The Siege

December 19, 2017
By THEBIRD1129 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
THEBIRD1129 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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It all starts in Texas with a raid called the Waco Siege, on February 28th a siege commenced. There was a man named name, Shuhrat, Fuze Kessikbayevand Gilles ‘Montagne’ Toure They were setting up to go inside and take down the enemies.There was a bomb threat and There were drugs being made on the farm. There was a call about it more than 500 times and it was time to settle it. There were over 2000 hostiles in the building. It was a federally owned building that was taken over by a gang. When all of the sudden there was a couple of gunshots that rang out.

The incident began when the ATF Attempted to raid the ranch. A raid is when a special forces team of sorts breach and clear a larger area. The gun battle broke out and four of the agents and six Davidians died that day. So upon the failure of the raid, the FBI came together and decided to put together a siege team. It will all result in a total of 51 days long of a siege. They planned to launch an attack and it included taking tear gas and riot shielders. They also had Fuze with this device called the cluster charge its a device that penetrates The wall and or floor and releases a total of five sub grenades into the targeted area. Then we had Montagne step forward with his full body extendable root shield and he basically took fire from the hostiles for hours on end.
So the siege will commence we all know It was bound to happen. A siege is a full team of spec ops and or elite police forces and they have a plan for more than a couple of weeks they survey the area and then grab their team and they plan the assault then eventually execute the plan with high precision. A siege Was very long painstaking and energy wasting. They could last days on end weeks on end and maybe even years. However, nowadays We have many devices like flashbangs which are a grenade that temporarily disorients you. We also have Tear gas grenades that are used to gas hostiles out of buildings. We even have things like the corner shot which has a bent barrel for taking down corner enemies. And the all so famous can opener It is a winch on the front of the swat armored vehicle It is used to rip down the doors and walls of buildings to Eventually clear up the area and breach that the swat teams can get into the building and clear it out. So during the siege, they were clearing rooms and an explosion went off and it killed about 76 people with 54 missing.
So there was only 2000 people in the building and 150 united states officers They stated that the 2000 hostiles set fires so Montagne and Fuze decided to take on these enemies. The Two operators set off into the first room of many and The first thing that happens when they step in there four guys decide to shoot at them so they shot back four bullets fired four men dead. They proceeded to the house and many more hostiles tried and didn't succeed just shot dead. Then the hostiles decided to set some fires as they were working through the room and when doing so they had drug everywhere and enemy fire lifted them into the air making it entirely hard to see. With visibility low Montagne tried to hold the room down and then an enemy with a good angle got a shot on Fuze it hit his arm and the bullet went straight through his arm and it was bleeding so with no choice fuze cauterized his arm. He pulled out a bullet from his mag and Pulled off the tip emptied the gunpowder in his arm and lit it on fire with his lighter. By doing so it melted the wound shut therefore stopping the bleeding. 
Fuze yelled to Montagne "Hey check left and i'll check right then rendezvous in the next room", 
And Montagne responded with "no problem just checking corners really quickly". They move to clear the rooms,
Hey Fuze "fuze hostile spotted," said Montagne As he was posted up against a wall".
Fuze was crouched down behind a container with a shot on the enemy. "Tango down," said Fuze.
Can you imagine having a group of hostiles shooting you with high caliber weapons? Facing an unimaginable force of enemies. And the only thing stopping you from shear death is a heavy steel shield and a 2-inch thick piece of ballistic glass. All that remains is the question does Montagne have what it takes.
And Fuzes senses are insane he can tell when a gun was fired and how long ago. Also, he can tell where studs are in walls and good entry points to set off his cluster charges and other weapons and explosives.
So the next room we have a giant pile of cocaine on the ground and the tables were full of cash. The mission objective is to destroy the drugs and take the cash to bring in for the evidence. that's the new objective.
Fuze and Montagne were in the room with the money and drugs the set the drugs on fire shortly after bagging up the money. They took out the money and then went back to the room and proceeded up the stairwell Montagne followed by fuze two hostiles up top they both took fire on them and wasted them they were dead. So the two lone operators radios went out and now have no communications with the outside world.
So now that that's happened the question that remains is where to go and how to get out.  As they proceeded upstairs they found the objective and secured it.
Montagne said "Mission complete "
Fuze replied, "let us go home, boys."
One week later there was a explosion at the white house. What will happen next.

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I like to play games sometimes in my free time so one of my faveorite games ive based this article of of it.

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