The Tribesman Meets The Darkness

January 9, 2018

 The day shifted into a growing darkness, the consuming shadow engulfed my very soul, I was enveloped by fear. The masses of my tribe cowered in fear at the monstrous blackness that grew in strength over our bringer of light. I retreated into a cave, fearful of the beast’s that may dwell within, but my fear of the sky eater was far greater. The terrifying maniacal cackling of hyena grew louder as I delved cautiously into the cave. I clutched my spear in utter terror as I proceeded around a curve into a widening cavern. The majority of the cave was unlit, the crack along the ceiling, was the only source of light. The sound of hyena grew distant but remained present, I climbed upon a large boulder, and was able to clearly view the now completely black orb with its illuminated ring of flame. Fear devoured me once more, as I anticipated my certain doom, I turned away and moved farther into the cave.
“The world had ended”, I thought as rounded another curve in the cave. I took a step forward, and tumbled down into a pile of bones. I reached out to grab something to stabilize myself as I stood up. When I stood fully, a human skull resided within my grasp, and I looked at it, completely petrified. Emotion left my body, as the spirits of my fallen brethren took me over, I brought my spear level with one of three hyena heads as they surrounded me in my fear stricken state. I swung my spear behind, and over my head, as it collided with a leaping beast that was hungrily biting towards my throat, which then fell to the ground dead, I continued with  my sweeping spear swing, driving a fatal blow into the second beast, that then also collapsed dead. The final beast leapt onto me, and I tumbled into a sharp and jagged mound of human bones. I clutched a rib from the bone pile, as it ripped its teeth into my forearm, I punctured the rib into the jugular of the hyena, and it collapsed upon me. I later emerged from the cave into a brightening day. The fear I had once known left me, and the darkness that clouded the sky slowly dissipated.

The author's comments:

The eclipse last year inspired me to write this, and I hope people will enjoy it. This may have also been a writing assignment in my English III class.

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