Plain Jane

January 16, 2018
By Anonymous

“Does he know about the baby?" I walked in the room, walking through it was like traveling through the jungle with a machete chopping down branches to take one step forward. I needed to talk to him, I couldn’t leave without telling him. I stood enthralled with the idea of getting him back, then I snapped back into reality. I only had 3 minutes to travel through this mob of people to get to him. She was leaving to I don’t even know where but I knew that’d he be gone forever. The marble floor felt more like quick sand each step making me more exhausted. Than I spotted him and I knew what I had to do, I started to push people onto the cold hard floor like bowling pins.


    Damn he still could hear me I continued to plow through the people, I had one goal to tell him about our baby. I heard the whistle piercing through the air like a bullet aimed right at my ears trying to kill my dreams about having a family.

*   *   *

    “Jamie I met someone today!” Jane said ecstatically

    “What’s his name??”

    “Jesse Bolden” the words left her lips like they were hiding in the back of mouth for her whole life.

*   *   *

    I woke up feeling different, I rolled over in bed and Jesse wasn’t there. I scanned around the closet we called home to see he picked up and left. I sat there dwelling on my situation until my stomach almost exploded. The toilet in the next room felt as if it was across a desert and I had to traverse it without any water. I sat there for almost an hour, until I knew what had to be wrong. I WAS PREGNANT. Now I was alone, and pregnant. Why did he have to leave? I had to tell Jesse I couldn’t let him leave my life without him knowing he had a child.

    I went to the doctor to make sure, as soon as I walked into the room the pressure engulfed me. I felt as if I was crushed with the weight of the world coming down on me. I was in shock I felt like I was paralyzed.

“Oh my gosh mam?! Are you okay!?”

“I feel like I can’t breath” Jane said gasping for breath

“Deep breaths mam in through your mouth out through your nose” The doctors voice soothed me back into my regular state. I finally regained my breath, me and the doctor talked about my situation for a couple minutes and he confirmed that I was pregnant. I broke down crying. How could I be upset? I was given the gift of life but I was alone with no one to help me, and no clue where Jesse had gone. I knew this mixture of emotions was not healthy for me but what was I gonna do I’d never been in this situation.

*   *   *

    I had to go back to where it all began. I opened the door to the crime scene, examining every inch of cramped apartment. I couldn’t see anything wrong or out of place until I saw the computer was left open on the couch. It was weird Jesse never used his computer at home. All the tabs were closed except for the printer completion pop up. I looked at the history it was a train ticket for June 14th but that was in two weeks. Why would he leave today but his trains is in two weeks.
  was stumped, I really thought Jesse wanted to be with me. We had been together for almost two years I just didn’t get. There just had to be more to this, it was too weird to be true. I spotted a note left on the table next to the door, how had I not seen this before. It was Jesse’s hand writing but it only said “I lied”. What was this, Why did Jesse had to go and turn my life upside down. I sat there and screamed at the top of my lungs. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I felt like I could break through anything, like there was a bomb inside me ready to blow.
The whole situation tired me out so I decided to go to bed. BANG, BANG, BANG. I woke up in a hurry. What was it? I looked at the alarm clock it was 1:49 am. The door exploded open and I screamed. It was complete darkness but I could hear two people whizzing around the room with complete stealth coming right at me. I felt the freezing cold steel pressed against my head and immediately knew what it was. Someone had a gun to head.

“You say one more word unless I ask you to and I pull the trigger” The voice was one that if you heard it you would no this person was not here to be nice. His voice was deep and unrecognizable but the sound of it controlled my body with fear. I knew he wanted something but what was it.

“Listen B****, where is Jesse?”

“Sir I really don’t know I woke up today and he was gone. Please don’t hurt me I’m pregnant”

“So you’re the notorious Jane Newberry”

“H, ho, how d dd do you know my name?”

“Oh me and Jesse are quite close, he didn’t tell you we’re partners”

“You work at the accounting firm?” I could not be more confused in that moment why was Jesse partner at the firm holding a gun to my head?

“Oh Jane, you really did not know your Jesse too well did you” he snickered a bit

“You’re lying you don’t work with him. I don't believe you!”

“I’m gonna shine a little light on you Jane, me and Jesse don’t work at an accounting firm were drug dealers and you’re Jesse stole 10 million dollars from me and you’re gonna help me get it back”

“There is no way I’m helping you”

    The sound of the trigger cocking back sent a chill down my spine. I was about to lose two lives and this man did not even care.

“Www wa wait, I’ll help”

“I’m glad to hear that, you know what I like you Jane”

“You don’t even know me” said Jane almost as if the fear was dripping out of her mouth

“Oh I know you a lot better than you think Jane”

    He sat there listing out my life like he read it off a wikipedia page about me. There was no way he could have found that all out about me. He saw the look on my face and laughed.

“Hahaha Jane, no need to worry Jesse told me a lot about you remember cause we’re partners”

“Why didn’t he tell me” the sadness took control of her, all she could do was sit there.

“Well you see Jane me and Jesse have been partners for years now after I brought him under my wing after his parents died. I taught him all about this industry and we made a kingdom but let’s just say he bit off a little bit more than he could handle. We had a big deal going down with the cartel and he was supposed to meet me back in New York three days ago but guess what! He never showed up. So moral of the story Jane, he didn’t show and now I’m here. So where, the hell, is he?”

“I don’t f***ing know how many times do I have to tell you”

    The other guy was searching around the apartment and he found the one thing that could've proven me wrong. There was no way these men would keep me alive.

“Boss lookey what we have here”

“Well Ms. Newberry it seems you’re a liar”

    He pulled out the pistol and put it right to my head. He cocked the gun again and started counting down from 10.

“10, 9, 8,7,6…”


“Well then I’d love to introduce myself, I’m Franco Flores and this is Juice. He’ll be keeping an eye on you for the next couple weeks until we need you again. If you tell anyone about this little meeting of ours, I will not hesitate to kill you”

*   *   *

    It was June 14th, it was time. The past weeks I lived in terror not knowing if I was being watched all times, I was locked in prison in my own mind and no one could save me. Franco and Juice barged into my apartment looking like they were ready for war.

“Hey there little lady ready for the biggest day of your life?”

“Yes sir” I said hatefully

“Well let’s get to work than”

    I walked out the door with Juice and Franco following behind. I started the drive to the train station with a million things running through my mind but the biggest was how I was going to get Jesse to stay. I pulled into the parking garage and cried. I could die today and I had no clue how I had gotten into this situation I was a good person.

    The arch around the train station entrance looked like a backdrop to a stage and at that moment I knew act one was starting. It was crowded and I couldn’t get through. I saw Jesse’s train was at platform 9 and it was leaving in 6 minutes I had to get moving. I started to move through people like a warm knife through butter. It was him or us and I couldn’t less us die that wasn’t happening.

    I got there but what time was it 9:33 I had 2 minutes to get him to stay. I ran on the train and instantly spotted Jesse.


“JANE? No god dammit why are you here” he said concerned

“Jesse you can’t leave I’m pregnant”

“What I’m a dad? But it can’t be”

“I swear to you, please don’t go” I was going to let him leave, I did not care that I had no clue who he was. He was the father of my child. I dragged Jesse out of his seat and he stood up. He told me he would stay and I couldn’t of been happier. We walked out of the train onto the platform.

“Jane I have to tell you something”

“I know Je…”

    Franco and Juice came out of the shadows and grabbed us. They put bags on our heads and shoved us into their car. It seemed like we were driving for years. All of the sudden we stopped. I could hear a voice yelling.

“We got him! Boss! We got him!”

“Jane I am so sorry I lied” tears poured down Jesse’s face.

“How could I have done this too you, were going to get out of this”

    The trunk flew open and the light swallowed us whole. It was Franco, Juice, and a man I’d never seen before.

“You really thought you could rob from me, Jesse? I’m insulted honestly”

    He pulled out a pistol put a clip in and cocked it. He aimed it right at Jesse’s head and pulled the trigger. Pain encumbered my heart and it seemed nothing mattered anymore. One look of Jesse’s dead body made me faint, the person I loved was dead.

*   *   *

    I woke up in my bed and looked around everything was the same as it was in my dream, I turned my head to see if Jesse was there and he was gone.  I yelled his name out at the top of my lungs. I heard a door open and my heart dropped they were here to finish the job. I couldn't let this happen.

“What’s wrong Jane, why were you yelling”

    It was Jesse he wrapped his arms around me and I broke down crying, we sat there for hours until we both fell asleep, safe and unharmed.

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