The Ice Arena

November 21, 2017
By RyanGio SILVER, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
RyanGio SILVER, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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After practice, in the locker room it gets chaotic everyone is talking. “Do you think the ghost that haunts the arena at night is real” Demi expresses in sass slamming her bag on the ground.
“Well I feel like funny things have been happening during the nighttime practices but I haven't witnessed anything yet.” Alice explained.
“That's not what I asked you” Demi exasperated.
“Ok, so I do think ghosts are real” Alice explained.
“You still think like a child” Demi declared.
When everybody leaves, the ice arena manager locks the sliding doors before Alice, Ben, Demi, and Ross could get themselves out of the arena and to the bus stop to go home. They are all 15 years old and still scared of ghosts. But, Demi is the sassy, fearless girl who is not afraid nor scared of ghosts at all.
“Oh great, now we are stuck in the arena with this so called GHOST” Demi said sarcastically. They were all at the sliding locked doors when they all decided to go back to the locker room.
    When Ben decided to open the locker room door, lock it, and turn on the lights, a squiggly, ghostly, black shadow vanishes through the wall. “Ahhhhhhhhh” everybody screams.
“That was not a ghost you people” Demi exaggerated.
“Well I think it was Demi” Ben, Alice, and Ross demanded.
“I think this ghost will be your favorite friend Demi” Ross explains.
“No it wouldn't, you know that I am not afraid of ghosts” Demi declared.
They then decided to put their ice skates back on and go have a  party on the ice.
     “OMG I just felt a cool breeze when I skated by the penalty box” Ben replied.
“No, there is no such things as ghosts. I can’t believe you think this Ben” Demi belowed.
“They are real Demi you have to believe me” Alice declared. Then suddenly spooky music starts to play over the loudspeaker and the shadow starts to skate between the four of them.
“Wait, who is doing this. I can't take this anymore” Demi screeched.
“OMG I am getting off of the ice” Alice, Ben, and Ross yelled.
As Demi was skating alone, the ghost was behind her the whole time. The other three were huddled in the locker room praying they would survive. 
“Demi doesn't know that I am behind her but you know” the ghost declared. Demi gets off the ice, the ghost scares her.
“Ahhhhhhhh” Demi screamed as she was shutting and locking the door.
“Now come to think of it I do believe in ghosts because of what I saw back there” Demi shouted in exhaustion. They all fall asleep and are awakened by the ghost.
“I did it again” the ghost laughed. When they all looked up at the ghost. It was actually the arena manager. He had planned this all along because he wanted to test their fears.
The four skaters were relieved to find out it was just the manger playing a joke but they were so angry he tricked them.  The manager says gather your stuff and meet me at the door in 5 minutes and I will let you out.  As they are gathering their stuff the shadow skates across the ice one last time. 
The kids ask the manager “why did you send the shadow out again?”
The manager is confused and has no idea what they are talking about. 
He says “I have nothing to do with that I only locked you guys in here to prove a point.” 
“The ghost must be real” they all scream. 
They all screamed and ran out the door in a hurry and promised never to do that again.  The mystery of the skating ghost still haunts the arena and is talked about daily by skaters.

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