The Pyramids

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

“The pyramids have the answers to the universe” Leon recalled in a continuous loop as he regained consciousness.
Silas came running down the long stone corridor, with a torch in his hand and his feet splashing in the puddles of the leaky passageway.
“Leon!! What happened? How did you get all the way down here?”
“We were right--on top of it-- the whole time” Leon stuttered while gasping for air and coughing the aged dust out of his dry throat. “We were right above the chamber but when you went back to map the last entrance point she got me—a white haired cloaked lady and a snake. The snake came right at me and when I tried to pull it off I took a huge blow to the head and the last thing I remember was her long white ponytail swinging as she walked away.”
Silas helped him up and dusted him off when a sudden screech came echoing down the hallway.
“She must’ve dragged you down here, below the chamber. We have to find a way back up before she gets to us” he exclaimed.
“But Si, how did you get down here and not know the way back up?”
“Same as you, I had no clue! I woke up just on the other side of this wall.”
They got to their feet and started to run through the maze of stone to find their last checkpoint. With every supporting column came a dead body with a hole burned right through their abdomen. Leon and Silas came to dead end when they reached the end of yet another long corridor to find it blocked by the white haired lady. All they could see were the whites if her eyes and the paleness of her skin. The snake came slithering towards them as they saw balls of fire form in her wrinkly slender hands.
With no time to think, they ran right into her, knocking her over and managed to dodge the fire and the snake, but still had to escape the aftermath of her furious defeat. She got up and went right after them, with her screeching drowning out the sound of their feet splashing through the puddles.
Silas ran up a long staircase damaged with age and Leon followed, stumbling as he still struggled to breathe. When they got to the top they discovered the doorway encased with bricks so that no one could get through. They had nowhere else to run because the lady was right there at the foot of the staircase, with a grin on her face and her orbs of fire ready to be launched.
They were so close to what they were looking for so they knew they couldn’t give up. They dodged each flying flame and returned the gesture when Silas waved his torch at the snake inching its way up the stairs.
“I have an idea” Leon murmured as Silas anticipated what stupid idea his brother would have next.
“You already dragged me to a pyramid, what now?”
Leon flung himself down the staircase in an attempt to knock her over once again but she disappeared as soon as he hit the bottom.
Silas rushed down to see where she could’ve gone but they were the only two people left in the drippy tunnel.

To be continued.

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