Stolen Life

January 10, 2018
By JarredB BRONZE, Sully, Iowa
JarredB BRONZE, Sully, Iowa
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Stolen Life
The alarm in the store goes off loudly. I quickly grab as much as I can as I run out the front door and run down the street. It’s dark and I can barely see. I turn right down an ally and jump over a fence into a back yard. I can hear voices loudly shouting behind me. I quickly glance over my shoulder to see the store owners trying to catch me. They are fat and slow, so I think that I can get away pretty easily. I turn left down another ally and I think I have finally lost them. Their voices fade in the distance and now I know it’s just me.
  I walk out of the ally onto a street and try to act as normal as I can. I don’t live that far away from here with my grandma who struggles to make enough money to support the both of us. I’ve tried working a job at the local grocery store, but it didn’t work out. I got caught stealing food and got fired. The manager didn’t like me anyway, so it didn’t matter. I decided getting a job was pointless, so now I steal to help support me and my grandma.
I get about three blocks down the road, when a cop car turns the corner and turns on his lights. He quickly gets out of the car with his gun drawn yelling at me to get on the ground. I sprint away as fast as I can, running through the nearest back yards. As I get to the next street, I see more cop cars pull up. They have the block that I’m on surrounded. The only thing I can think to do is to use some one’s house as cover. I run to the nearest house and open the backdoor. It seems as if everyone in the house is already asleep. I quietly close the door and try to lower my breathing. I pull my back pack off my back and look inside to see a bunch of expensive jewelry. This will bring enough money to support me and my grandma for a while. I hear voices approaching the house. I put my backpack back on and pull a gun out of my waist band.
I need to either hide or run out of the house. I decide that my best option was to hide. I’ve searched the whole house and there are no signs of anyone being home. I walk into the basement and find a hole behind the furnace that is big enough for me to fit in. I cram myself into the space and put my gun off of safety. I sit there quietly. The only sound I can hear is my head throbbing and heart beating. I hear the upstairs door get beat down as the loud voices of multiple cops flood the house. With my gun and the color of my skin, I will defiantly get shot. I start to panic as I hear them searching all of the rooms upstairs. It’s only a matter of time before they come into the basement and find me. I need to get rid of the gun or else I’m going to get shot. I quickly slide my gun across the floor. It slides into the far corner of the room.
I never intended on all of this happening. All I wanted to do was get the money so that my grandma and I can live a better life. Cops walk into the basement and find my gun. At least they know I’m not armed anymore. They start searching all of the rooms. Right when I think they aren’t going to find me, they do. They yell at me to get out with my hands out in front of me or they will shoot me. I start to panic as I am crammed and slightly stuck in. I finally free myself to get out. While leaving the hole my right arm gets caught where the cops can’t see it. I hear a loud bang and my side is instantly in searing pain. I lay still, no longer able to move. I look over and see a stream of blood flowing out of the side of my body. My vision gets blurry and my ears are ringing so bad I can’t hear anymore. My vision slowly fades to darkness and my body goes numb.

The author's comments:

I hope people can see both sides of the story and understand why it ended the way it did.

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