The Adventures of Jimmy the Turtle

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

One calm, peaceful day, Jimmy and Bob were walking in the village they call Stardew Mountain. They were super excited because they were about to become the protectors of Stardew. They would be rewarded a new shell for Jimmy and a shield for Bob. They would also each get a knight’s sword, which is insanely powerful and sharp, and glimmered in the night. A couple blocks away from the King’s castle, they stopped for lunch. They went to the nearest fast food restaurant, and quickly ordered their food, and waited, and waited, and waited some more, until they went to the front counter and tried asking, ‘When will the food be ready?’ when they got to the counter, all they found was a note. “What does that mean?” questioned Bob. The note had said, “If you want to save these people, then come to 52nd street tomorrow night at 7, no sooner, no later. Come by yourselves because if you call for backup then you will regret it…-Carl.” Jimmy turned to Bob and said, “it means we’ve got to save them… by ourselves” Jimmy tapered off. At about 4 P.M., Jimmy and Bob got the King’s castle. Bob quickly handed the King the note that Carl had left them. “Hmm… well, we surely can’t let Carl harm the villagers, that’s for sure.” The king said. “I’ve got an idea, but it’s not’s going to be easy…” Jimmy said after thinking thoroughly for about 5 minutes. “Alright, we have to go with the idea no matter what, it’s all we’ve got at the moment.” The king responded. “Ok, so here’s the idea.” It took about 3 and a half minutes for Jimmy to explain to them his idea. “Well does anyone know how to track down Carl’s headquarters?” Asked the king. “I do,” responded Jimmy, “not to brag your Majesty, but I have a bit of skills when it comes to coding and hacking stuff.” “I didn’t know that.” Bob told Jimmy, wondering if there was another things Bob didn’t know. “well, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.” Bob said, shrugging as though he didn’t keep a talent from his best friend. “Like hidden talents?” The king questioned. “Pretty much,” Jimmy explains. “Alright, get hacking Jimmy, before Carl finds our plans and tries to stop it.” Bob tells Jimmy quickly. “Ok, well first I need to connect to the satellite. Ok, done, next! I have to typ- Wait, what’s this!?” Jimmy exclaimed, looking at his computer screen in a mix of shock and fear. “What? Is there a problem?”  Bobby asked Jimmy.” “Well, I don’t know, I got put on another page.” “can you get back  to it?”  “I can’t move the mouse at- “Suddenly the room began to shake. “What’s happening?!”  They all yelled at once. “Everyone get out of here!” Jimmy yelled.  “Ok, I will have the guards evacuate the premises.” The king left, rushing to protect his citizens. “I’m staying to help!” Says Bob with fierce determination. Jimmy and Bob struggled to shut the computer off, but it was too late. When they did, the walls behind them collapsed and they were trapped.  A couple seconds later, it went dark and all they saw was one small light.  They could finally see, but everything was different than before. “it’s like we got warped.” Jimmy says with a frightened voice. “Ya, but warped to where? And what are those three hearts doing floating above u-... dude… we are in a VIDEO GAME!” bob yells with excitement. “This I a box full of stuff and a note. “They walked over to the box and read the note. The note said: ‘THIS WAS ALL PART OF THE PLAN! I told you not to tell anyone about me so when you did, I made sure that you would try and track me down too. My plan is working perfectly so far. Oh, and by the way, my minions are there too, so be careful. If you die here, you die in real life too. Have fun! - Carl.” “ok so basically we have to get to the end to win and get back to the real world?” Asked Bob. “yeah, pretty much.” Responded Jimmy. “This is kind of… how do I say this… COMPLETELY INSANE!” Bob remarks. “Yes, but while we are here, why don’t we try and have fun?”  Jimmy said, trying to look on the upside. “Ok…I guess.” Once they wrapped their head around everything that had happened, they decided to do two things. First, they would figure out where they were, and second, get suited up. They put on the armor that was in the box and sheaved their swords, putting on their shields. On the side of the box were 2 potions. They took 1 each and put it in their bags. “So, are we on the title screen?” Bob asked. “I think we are behind it.” Jim responded, trying to find an exit. “Hey, what does this button do?” Bob says while’s he trying to get Jimmy’s attention. “I don’t know, just press is, but be careful.” Bob pressed the button. The room went black and there was one thing on the wall, ‘World 1-1.’ “Whoa, it’s like Mario!” jimmy enthusiastically exclaimed. “Ya, let’s hope it’s easy.” Bob says in a fearful voice. The music started playing and they were teleported straight into the level. “Ok well, let’s hope we only have to get to the end of the level and not fight any bosses.” Jimmy says as they went through the level. They jumped on the goombahs and koopa troopas. Eventually they made it to the flagpole. “what do we do here?” Bob asked.  “I think we touch it and keep on going.” “ok, let’s go!” They made their way to the next few levels and eventually got to world 1-4, the final level of the world. They got to the end of it. “What’s this bridge for?” Bob asked. “well in the actual game you fight a boss, but there’s no one else here but you and me.” Just then a huge monster fell from the roof and started shooting fire balls at them. “Oh No! what do we do?” Asked Bob. “Well. We have these Iron shields, but I’m not sure they’re strong enough.” Jimmy responded. “Well, we have no time, so let’s just try it.” Bob said while dodging a fireball near his face. They both ran down towards the monster with their shields wielded and swords out. They dodged the fireballs, jumped over the pits of lava, and got past the monster, and ran and pressed a button. The button made the platform behind them fall. The monster fell into the lava and the door behind them opened. They crossed through the door and ended up in the pitch-black room again. “If that’s the end then where are we going now?” asked Bob. “Probably to another game,” Jimmy replied. “I which game we are going to next.” Bob thought aloud. “I guess we will see soon, won’t we?” Jimmy said while waiting for the next level to start

The author's comments:

It's about a turtle and a pug that get stuck in a video game, in attempt to save the people of their village.

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