December 3, 2017
By Anna_22 BRONZE, Oilville, Virginia
Anna_22 BRONZE, Oilville, Virginia
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As I run through the old, dusty town, trying to find some old scraps from the farmers market that day, I feel as if I am being followed. I imagine a crazy person in a black cape with a tan sack getting ready to snatch me and take me away. My mind is just playing tricks on me I think, but just in case I run a bit faster. I arrive home to my little room I found under the train station four years ago.

I walk over to my pile of blankets and decide to settle in after a long day. I lay my purple blanket on top of me, turn off the light, and stare into the darkness. I still can't believe I haven't gotten caught for staying in this room. The train station won't hear of people staying here. Anyone here after 12:00 at night has to leave the town and nobody know’s where they go.

I think I spoke too soon! Just as I settle down to fall asleep, there is a knock at the door…and someone walks in.” I'm going TO DIE,” I think. He flicks the light on. His boots on the concrete floor are like a clock ticking, and his bitter smile sends chills down my spine. He is wearing the exact thing I imagined on my run home from the town square: a black cape and a tan sack. Not saying a word, he goes to snatch me up, but I dart out of the way. The problem is I am cornered and have no place to go. He finally catches me (after many trials and errors) and sprints away.

I haven't processed what was happening, yet but when I do I am petrified. I jinxed it I think--while kicking, screaming, and trying to get away. The person seems to be running on for an eternity. I try to stay positive but it is hard when you’re screaming your head off. He soon stops running and I see where he is going. I feel my screams coming up through my throat. Then, I scream like I have never screamed before.
The light turns on, and my mom gives me a hug. “It was just a dream, just a dream.” She says.

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