The Long Lost Roommate

November 10, 2017
By queenstephanie7 BRONZE, San Diego, California
queenstephanie7 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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It was the year 2016.

The two girls were looking for a new roommate after the last one vanished in the storm.

Meya was a artist who love to travel around. Once she was in Paris for five months and once Meya want to see her stepsister in london. When Meya wasn't touring the world she was hanging out with her roommates Lucy and Ethel, Lucy was in college at Georgetown. One day they all were at lunch at a little cafe downtown before class they all got to know Amy the new roommate. Hey guys I’m going to the ladies room before class. Ok we’ll be here. Will Meya ask her two best friends I didn't know Ethel said oh come on she’s great and kind whad ya but… relax you guys it will be find

Five weeks went by and the day come when Maya was leaving for her trip and amy was moving in.Maya was pating her suff to leve I”m so excited to work with amanes in Africa I can’t believe you’r are doing this Ethel told Maya
I’m going miss you guys so much we know Lucy told Maya
will I guess i’ll see you guys when I get back bye Lucy bye Ethel bye Maya we will miss you so much. Goodbye Amy talk care of my girls “oh I will” Amy side wife a creping voice.

As soon as Maya left Amy was moved into Maya”s room Lucy come in and sid hey am’s I just- don’t ever call me am’s my name is Amy ok “Amy” not ans not A just Amy ok Lucy said.

Later that night, Ethel was in Lucy’s room talking so… Amy? What do you think will I'll think mmm knock knock someone was at the dord who code that be Ethel aks it was mason and ryan they're two guy best friends oh hi!! You guys how are you doing? Ethel asks we find they both side.

Amy come back down sarids after unpacking her stuff. Amy this is Mason and Ryan our friends from class. Oh what class? Well I have math with Mason. Lucy sid and I have history wife Ryan Ethel told Amy. We’ll all are going to the coffee shop do you want to come? No thanks I'm going take a long bath and rexas ok Ethel said.

One day lucy and Ethel wer calling Maya two say hallo and two see when she was coming home but there was no response memm that’s odd Maya always antes I know it sometimes feels like she’s knows when we’r going to call Ethel told Lucy, you're right Lucs hey I know maybe Mason and Ryan haved hred from her ya maybe you’re right lets go aks.

They went to Ryan’s apartment where they found Mason doing what he does best playing video games and eating ( we have a big problem lucy sid as they both came in) ( come in? Ryan sid as he closes the door behind them ( what is now did one of you lose concholl at the mall and bey a lot more close angen? Mason sid with a look, you do that once a month? NO! It’s Maya, oh Maya is back and you three charged her card OH well you please just listen too us Maya haves not call tixe or email in weeks, (Are you sore she’s not just ignoring you Mason said with a look that’s sad he was getting on her last nevre.)

Ok look I’m telling you Maya is in trouble andI remember the last time the both of you thuot Maya was in trouble and she just was want to her sister in london hey Rya whers the peanut butter Mason ask. How can ent at a time like this? At a time like what? (Wolde you pay attention) Ethel sid ok Mason say stayed to see what happens next Ryan can we borrowed your dad’s jet?

NO! Mason sid to just annoying her
WE didn't aks you the girls both side at once.
Mason go get some more popcorn
Dude lucy and Ethel both like they are going two hute you Ryan side.

Will ok but if you need me
Thus me we whot Ethel sid sill looking annoyed
Can we usd your jet? Lucy aks.
Are you sure maya is in trouble
Yes they side together
Hey can we come mason sid
Lucy and Ethel both sid once again
If my dad fines off that I let you borrowed the jet I,m gonna to be in trouble yahi riet so are you gonna to help us or what?
Ok I will help ( like I have a choice he thought to himself)
Man the thing I do for two and Maya

The four of them came up with a plan to help Maya. They agreed to meet at the airport in one hour. They got packed and raced to the plane. After a long flight they arrived in Zimbabwe.

The four friends rented a jeep to follow the GPS signal coming from Maya’s phone.
“Where is she? Did we take a wrong turn?”
“Don’t worry Ethel. We will find her.”
Just then the four friends find Maya’s jeep stuck in a mudhole. They find footprints.
“Look at this!” Ethel points to some footprints in the ground.
They follow the footprints and they find a village.
Outside the village entrance is a villager. “What are you doing here?”
“We are looking for a friend of ours” they said at the same time.”
“One at a time. One at a time. Now what is wrong?” the villager asked.
Lucy stood up taller and spoke up being the brave one of the group. “Whe are looking for our friend.Can you plese help us? We’ve been walking for so long.”
“Come. Please sit down and tell me the whole story.”

The four friends told him what happened and showed him a picture of Maya.

“Ah that girl.”
They all said “YOU KNOW HER?????”
“Yes. She is staying with my family. We found her broken down jeep. She was stuck and in need of help. We carried her to the village to recover.”
The leader of the village took them to Maya. The four ran and hugged Maya. “You’re alive! We can’t believe it!”
“What are you doing here? How did you even find me?”
“The GPS, don’t you remember?”
“Oh yeah. I must have forgotten. It’s my memory,” said Maya. “Can we go home and you can tell me what I missed while I was away?”
“Yes, of course.”
They get into the jeep to drive to the airport. Ryan gets in the driver’s seat. Everyone is tried so Ryan volunteers. All of a sudden the road is really bumpy. They get a flat tire. “Aw man”, Ryan said.
“What happened?” Ethel said.
“We have a flat tire”
“Now what are we going to do?” Lucy asked.
“Well, we can always hitchhike.”
“Are you serious?!?!”
Just then it started to pour.
“We have to go or we might be stuck here,” said Maya.
They get out and walk. Luckily a van stops. “Do you need help?” A middle aged man named Dillion with a green baseball cap smiled at the group.
“We need a ride to the airport. We have a flat but don’t have time to fix it. Our plane leaves in an hour.”
“Climb in. There’s not much room.”
They all piled in one on top of the other and they rode to the airport.
“What is that noise?” asked Lucy.
“Well I am selling snakes.”
“Cool,” both of the boys said.
“EWWWWWWW,” the three girls said.
“Why is one of the cages open? Is this normal?”
“Uh oh. I didn’t close all of them?” said Dillion.
After a long and gross car ride they finally got to the airport.
“We made it in time!”
As they start to get out of the car, Mason hears a hissing and feels a bite. “Owww my leg!”
He got a snake bite. His leg gets swollen and he starts hyperventilating.
“Oh no! You’ve must have gotten bitten.”
“Ya think!” yells Mason.
“What an
We gotte to get you home Maya side
But how ethel side?

We can cash the next plane home somehow! There were a group of fighter plane pilots that the boy where talking to. Ugg how can Mason talk at a time like this asks Lucy?

They had to get inside the airport to help Mason. They didn’t know how to get help. They had to sneak in. The girls found a medical kit. It had the medicine that they needed to give Mason.

“This is what we need!”
After Mason got the shot he felt much better. “Thank you you guys.”
The fighter pilots agreed to take the kids to another airport. “Ok,I will call my dad and get us a ride home”, said Ryan.
After Ryan had spoken to his dad he told the group that they were going home.
When they got home, the girls went back to their apartment and saw that the roommate that they left behind named Amy was there.
“Oh hi Amy!” Lucy said.
“Oh I forgot you were here.”
“Uh oh.”
Amy was packing. “I met some roommates and they want me to move in with them so Maya you have your room back.”
“Thank god. Er, I mean, you will missed,” Ethel said.
“See you later,” Lucy said.
“I’m glad I have you two as my best friends.”
“You too!”
“Roommate hugs!!!!!”

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