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December 15, 2017
By Feds11 BRONZE, Cali, Other
Feds11 BRONZE, Cali, Other
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The day begun just like any other, the sun was about to rise when the 15 year old, young adult Tybalt Drake already found himself in the Wildeley Forest. Being in the forest before morning broke was one of Ty’s favourite hobbies.

“Look Darrik, our first victim of the day!” said Tybalt as they approached a giangiatic moose, it had huge legs, the moose looked to be bulky and mis dark brown color was sexy for the eye. The moose was heading their way, but without noticing them. The moose had stopped moving and began to drank water from a pond that was on the floor.

The previous night there was a huge thunderstorm in the area, which made the ground be filled with ponds. It rained a lot in the territories which Ty’s father controlled. For the two young adult which were in the forest, this was hell. Boots were wet, moving was hard and worst of all, the mission in which they had agreed to accomplish had not been found at all.

Using his hunter skills, Tybalt had begun to notice that the moose was starting to notice that the young adults were there. The smell of the ammonia had began to filled the young adults nose and the hair which the moose had in his neck began to rose.

“ Smell that?” Ty asked Darrik, “moose has urinated.”
“Time to move, I guess” Darrik answered as he did a signal to his cousin which indicated to move to higher ground.

Ty and Darrik were great hunters. Skilled with the bow and the arrow, skilled with a throwing knife and highly skilled with the sword. Darrik, however was one of the greatest people in the whole world when it came to throwing a knife at a target, he nailed every single shot they asked him to do.

When both of them had reached a safe high ground, they noticed that the moose had stopped drinking water from the pond and had gone missing.

“Humm, seems like our time has come,” Tybalt said as a joke.

Suddenly, the moose appeared from behind a bush and came charging towards them with his antlers pointing straight towards them. The antlers of a moose were one of the strongest materials and strangest any human could see in the world. In addition, they were one of the sharpest materials in the world. From reading books and studying the young adults knew that very well so they immediately decided to avoid the antlers as quickly as possible by crouching or by becoming as small as they could.

Destiny is cruel and has no previous warning. While both of the young adults were crouching, they heard an animal that sounded like a wolf, it howled in the distance but, that sound made the moose turn to the side.

That movement made one of the moose’s antler to stab Darrik through the rib cage and puncture one of his lungs. Within seconds, his lung was filling itself with air, bad news, very bad news.

Tybalt sa all of this from the front row. That action had turned very second felt like an hour. Ty’s face was filled with horror and his first aid instincts, began to click in his brain. When he felt the moose was a great distance away, he rushed towards the spot where his cousin was lying almost dead on the ground. He was not moving and a huge pond of blood was beside. The pond was getting bigger in size as time passed.

Ty covered up the wound but in doing so, he realize that the wound was worse than what he originally thought.
“Destiny could be a real b**** sometimes” Darrik told him with his final gasp of life.

Those were his last words as a rain began to pour down in a way that Tybalt had never seen before in his life. To him was like the gods were taking the soul of his cousin.

He covered Darrik’s body with flowers which were being watered by the rain and Ty’s tears that came down as a river as well. This will prevent Darrik’s body to rot very fast, it would buy time for Darrik to find a good spot to bury his cousin. During this covering of flowers process, Ty found himself taking out of his cousin a moose antler tine, Ty would began to sharpen this tine as he walked towards the direction in which the moose had run away. He carried his cousin body in the back.

“Revenge would be mine, REVENGE WILL BE MINE!” he screamed as he started to walk.

As a great hunter he was, Ty did the tracking looked very easy, but the rain which was falling was also a w***e. It was erasing most of the clues that the moose had left behind. The only positive out of this was that this lead to Ty realizing something, the antler tine was dropping blood but in huge amounts, this could not be only from his cousin.

The amount of blood lead to Ty inferring that the moose had a wound and the blood was his as he began racing following the now ponds of blood. REVENGE, would be his he thought to himself as he ran towards the moose.

Soon after, Ty found the moose. To his surprise, someone had already the spot, Ty much desired. The moose was lying dead on top of newly born Dragon Blood Trees. Ty did not know what to think, he was suffering from extreme anger because someone had taken his revenge. To try to cool off, Ty wasted thirty of the arrows he carried. He shooted them towards a trunk of a tree which was near by. His veins cooled and so did him.

While Ty inspectioned the moose’s dead Ty noticed a trail of burnt ground. He thought to himself that he had never seen a fire that strong. To Ty's amazement, he also found a huge bite mark on the side of the moose. He could probably fit in that bite mark four Ty’s. Ty was not a small man so imagine that.
“WOW,” he shouted and quickly silenced himself because dangerous beast could be around, “this is the biggest tooth I have ever seen.”

Darkest was looming in, the cold wind had begun to rise so Ty decided to make camp near the dead moose body, it would work for the meat he would eat and if necessary to provide heat for the cold winds that were coming in fast.

The whole night was awful for Ty, the first half of the night he cried a stream; how could all the gods below had decided to take his cousin from his side? The person which was like his brother. Ty believed that his cousin was a great person and did not deserved that. His soul mate had been taken from him by a f***ing moose.

The other half, he kept dreaming of a story his peasant nanny had told him. A story about mythical creatures that lived in the caves of the mountains behind the Wildeley forest. The beast which his nanny had told him about were able to fly with ease, could be able to kill giants with a single bite and the most amazing thing ever, they could throw fire from their mouths.

When he woke up, Ty had his veins once again rushing with blood, his pulse was very high and his hands were in the form of a fist. His brother had just been killed and the killer was dead but, Ty did not killed him. His next victim would be the killer of the murderer.

This was his new mission. Deciding this, Ty set off towards the mountains because there he believed would be the beast that could possibly kill such a huge moose. It would be a hell-long journey, he would have to cross the Lork river into the Wolflands as it is known at home. Ty took off, boots, sword, newly crafted arrows and high hoper of seeing blood coming out of his enemies was his biggest motivation.

For the second day in a row, Ty heard the biggest howl of his life. It was so loud and Ty believed it came from the same beast. The problem was that this howl was even louder and it was getting louder, and louder as the seconds passed by. The sound of sticks breaking behind him, the beast was on his tail.
“Tired of life Ty screamed “Come at me boy, I am waiting for you.”

Oh boy, was he not prepared for what came jumping from behind the Phier bush. A huge Direwolf, which he believed were extinct came howling and crying. The gigantic dark ebony, with red eyes direwolf did not even looked at Ty, it just jumped from behind the bush and fell into Ty’s feet completely DEAD.

This Direwolf also had a huge bite mark on the his side. It was almost the same shape and size of the wound that the moose had. This made Ty realized, that the theory he planted to himself was correct, a huge creature that lived in the mountains caves had decide to come down and demolish the entire population of the species in the Wildeley forest.

“What the f*** is this,” he shouted as something really small also came from behind the bush that the Direwolf came from.

Time revealed what was behind. They were two small direwolves. One looked like the bigger direwolf, dark ebony and those huge red eyes and the other one was totally white with green eyes. Both of them were extremely beautiful. They did not even looked at Ty and sprinted towards their mother. As soon as they realized the situation, haunting howls came like a hurricane out of their mouths.

“Man, what else could go wrong, “ Ty thought out loud, “Two great losses in less than one night!”

Ty now faced a crossroad. Should he take the two pups as his own or leave them there to die. Ty was not a heartless b*****d so, he decided to adopt them as their own. Raised them and trained them as he goes through the forest.

Looking at bot pups he exclaimed, “I will love you with all all of my heart!”

Then he picked up the snowball and told him “you would be named Hyde.”

Then picking up night with legs “you would be Echo.”

Ty now, at fifteen years of age, he became a father. A father of two to be precise.

Night was here and the forest at night with a creature killing everyone is not the best place to be in the open. He decided to make camp beside the dead bodies, he fed the two cubs and ate wolf meat and drank wolfblood. Sad days for him very sad days.

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