November 16, 2017
By BreeMC BRONZE, Augusta, Kansas
BreeMC BRONZE, Augusta, Kansas
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This town is often called“Party City” - that is what most people say. Well, Dixie City is not a “Party City” all the time. A constant fear travels around here;fear that something will pop out and grab you.

Some  people are so desperate for money. People like Don Michaels will do anything to have their hands on some money. In this case, Don goes to Lucifer (the loan shark) for money so he can continue his  gambling. Don spiraled into a deep depression after his wife died giving birth to their only child, Emily. The depression caused Don to begin gambling. Don sold or gave away everything he owned to pay off his gambling debt. It is to the point to where he gambled his daughter’s life.
Emily was on the run because of her father, who only cared about gambling. Don only cared about getting money to pay for his gambling debt.
Emily lays on the floor working on the bills, sorting through which ones to pay and which ones have to wait for another time. Don walks through the door, doused with the aroma of alcohol. He plunges down onto the sofa and passes out.
“Wow, Dad!”
I go into the next room to get away from him. He always comes home drunk and passes out on the sofa. There is no way he can continue to afford going out and drinking every night; we can’t even afford to pay the bills or get food!
  Before Emily goes to bed that night she checked on her dad. She got a weird feeling that something bad was going to happen that night but does not know when. She climbed into bed and slowly fell into a slumber.
Intruders enter the apartment later that night. The have only one goal, which is to grab Emily and get out of there. One of the intruder runs into the table knocking the wine bottle off.
“Shh…” the other replies.
Hearing the crash Emily got up  to see what it was. The intruders stop when they hear movement coming from the hallway. Emily turned on the light.
“Who are you?!? What do you want?” she demanded.
The intruders went up to her. She fought with them. One put a chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose. Emily fell to the ground.
“Get her to the van,” the female intruder told the other intruder.
He puts her in the van and they take off, heading to the hide away house.
Sunshine peeks into the room, nearly blinding Emily from the brightness. Confused on how she got there Emily got up to have a look around. She wondered out of the room only to see her intruders longing on the couch.
“What do you want from me and how did I get here!” She demanded from them.
The female stood up and slapped her.
“Shut up and have a seat. You will find out when Lucifer gets here.” She told her and pushed her onto the couch.
She glared angrily at them from her spot. They glared back at her. Emily studied them carefully from her spot.
“What are you looking at?” the male demanded.
The door opened up and a man walked into the room. Emily shifted in her seat. The intruders take off out of the room. That made Emily feel even more uncomfortable. What have I done to deserve this? Dad is so horrible to me?- Emily thought angrily as Lucifer sat in front of her.
“What do you want from me?” Emily demanded.
“I am here because Don did not pay off his debt in time. Her bargained you because he didn’t have anything else to bargain with. To pay off his debt you are to become my wife.” Lucifer told her.
Emily glared at Lucifer. He gave her a wicked grin, which made Emily finch. Emily stood up, really out ragged.
“And you decided this how? Why do you think I am to marry you?” She asked him.
“You will if you don’t want anything to happen to your father.” He told her.
That shut Emily up real quick. Lucifer just smiled at her.
“I got to leave. Be ready to be married by tonight Emily. June will help you,” He told her before he walked out the door.
Emily walked to the bedroom upset only she found June on the bed with a dress next to her. June walked up to Emily.
“You should look real nice for Lucifer.” She told Emily.
It got to the time to where Emily had to get ready for her dreadful wedding. June helped her alright. Then June drove Emily to the church where the wedding were to take place.
“Ready or not here we are.” June said happily.
Emily grunted and got out of the car. She walked into the church and down the aisle to Lucifer. She hoped that no one he knew would recognize her as she married a man she didn’t know. This has to be the most dreadful wedding in the history of world kind. Well at least that was what Emily thought.

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