The Powerful One

December 14, 2017
By ZachDeWeese BRONZE, Keller, Texas
ZachDeWeese BRONZE, Keller, Texas
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Bang! Bang!

Jose, running as fast as he could from the police officer pulls out his pistol and began to fire back. Jose had a fiend with and his name was Ryan. Ryan and Jose had known one another for quite a bit. They met at a bar on 32nd street. While they were running, Jose rolled his ankle. He let out a loud glass breaking scream that could be heard for miles. Jose falls to the ground and shouts for Ryan’s help. Ryan says something that Jose did not expect at all. He tells him,
“I’m sorry Jose, i must go”

Then begins to keep running.

“You damn coward!”

Jose says with tears in his eyes. As soon as he tries to say another word, he was tackled by the police officer. The police officer picks up Jose and suddenly drops him for some strange reason. Jose looks back and the police officer was gone and there was some strange man standing by him. A man with long thick black hair and wearing a black coat. Jose asks,
“Who.. who ar..”

And before he could finish his sentence the man says
“My name is Matthew Walker, Defender of the 9 realms, and i need your help.”

I quickly stood up and went over to him. Something about his face looked very familiar to me but i couldn’t rap my hands around it. I gulp and say
“ Why do you need me?”

He replies with
“I've been watching you for a very long time jose.”

He reminds me once more by telling me that he is the defender of the 9 realms but before he could finish Jose cut him off and says

“ Yeah, yeah, i know, But why do you need me?”

The man in black then responds with
“I need you for a task, or a quest one would say.”

Jose then responds with, “Well, I have nothing better to do so why not.”

Then throws Jose this orb thing with glowing mist bouncing off it, it only looked like something you would seen in a movie. It began to flash faster, and faster, and faster but randomly stops. Jose walks closer to it to see what happens and then the strange man pushes him in!

I fall down and open my eyes back up and what i saw.. I couldn't rap my eyes around it. mI couldn't believe what i was looking at. It looked exactly like hell! There was fire, people screaming, and the air was so thin that it was hard to breath. I could hear explosions going off in the background and right after a women screaming. I ask the man

“What is this place?”

Jose asks taking a very deep breath.

“This used to be a very civilized place at one point, but a man named Derik, took him down. Nowadays people call him “El Diablo. He rules thus realm now and i need your help to take him down.”

Jose begins to panic thinking of an excuse to get out of it.

“How am i supposed to get take him down? I'm just a guy with no job, no money, and no family. What makes you think i can do the job?”

The strange man takes a deep breath and touches my chest. As soon as he did, i felt a burst of energy go through my body.

“What was that?”

Jose responded

“You know so little about what you are capable of. You already had superpowers Jose, you just needed someone like me to active them.”

I glance down and looked at my hands to see if anything changed. As soon as i looked down I noticed my whole wardrobe had changed. He went from dirty brown cut out jeans to a black coat with gold outline to it and very black boots. Jose then asks,

“What all can i do?”

He looks at me and says

“Hold your hand out and think of anything you want to come out of it”

He thought of something very powerful that would for sure do the trick. BOOM! A big fireball comes out and crashes into the side of a mountain.

“I truly do have superpowers!”

Then a big dragon with purple and black scales comes around the corner spitting fire like no other. Then the man says

“Kid! Grab onto my arm and charge up the fireball then throw it as hard as you can!”

Jose charges it up as hard as he could and let that puppy fly! It flies and flies and hits him right into the face! SMACK! The dragon falls out of the air and hits the ground hard.

“I did it! I defeated him!”

Jose says.

“Thanks kid, but now i have to send you back.”

And teleports him back. But the funny thing is, he got to keep my superpowers.

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