after they just got raided.  With all the scraps they can find they begin eating because they haven't ate much recently.  After they finish eating all the meat they have, Harry and Larry decide to go out and try to find some more meat for them to eat later.   They approach a smaller dinosaur that was dead so they drag that up the mountain into the cave were they can keep it safe.  Off in the distance from the cave they hear something running through the woodland.  All the trees were falling in front of where the large object was running through the woods.  The dinosaur reveals itself from the woods and it was a T-Rex but it looked different.  This one had blue stripes down its face and back so it was a new T-Rex they haven't seen before.  This one looked bigger than the T-Rex that ate Brice so they were in trouble.  As they looked beyond the new T-Rex they could see another T-Rex slowly emerging from the woods. Larry looked at Harry and said “There are two of them now, we are in trouble”. Harry looked at him and pointed to the T-Rex still halfway in the woods. As Larry looked back he could see something on top of that T-Rex that looked familiar but he didn’t know what it was.  The T-Rex started charging towards the new T-Rex, then the new T-Rex then towards his attention behind him and saw the T-Rex charging him.  The T-Rex with something on him ran past the new T-Rex, and that's when Larry noticed Brice was alive and on the back of the T-Rex.  Brice hopped off of the back of the T-Rex and ran into the cave where Larry and Harry were standing.  Larry stared at him in shock that he was still alive.  Brice was so excited to see them alive in the cave.  They turned their attention to watch the two huge T-Rex fight near the woods.  They continued fighting for a while by clamping their teeth down on each other.  Eventually the T-Rex that is protecting Brice pinned the other T-Rex down to the ground and then killed him.  The T-Rex let out a huge roar letting everyone near that he is the king of the woods.  The T-Rex didn't take many big wounds from the other T-Rex during the fight.  Off to the west of the cave they saw a huge tidal wave coming in their direction but it was far away.  Brice looked at Larry and said “That will make a whirlpool, we need to go”. Brice looked at the T-Rex then over at the water.  The T-Rex started walking over to Brice, Larry, and Harry.  The T-Rex leaned his head over for them to all get on his back.  After they all got on the T-Rex’s back he started running to the huge tidal wave.  They were getting close to the tidal wave and it was growing up to 100 feet tall into the air.  At the top of the wave Larry spotted a whirlpool which is how they were going to get back into the real world.  They approached the bottom of the tidal wave where it was going to land.  Brice and Larry got off the back of the T-Rex looking up to him and Brice remarked “Thank you”.  The T-Rex nodded his head and Harry waved by to them as the tidal wave was approaching them.  The T-Rex and Harry began running away from the tidal wave while Brice and Larry stood there waiting for it to hit.  Larry looked at Brice and said comically “This better work”.  The wave hit the ground and the whirlpool was coming in their direction.  The whirlpool hit Brice and Larry and took them inside the whirlpool which this time it was pitch black.  They hit the ground and looked around them to see their surroundings.  They had made it back to present day North America in California.  Once they woke up the sun was scorching down on them.  They saw there raft on the land sitting next to them so they walked in to the raft and began rafting back around the river.  They arrived to the finish 30 minutes later of rafting and got out in joy that they were back from the scary future.  Brice and Larry decided to call it a day even though it was 12 o'clock so they decided to drive back to their hotel room.   As they arrived back to the hotel they walked up to their room and sat down on their beds.  They were both in shock how they somehow time traveled into the future of Los Angeles after the San Andreas Fault Line erupted into a world filled with dinosaurus.  Larry looked at Brice and asked “How did you get out of the T-Rex’s stomach”?  Brice responded with “ I was puked out of his mouth because he ate something else poisoning so I also came out with the throw up”. Larry looked at him and started laughing at Brice for being puked out by a dinosaur.  As the day came to an end they decided to go out and grab some dinner at a luxurious Applebee’s in downtown LA.  They had a very expensive dinner and once they finished their dinner that went back to the hotel and got some good sleep that night.  They decided to finish out their 2 week vacation at the casino hotel and hang around in downtown Los Angeles.  They had a fun trip down to Los Angeles which they made thousands of dollars from betting in the casinos by playing cards.  After two weeks they had to make a dreadful trip all the way back up to Montana where they live.  That was the best vacation they were ever going to have together by traveling into the future and also winning thousands of dollars from the casino in downtown Los Angeles.

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