Power-man! Season 1, episode 1

November 13, 2017
By mn043107 BRONZE, Elgin, Texas
mn043107 BRONZE, Elgin, Texas
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Power-man: and the great secret that must be kept.


It was a dark and stormy night and there was a small basket in the middle of an alleyway. And inside this basket was a baby boy. And he was crying. And beside this basket were two human figures laying on top of each other in an everlasting sleep. Then suddenly there was a bright flash of dark blood red lightning and there was a dark shadow figure of a man standing in front of the basket. Then he smiled a wicked smile. Then there was another flash of red lightning and everything went blank white. And when the whiteness was gone so were the man and baby boy.


14 years later...


My name is Matthew and today it's friends birthday and he is having a party at six flags. And I was getting ready. Suddenly my dad's voice came echoing up the stairs and into my room saying. "Matthew your gonna be late." I didn't have a mom. My dad says that she was murdered on a hiking trip. Once I got in the car the two hour drive started. Once we got to "Cody's" party I started feeling sick. We'spent about another two hours on rides that made me throw up twice! Then when it came time to eat and celebrate we heard a long wishing sound. Like... Something falling on us but there was nothing to be seen. Then Cody saw it. It was a huge meteor crashing down on us. And everyone made it out... Everyone... Except me...


Two weeks later... 


Matthew L. Nedeau

Born: Oct 7, 2001

Died: Oct 31, 2015


They couldn't move the giant rock that was on me so they used that as my grave. They said a few prayers, gave some thinks, told some stories, then they wrote their names and notes on the rock.


Three days later... 


"I am inside this rock and I'm getting some sort of powerful strength." 


A day later... 


The rock starts to move. Then it lifts from the ground. Then it creates a hard solider copy of itself. The it places the fake rock in the real rocks place and the real rock flys towards space. When it is right in the middle of the Moon and Earth's atmosphere it turns from light tan to dark green. Then finally it... Explodes into a million pieces and the only thing left was me...


It took me a while to open my eyes but when I did I saw that I was in space and that I could breathe. Then... I saw earth and I flew to it. And when I entered the atmosphere I found out that I could fly, Teleport, run fast, turn invisible, sence, see the future, go through things, see through things, be smart, and many, many more... And from this day on I am called... 



The author's comments:

All super heroes that were ever made up. Nothing can stop us. The battle will go on.

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