The End of Them

December 16, 2017

It started out as a normal day, business as usual. “You are such a loser you are nothing and worth nothing”, the bully said.

There are 6 friends standing in a hall talking. Kameron, Dave, Leroy, Frank, Mickle, and Mat. This sucks”, Kameron said to his friends. “I know we are the garbage of the school, just because we’re not like everyone else, said dave. They all go to their classes like any other day.

Five minutes pass and for some reason the fire alarm goes off and a stranger on the intercom tells us to line up in a hall. There are men who are armed with weapons. He tells us to line up and that we will be taken to a new place. “I don’t trust them why do they have weapons”, “I have to go to the bathroom.” kameron said nervously
One of the men says “I’ll go with him to make sure he doesn’t try to escape”.

Kameron goes in. the Man stands outside the door while he goes in but, kameron didn’t have to go. He had a plan. While he was waiting Kameron snuck up behind him and pick-pocketed his weapon. Now what? Kameron thought to himself. He knew what to do. He saw that the air-vent was open from where the custodian was up there so he climbed up, twisting and turning to find his way through. There was a man up there he looked like he has been up there for days he was old and wore ragged clothes. “ how long have you been up here.”

kameron asks “ever since those men showed up.”The man says. Then kameron realized it was the custodian. He handed Kameron matches “you may need these for light. And don’t trust those men.” “Why not” “There was an incident in Dallas they are here to do tests on you get out of hear “Thank you”.

Up ahead in the air vent you can hear men directly under. Kameron opens the vent and see mat. “Try to get out of hear don’t trust them okay”

Mat has a plan when no one is looking he pulls the fire alarm. BEEP! BEEP! “It must of triggered automatically” “Or its that kid in the bathroom” the guard scalded “look for him!” When the guards left mat ordered everyone to get outside. He got them out of there and they waited outside.

Kameron was next to the main air vent and put a lit match in there and he got on the roof and jumped and fell into the woods as the school exploded.

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