October 30, 2017
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“Or you make the plane crash and everybody gets kill or the bomb putted on your plane explodes. It’s up to you what happens next.” Said a tall man with a firm voice.
“What are you talking about? Are you insane or something?” Responded the pilot clearly shocked.
“Okay let me repeat it as slow as I can: Or you make the plane crash and everybody gets killed or the bomb putted on you plane explodes. Do I have to repeat it again?” reply the man irritated.
“I heard you the first time, but I thought it was just a joke until now.” Said the pilot “If you are serious I’m going to call the cops”
“You do that and your family dies” said the man sharply and pulling out a gun. “Now tell me which one you are choosing.”
“Wouu, calm down, don’t worry that won’t be necessary, just give me time to think about it”
“You have a flight in 20 minutes, you have less than five minutes to choose”
The pilot, nervous because of all the threat and the fear of having himself killed and his family, thought that definitely the best choice was a plane crash, because he could fake it.
“I’ll have a plane crash” said the pilot confidently.
“Fine, but I must warn you, if you reach Las Bahamas the plane will explode, which means you have to make the plane crash happen before you reach Las Bahamas, if not you already know. I guess I have no more to say.” And with that the man in black suit left.
“Everybody put their belts on. Later I will pass with some snack and something to drink. We’ll reach Las Bahamas on 3 hours or so. Thanks for preferring Jetblue.” said a woman.
The flight was very comfortable. It was nice to be alone for a while, enjoying the silence that was to be broken later. The sky was mixed with a pale orange and pink. The sun was on its way down. Here was I, looking for a new adventure, exploring a new island, flying to a new country. Everything seemed just perfect, exactly as it was planned. But then something unexpected happened. Screams and sobs filled the air. The plane was falling. Falling as quick as a bolt. As scared as I was, the only thing that came to my mind was “Oh! Come on! I come this far to die! And at such a young age! What a waste of beauty and youth!” Immediately my scream was heard too. Everything was flying in the air, suited case, bags, food, everything spinning really fast. The pilot yelled something, but there was so much noise that I couldn’t hear what he said. Then I guess we crashed, because suddenly everything went black.
I woke up on a forest, where bugs and mud were all over the place. The sky was covered by big green trees. Different sounds filled the air. For a short time I couldn’t recall why I was there, but every occurred event came back to me, scaring me once again. Around me was, what once a plane was. People unconscious, dead and hurt were scattered. Some were crying, but most were astonished. Someone broke my thoughts and said: “Where’s the pilot?”
“Nobody had seen him after the crash” said someone
I then asked: “Where exactly are we?”
Nobody answered. Apparently no one knew a thing about the matter. A young man came out of nowhere and said: “This is an island, I don’t know which, but we better focus on leaving to a more secure place. In my way up to the mountain I saw smoke coming out from a chimney, we could ask for help there. I could lead the way if nobody objects.”
A girl with brown curly hair said: “Why shall we move? Have you seen a beast or something like that?”
The young man answered: “No, but I’ve heard some weird sounds and at least I don’t want to find out what it was. I don’t know you guys, but I’m going to find that house, whoever wants to follow, it’s okay with me. Anyway how many are we?”
People started talking and counting. After a minute or two, someone said that they were 13, that the others were dead or lost in the woods.
“Nice, let’s try to stay close and find that house before it gets dark. Sorry I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Mark and I’m a doctor, just turned 27 last week.” after a pause and a great silence he added “I hope we get to know each other, make some friends and have fun....” Nobody spoke and his face turned red of shame. He said no more and after a while we all started making our way through the woods to find the house.
“Well, it’s getting late. We’re gonna have to camp somewhere. The house is way farther than I thought, but I think we’ll make it tomorrow.” Said Mark. “Let’s camp under those trees and make a fire to scare animals away and to feel warmer.”
With this everyone started collecting woods and dry branches. Me and the girl with brown curly hair started talking. She told me her name was Rosy and that she was 23 years old. We decided to go into woods looking for food, not far from the camp. After 20 minutes of talking, Rosy told me: “Haven’t you hear anything weird?”
“No. Why do you ask? Did you hear something weird?”
“Yeah, just now”
“What about a silent walk for three minutes or so?” by now I was a bit nervous
Nothing could be heard but our steps for a while, but after some more time I heard a noise. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but something was following us for sure. We decided to climb up a tree silently and watch from above. Up on a tree nothing could be seen, so we climb down and went to the camp only to find out, that three of us were missing. That’s when Rosy related to the others the incident in the woods. Everyone was nervous now, but there was nothing we could do. The moon was out and the sun gone. The only thing we could do was sleep and wait until morning to find out what happened to the three lost people and to find that house quick.
“Everybody! Wake up! We gotta move! Now!” screamed a person I didn’t identify. Surprisingly nobody complained and everyone woke up fast. The horror face Mark and another guy had, made clear that something wasn’t good.
“Move quickly! I’ll explain everything when we get far away from this place! Go, go, go!” cried Mark
By now everyone was running. Nobody ever stopped until Mark did. After recollecting himself Mark said: “This morning, Roger, Peter and I went to the forest looking for water. Peter said he had heard some noise and asked us to stop, but we told him that we couldn’t leave the others for so long without watch, and so the answer for him was no. A bit annoyed and furious he left saying that he couldn’t stand me and whatever.(Roger and I didn’t stop to discuss with him). After some meters we saw blood. We got alarmed and started checking all around looking for the victim. Turns out there were three bodies, the same three persons that weren’t found yesterday. Astonished and scared we ran to tell the news, when we heard a strange sound. The one Peter heard. We stopped and climbed a tree and stayed there to see where the noise came from. After a while we heard Peter saying things loudly, probably fighting imaginarily with us furiously, and then his voice wasn’t heard again. We waited and like nothing was heard again, we climbed down the tree, to find Peter dead with a knife stuck on his neck and bites on his arms. That’s why we wake up all of you.”
“What could possibly do this? No animal kills with knives and no human bites. This doesn’t make sense…” said someone confused
“All I know is that I don’t want to find out what that thing is, we have to get out of here as soon as we can.” Said Roger
“Then what are we waiting for, let’s move before that thing finds us” said Rosy
“How far is the house from us now?” I asked
“Very close. You see that smoke apparently coming out of the trees? There” said Mark
We walked silently until the house could be seen. Smiles were drawn into everyone’s face, but nothing could be perfect. Once again the sound was heard. This time louder than ever and not just one sound, but many. Exactly the same sound repeated a hundred times. Everyone’s face looked pale, with horror printed on their eyes. My instinct was telling me to run, but I stayed to see where the sound came from. Suddenly something totally unexpected came out of its hiding.What came was a zombie. After him an army. All of them with weapons. An arrow flew past my head and into Roger’s chest, directly on his heart. My instinct was right. I ran to the house and didn’t look back. I knocked the door, but no one opened, desperate I opened it myself. When I was about to close it, I remembered that the others were running toward the house too, so I waited until they reached it. Sadly the five others didn’t make it. I locked the door after Rosy and Mark. Sofas, tables, boxes, everything was putted to lock the door safely. Rosy, Mark and I were the only survivors now. Sounds outside the house made us uneasy, afraid and desperate. We had to get out of that island before the zombies could get us first. Mark went to see what was happening through the window. His last mistake. One zombie broke the window causing Mark to break his neck. Not even the house was a secure place for Rosy and I now. We ran to the second floor, only to find that zombies were breaking the roof. We went downstairs again, only to find zombies on the first floor too. Up to the second floor, running in the hallway, entering every bedroom to find zombies breaking in through the windows. Our last hope was a door we hadn’t opened yet, but it was locked. We started kicking it until we broke it and there a beautiful bedroom, that I could have described only if the zombies weren’t after me. I locked the door and just when I thought, nothing creepier could happen, someone was sitting on the sofa hidden in the dark corner of the bedroom. It didn’t move. I went to see, Rosy behind me. Unbelievable, the guy sitting there was the pilot. His finger was pointing somewhere. I looked to the place the finger was pointing: a map. The door was breaking; zombies were trying to get in. I took the map and tried to figure out how to get out of the house without being eaten by zombies. I looked through the window, without making the same mistake Mark did (getting too close, in case a zombie attacked). Outside was a car parked, I didn’t know if the keys were there, but it was better than staying there and being eaten by zombies. Rosy helped me break the window and we jumped just when the door was broken by the zombies. We fell really hard, and got a little hurt but we ran as fast as our legs could carry us to the car. The car was locked, we looked for a rock and broke one of the front windows. For our luck the car keys were visible, we took them and drove away from the forest and the house, leaving the zombies. After some minutes, we reached a beach where land could be seen not far from there. Rosy and I didn’t even think it twice and we crossed the sea swimming to a near island, where some strangers found us unconscious on the shore and took us back to United States of America. None of this can be forgotten. Rosy and I, Vero, knew nobody would ever believe us. But the truth is there’s an island out there where zombies are real and where escaping a death fate is almost impossible.

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