The Metro War II

December 19, 2017
By JStumpf SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
JStumpf SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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 In the early 1800’s, the Squirrels from Acorn state, and the Metropolitans from Metropolis state were having a fierce clash over lands in between the two states. This led to a battle known as the Metro War in 1814, that the Squirrel soldiers won, but that wasn’t the end of it. The new president of the Metropolis State, Richard Mets, and the sitting leader of Acorn State, Master Nibbles, were now fighting over another piece of land that Mets is trying to conquer.
In the month of October 2017, the leader of the Squirrels made a live announcement concerning the threats President Mets has been making. “We are going to make the best decision when dealing with Mr. Mets”, says Master Nibbles. “Even though we have been controlling these lands north of Acorn State for well over 200 years, Mr Mets wants the take it now, and that's not going to happen.” Now, President Mets has to prepare for a war, that he started. His decisions will make a huge impact on the civilians on Metropolis.
After of few months of arguing over the media and news, the two states decided to go to war over the land. Whoever comes out on top, will be the official and permanent owner of the land. This was extremely controversial, since the leaders of Acorn and Metropolis haven’t been in a dispute over land since the Metro War of 1814. The Secretary of Defense of Metropolis, Gunner Mann, was preparing his soldiers for a tough war. “They have beat us before, but now we are stronger than ever, and now it’s time for us to overcome the loss we took’, said Mann. “Men, prepare for a long, ferocious battle.”
On December 1st, Metro War II began. The Acornian army was ready to go with their tanks and soldiers lined up at the border of the land the Metropolitans wanted. Through a cloud of smoke, the Metro army ran towards the Acorn army, firing their guns and screaming. As the war is going on, the leaders of both sides are listening to updates about what’s going on, from the news. “We are in the beginning days of the second Metro War, and already 3,500 soldiers have died from both sides. This is going to be a fierce and brutal battle between the two states.”, a newscaster reported seriously.
After 14 days,13 hours, and 33 minutes the war ended. 12,576 fallen soldiers from both states will not be there to celebrate Christmas this year, and years to come. The Metropolitan soldiers fought as hard as they could, but they couldn’t take over the Acornian lands. Now, the Acornians are the permanent owners of lands that were being fought for and cost many of lives, worth more than any dollar. As for Metropolis state, they are dealing with another loss, and protests from citizens who were told that the Metro army was going to get lands, but didn't and lost many of their own.

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