January 10, 2018
By TheResistance BRONZE, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
TheResistance BRONZE, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
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Thats where it started,Its where it all started and ended right there in Bison County Montana. Me and john drove up here in his white pickup truck for seemed to be forever.But we finally made it eventually.  I decided it might be a good idea to open the window for the first time major mistake.  i wasn't used to the dry hot hot,I felt like I was melting.Before we moved we lived in a residential neighborhood in minnesota the weather was  cold all the time.We moved to here because the work in minnesota was terrible and me and john didn't make a whole lot of money doing what we were doing, sales.
   For the next four miles we had left the car was pure silence not a word all because I mentioned sales I think john left that job with to many memories and not good ones. finally we reached the town we decided it would be a good a good idea to get out and meet the locals.As soon as I go out of the car I had this feeling like we weren't meant to be here the people were giving us these looks.I shrugged off as it looks like not a lot of people even know about this place little lone move there  across the street stood a small red and white colored diner called shoney. “Want to go get something to eat” ya I said  so we did and went in again i felt unwelcome there people stared I whispered to john what the hell.John started to talk and try for us to get a table when he was cut off “Get out” the women in yellow now she demanded.Me and john were out of there so quick.Again what the hell we literally did nothing wrong I said.Well ya never know said john people.Hey screw this place let's go to the house
the house was miles from town but we got there.It was a small neighborhood probably no bigger than 60 houses.When we first pulled in there was a man about 5’10” and in all back mowing his lawn he looked kind of shifty but I brushed it off. I was so excited I open my window and yelled “HEY NEIGHBOR” I got nothing back than a  cold hard scare.Ok  I said to john must be HOA rep of something . We pulled into the driveway and got for the first time look at the house in the scorching dry air.  A man approached us dress in all black  suit and tie. Afternoon neighbor I am fred your HOA representative here is a plate of cookie to welcome you.Before we go to thank him or anything after that he just  casually walked away.Well that was awkward me and john both said well at least now  we have are food for the week that's a  positive.Well forget about that for now we should go inside and eat some cookies.For the first time I also got to the inside it was was much nicer than what we had in minnesota.I can't believe it.Me and john were so hungry so we decided it would be a good idea to eat all the cookies in one sitting.About 15 to 20 min later me and john were fine then the next it's pitch black and your lost in your own mind trying to find a way to escape but nothing.It's just you its cold its dark and your left to your own ways.Then suddenly there's light at the end of the tunnell you run as fast as your legs can carry you then realize the light isn't what you wanted it to be and the reality is far much worse.When I woke up I only saw fragments shards of light.I tried to move and I couldn't do anything
.Then suddenly out the midst of nowhere the blackness is gone and and the only thing I saw was concrete and 1 fluorescent bulb.Before me was a man in a red and white robes with a strange looking cross all over.I looked to my left and john was sitting there in a chair tied up with a black bag over his head.That's what I must have been in.The man in front of my spoke for the first time “My child you must join,join the resistance and basque in its glory” it took me a minute to think but in the end said no.”but child you must the whole town knows”.No I screamed back in a almost 100 percent way.”well that's to bad child will have to go to different methods”He slowly pulled and gun out and aimed it for john.”what about now “ the man said “ok,ok,ok il join just don't hurt him””excellent your first task is to take out one  the leader of the rebels the non believers this organization hates more instruction will come soon”.Next thing I know its all blackness again back again with all of my thoughts and emotion trapped there in my own brain.But this time instead of waking up to more darkness I woke up in the comfort of my own house only with the instructions I remembered.After that a knock on my door and a black envelope slid under the door next to me.John was nowhere to be found and the only things in the room where me and this mysterious envelope.I opened that letter so slowly I thought it might explode or I might be knocked out again.But I wasn't all that was inside was a neatly folded white letter.I contemplated reading its contents but basically it said I have to prove my loyalty to the resistance.And to prove my loyalty I must collect the debt that people own to the resistance.Then I may work on the final tas,I open the door to find a opened box with the same robes that the men were wearing earlier.The only difference is mine had different markings on the arms and chest.I suppose I must make myself look threatening

The author's comments:

This peice is inspired by all my thoughts put down in a story

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