Liana the Warrior

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Liana born in the star city, daughter of a humble family. She had a brother who was called Liceo, who was in the war and fought for the good of their city. One day was fought by the army of Liciara was a woman who was very powerful and always won in all the battles she had. Then Liana and Liceo went with Cortés a warrior of the city, decided to go to battle against Liciara. They requested the help of their people to form an army to fight against Liciara and thus maintain peace in their town. The confrontation was devastating, many villagers lost their lives. The men of Cortés were defeated and the star city achieved its freedom. Despite the victory, Liana did not enjoy his triumph, his beloved brother Liceo lost his life in this confrontation. Her mother despised her for what happened and the people blamed her for the death of her children.
      Liana felt very bad because all the people in her city despised her and blamed her for what happened. She was filled with rancor and hatred for all the people in her city and became an evil woman and had no mercy in anything. In one night Liana decided to leave the star city and go to conquer more land, so she formed her own army to fight with other people, she chose the people who had a lot of abilities and who were also intelligent. So they would not die in a fight that they had. She did not forgive absolutely anything if they betrayed her. What would it be like for those people who died. Liana robbed and killed without mercy for all the cities that passed. Nobody could beat her, she was filled with a lot of power.
     By having so much power more people started to hate her. She did not realize what was causing all the places she stole or killed. Everyone hated Liana, but they could not do anything about it because they knew what could happen to them if they messed with her. Since she was made to do like a warrior. Many people were angry with her. They could not make her change her mind so that she would stop being cruel and hurt other people.
     Despite all that she had a plan from the beginning that left the city star, Liana's plan was that she wanted to take revenge on her brother and the other villagers, but did not know if Liciara had survived the battle where she changed his life of Liana.
     Then one day he learned that Liciara had survived the battle they had had in the star city, and decided to look for her to kill her and take revenge on her brother and the other villagers who lost their lives. Then he organized all his army and they began to train to go and look for Licara. At that time Licara knew that sooner or later Liana would go looking for her so she was ready to have a battle with Liana. After a week of training and finding out where Licara was, she was in the city of Canterlot. Liana went to the city Canterlot and faced Liciara the battle was very difficult but Liana already had a lot of power and a good army so she could kill all the Liciara's army and then when Liciara realized that all her army was killed she wanted to flee but could not Liana stopped her and put a sword in his chest and what Liana told him "this is for the death of my brother Liceus and all the villagers." Being that, she felt well and released from the pain what I had.

     But in a moment he realized all the damage he had done and felt very bad. She returned to her city and went to watch his mother the people of the town felt happy because she took revenge on all those who died in that battle, but they also felt bad because when they felt so much hatred for Liana they realized that it affected her too much and that's why it became bad and caused more harm to other people. And the other thing that they realized is that their children died as heroes since they obtained peace in the star city and they would be better. So all the people went and apologized to Liana and especially her mother. Her mother gave her a big hug and they both cried and her mother told her to apologize for having blamed her for the death of her brother and for her to return home. This siege will remain in the star city.
    The other cities and lands still hated her, for what she had committed in those days that she felt bad, so to be able to forgive her they gave her a penance to help all the people who needed her, and that's how Liana wanted to be better. and leave everything behind and remember all those who died as heroes. So seeing the forgiveness of people she felt more good and this would cause a sudden change in her, and went from being ruthless and became a person who helped his neighbor. Liana would be the one who would definitely change the former destroyer of nations. Only she would go to battles to attack opponents who want to be harm and make peace for all people in all cities. And that's how it was for all the people, she was a warrior in spite of everything.

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