Amoru the Demiciple

January 10, 2018
By ShadowBone SILVER, Calera, Alabama
ShadowBone SILVER, Calera, Alabama
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When Avus first created the three Disciples, he told them what to do and the two rules he demanded to be obeyed. The first rule was no mingling with mortals. The second rule was no killing. Terru and Quietu had no problem with these rules, but Solunu was a mischievous spirit, and, since he was the only one that looked over procreation and created creatures, he wasn’t exceedingly afraid of Avus.
When Avus let the three loose, Solunu immediately went to work, while flying back and forth over Terru’s back. He created humans, livestock, monsters, and other creatures that would live on the back of Terru. Once the dust had settled, Solunu began thinking about what he could do to help himself, now that he had appealed to Avus’s original orders, for the time being. Solunu did many mischievous acts before he had finally worked up enough courage to fly down.
Three kingdoms had formed in the midst of the first wave, each kingdom on its own island. The island of Macabre seemed to be bowl shaped with a waterfall that seemed to stream down the deepest canyon where the castle of the Macabrians settled, water spilling down the sides. The mountain ranges of Earth had seemed to grow straight out of the water, and the tallest peak was where the Earthinian castle stood standing tall and proud, but not quite piercing the clouds. The island of Aegis seemed to be made up of tall hills with taller trees branching forth from the ground. The largest and tallest tree, whose branches shot above the clouds, was where the Aegisian castle was fashioned among the tree.
Solunu had dove down to the tree in the sky, and had completely enveloped one of the princesses of Aegis, and she became pregnant, and the court priest delivered a grave omen. That the princess must give up her child in order for the kingdom of Aegis to stand. When the child was born, the princess traveled to the shore and set the blonde child in a basket and floated him away.
The final island was the kingdom less island of Plav. This island was constantly fought over by the three kingdoms, for it had rich resources, plenty of food, and a variety of biomes. This utopia was also the island that Avus had seemed to inhabit, but no one knew where. Humans settled in the plains area in a simple town called Medial.
The child’s basket washed up on the river shore and was picked up by a simple fisherman couple, who raised him as their own and named him Amoru, the love of the Disciples, for the infertile couple thought he was a gift from the Disciples themselves.
When Amoru became a man, the small city of Medial grew into a small kingdom that a corrupt king ruled. Amoru walked up to the castle and challenged to King Minos to his throne. King Minos did not truly want to fight Amoru ever, so he gave a compromise that he thought would kill Amoru. If Amoru won the favor of all three Disciples, and had proof that he attained their hospitality, and got the three other kingdoms off of the island of Plav, then King Minos would step down for Amoru to rise up.
Amoru accepted the challenge and he set sail for Terru’s head. He thought, once he got the acceptance of the Disciples, it would be easy to get the kingdoms to withdraw from Plav.
When Amoru reached Terru’s head, he met Dus right after she sent Solunu off, back toward her sister. She recognized Amoru as an offspring to Solunu, spotting the not-quite-as-bright golden scales that Amoru tried to hide with long gloves and long socks that his foster mother had made for him.
Dus pleaded for Amoru to stick around once he was done speaking to Terru. Amoru told her that he would consider it and began his trek up the long rocky neck of Terru. Along the way, he fought off many a creature: ferocious wolves, large serpents, foul harpies, and a singular violent Wyvern that sat atop Terru’s head. Amoru never killed a singular animal, using magic that he had found that subdued any wildlife creature and made them weary, but he did kill the harpies, for their appearance was ever foul, and he had to kill the Wyvern, for the magic could not subdue such a mighty beast.
Amoru won against the Wyvern by being smaller and quicker than the beast. He climbed atop of the Wyvern’s back and stabbed it both eyes with two fish scaling daggers, ultimately killing the creature.
Amoru then retrieved Terru’s attention and told him of his intentions. The Disciple of Land nodded slowly and decreed that he would show his hospitality, of slaying the obnoxious Wyvern, by letting Amoru craft a spear, out of the Wyvern’s bones, and a shield, out of the Wyvern’s hide and scales; then, he could decorate it as he wished with the many gems that grew upon Terru’s head. It took five days and five nights to complete the crafting of the legendary spear, Hyaline, and shield, Pyra.
The staff of Hyaline was made from the Wyvern’s foreleg, decorated with a small carving of the Wyvern and Terru, and the point of the spear was made out of diamond so pure that it looked like clear mountain water. Pyra was long in shape and lined with garnets, that were a little redder than the scales of the Wyvern, and Terru was decorated on the shield with emerald gemstones.
Amoru thanked the Disciple and headed off down the neck of the generous Disciple. When he returned to the shell, he was greeted by Dus and Solunu. Solunu smiled as he had recognized that he had a son, who grew into a fine man, with minor flaws that could be waived by any woman. Amoru was more or less startled, but Solunu was told by Dus of his story so far. Dus had been watching from her home and told Solunu of Amoru’s trek up Terru’s neck.
Solunu thanked Amoru for aiding his brother and told him that his gift, for helping his brother and sister, would hide in the canyons of Macabre, down deep where Quietu lives.
Amoru bid his father farewell and set off for the Macabrian Canyons. The Macabrians were not as homely as Amoru had previously anticipated, being forced to moor the ship by the waterfall, so he could not be seen by the Macabrians, or sunken by the Macabrians. After a few days and nights of studying their behavior, he swam down the waterfall and through the stream that went through the canyon and into the dark silence of sleeping people.
When Amoru got to the uninhabited parts of the cave, he took off his glove and used his right hand as a torch and his left hand for his shield. He then began to watch as the cave seemed to run into a dark and horrendous place that even Macabrians, no matter how low they were, would not settle. After a few more turns, he came up face to face with the mute and ornamental Quietu.
She seemed to regard the Demiciple for a few seconds before touching his head with her ancient claw. He was enlightened with what he had to, which was give the Macabrian king a map to Quietu, so that he and his ancestors only would be able to find her, and what his gift was, a beautiful red haired princess that King Minos had fathered and kept hidden away in the tallest tower. Before he could depart to do his duty, Quietu gave Amoru the necklace worn by the first human. It was as if Avus himself coiled around a sword and sat there with his wings outstretched as if he was spreading his power far and wide.
Amoru then finally departed and trekked all the way back, marking down the trek he took back. When he finally got back to the civilization of Macabrians, he had been gone for twenty-five days. Fortunately, he trekked through the worst part of the canyon through their time of sleeping. Unfortunately, he was still greeted with hostility when he reached the Macabrian castle. Yet, he made it to King Indulf and told him that in order for him to have the map to his Disciple; he had to take Macabrian troops off the beaches of Plav. The King did so quickly sending his quickest messenger to the Macabrian Camp on Plav. Amoru was sent off with an uneasy farewell, as the King still did not trust outsiders.
Amoru made it to his boat safely and sailed all the way around the Macabrian land to the mountains of Earth. There was hostility when he docked but not as much as the Macabrian’s had displayed. Amoru requested a summit with King Berges, in which he was given.
Amoru was sent on horseback to the King of Berges on the tallest peak. He arrived and told Berges that he had spoken to Terru and that he wanted the troops of Earth to depart from the shores of Plav. The king ordered every gem inspector in the land to examine the evidence of Amoru’s conference, which Amoru let them analyze the spear tip of the legendary Hyaline.
Every inspector confirmed that the gemstone was from the horn of Terru, and King Berges reluctantly agreed and sent his messenger off to get the Earthinian troops off of Plav.
Amoru was sent back to his ship within a day and set sail for Aegis. When he approached the beach he was welcomed with the utmost hospitality. The people took him to the king and the queen recognized the child immediately as her own. She did not reveal her identity, but she told her husband to treat him with the utmost respect.
When Amoru asked King Idyll to take his troops off the shore of Plav, Idyll told him he would only if Amoru produced something that was never before seen before. Amoru was struck dumbfounded as his spear in his pack hit the sun just right and created the first rainbow. The people stared and then cheered while the king sighed and sent a messenger to the troops of Aegis to get them off the shore. He was sent away again, but this time with a feast for a thousand soldiers.
When Amoru arrived on the shores of Plav, he took his boat as close to the castle as he could and gave King Minos his proof, but King Minos would not live up to his deal, so Amoru slayed the king and ran up the tower and fell in love with Victora on first sight.
King Amoru took the throne with his Queen Victora and reigned for many years, creating laws for his new kingdom that made the kingdom a more just and fair place.
Although when he reached old age, Avus found out that the King of Plav was in fact his grandson and his kingdom was thrown in Anarchy as the rich nobles began to take over, all from the atmosphere of Avus’s anger.
Amoru is driven out the city and his oldest sons are executed in the throne room.
After days of chasing, Amoru seems to vanish at the top of a hill. Nobody knew if he died of exhaustion or Avus swept him up and ended him quickly.
A reminder of Amoru was left in the castle, a banner that displayed him along with a statue of him holding the Hyaline and Pyra in a brave pose.

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