The Stalker

November 15, 2017
By MauriceW13 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
MauriceW13 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Part 1

It was nine years ago... A winter evening Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Brad Snider, went to "The first National Bank" of the year 2004 was robbed. They forced their way into the bank and held the security at gunpoint, I demanded the security officer and the bank teller into the manager's office. I hurry and lock the door. 
We are near the bank vault and we blow it open " Boom!" The vault opened, I yelled " Sweet Megalodon! All this gold in here!" Trevor, Brad and I help get the gold into our duffle bags of the carts. We were all set and ready to move on. We ran for the garage door to get out of this place. Our getaway driver is ready to leave, Brad and I hid behind a car and Trevor behind a big rock. The getaway driver is honking the horn and told us "Hurry Up!" The cops came and started shooting.
"Watch out Michael!"
"No, how about you watch out!"
"Would yawl stop yelling at each other, we got things to do besides fight and tease each other! We are in this together so stick together until all of this is over."
"Who's the boss here Brad? Remember this wasn't your idea"
The air suddenly became silent.
"Brad is dead! Someone call the f***in ambulance" yelled Michael.
"He is dead, he is really dead", whispered Michael. We escaped just in time and drove to the airport to go back to Los Santos.
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The setup
Part 2

It was a beautiful summer breeze, the car horns honks, and the chatter going on in the background in Los Santos. I am going to pick up my friend Lamar at his house, When I got there, Franklin noticed that Lamar's new green motorcycle has just been stolen. He said somebody probably got it mistaken with another. He knew deep in my mind that Lamar had got in a fight and the Ballas stole the motorcycle. The Ballas are a group or gang that dress in purple shirts with a big star in the middle, and wife beater with black shorts. 
They drove to Vespucci Beach's alley way to check the garages for the motorcycle. We check each of the garages and it wasn't there.
" It was a setup man!" Yelled Lamar.
Just then, a hoard of gang members started shooting at us from different angles. They shoot each and every one of them, but one of them manage to get away on the motorcycle." He is getting away! We have to stop him before he gets away!" Franklin shouted.
We hopped in the Bravado Buffalo and drove right up behind him. Lamar shot the back wheel and he swerved out. 
" Damn, what a shot! Good job Lamar!"
The guy started running, I pulled out my stun gun and stunned him. Then pulled out my assault shotgun and shot his brains out. I took the motorcycle and drove away, Lamar said to meet him at the car wash.
"Dammit, the cops are on me." I yelled.
I drove to a nearby alley way to hide in. 
Five minutes later, the cops are off and he drives to the carwash where Lamar told him to meet him. 
"That was close Lamar! What did you do to make him angry?" he exclaimed.
" Well let's just say he got them pissed and I just ran away without the motorcycle. That’s when he called you to come over to help me."
"So, what you are telling me is that you brought me into the is s*** to help you the heck out?"
" Yes, but at least you don't have to worry about them anymore."
" I'll see you later Lamar!"
He returned home and went to bed...
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"The Stalker"
Part 3
It was another beautiful day in Los Santos, the sky a light blue and the sun shining brightly. I woke up from a nap. The clock had just struck 12:00 P.M. My sister Denise called me in the kitchen to wash the dishes for her.
" Heck no, aren't you suppose to do this crap?!?" I said.
"Yes, but I'm busy with things." Said Denise.
"Busy with what?!"
" None of your business!"
"Well, I bet you can't do the dishes in less than ten minutes."
"Yes, I can just watch me!"
I left the house just in time she was about to call me back in the kitchen. I got an unexpected call from someone, I answered it, "H-H-Hello!"
The unexpected phone caller said, " Are you Franklin Clinton?"
"Yes, who are you?"
"My name is Lester and I know you live at 365 Grove Lane."
" How the crap do you know that?"
"I know where everyone lives. I have a house at 873 Blueberry Ave in El Perro, meet me here for more information."
I went to the address, and wondered if he lives in this trash hole. I rang the doorbell. Up in the crease in the corner was a camera. It looked as if he was a stalker. I walked in, and off the room to the right was his office, and to the left was his trashy room filled with old superhero, and supervillain posters.
I walked into his office and it looked he was working on something very special. It seemed like it was a research of aliens and foreign space creatures. On the desk were three monitors with different camera angles around his house, on the buildings and streets of Los Santos.
Then this voice boomed out of the darkness when I was inspecting the house.
"Oh, you're here. I didn't see you there."
"Probably because you were turned around."
" I have eyes behind my back you know!"
"Okay Lester, why did you call me here?"
" I heard you were looking for ways to earn money, and move out of your mom's house. Is that correct?"
"Yea, how the world did you know that?"
" Remember, I know everything."
" Okay. That is creepy."
" Well, I know these people who are moving out of this house, and maybe if you want to, you can move in there."
I knew this was probably a scam, but I went along with it because I will just give him a chance and said " Anything to get out my ma's house!"
"Alright, there will be a moving truck to move everything to your new house."
"Alrighty Man, thank You so much!"
I went to the kitchen, to his refrigerator and looked in it. All there was was dust bunnies. I left the house and without notice I got mugged, the mugger tried to run but I grabbed my nightstick out and beat him with it until he was at a bloody pulse. Then ran into my car and drove away like nothing happened.
Dang it the cops are on me.
" Pull over the dang vehicle before I make you!" Exclaimed the cops.
The cops talking in the police radio, "Are we authorized to do a pit maneuverer dispatch?"
"Yes, do it cautiously!"
I stomped down on the petal, and went to the nearest underground sewer tunnel that leads to the LA river.
"Do you see the suspect dispatch?"
"No, not in the least bit."
I stayed there for a bit longer, still nothing, not even a sound has crossed the air. I drove my wrecked car to Los Santos Customs to reunite with one of my great friend. "Hey Tommy Cliffhanger, how are you?"
He had a big curious look on his face. "Who are you?"
"Remember me, Your good ole' friend from Ms. Catts in second grade."
"Oh yea, you have very good memory."
"Yes, I do! Do you mind fixing my car for me, just the battery and Carburetor?"
"Yep, anything for a friend."
A couple hours passed...
" Hey, Franklin your car is fixed and ready to go!" Tommy said.
" How much do I owe you?"
"Nothing, I'll pay for it!"
"Thanks Man if you need anything from me, just call me."
I drove out of Los Santos Customs and continued my day like any other day. At the end of the day I took my pet dog Chop out to play fetch, and watch the sunset with him. Hopefully Lester won't call me with more to say about his discoveries that he found about the history in aliens.
"Br-r-r-ang" that's my phone.
I accepted the phone calls. It was my other sister Tatiana, she called me to tell me that she is going to have a wedding tomorrow. I thought about it for a couple of minutes. Shortly then, I said " I'm not going, I am busy with a lot of business."
To Be Continued...

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