World War Two Short Story

October 6, 2017

Hi my name is Jack I have been in war since November 1, 1910 and im  29 years old. The doctors at the camp say that I am blessed though I don't believe them because I may have a superhuman ability,but that makes me live with all of the scars so far I have been shot multiple time three times point blank range. When I went to the doctors they said that I was a very lucky person years later I am left with a scar across my skull. I have heard word that after the war they want to take me in for examination for the allied troops so we can win all of the wars that come our way.

The current year is September 24 1942, we have been stationed in France. I am always the one they send out in the middle of the battleground to examine at this point in my life I am partially deaf in my left ear. When I get out of the war I will have nothing to come back to since I refuse to ever get married and have children because I know deep down that I will always live longer then them and have to mourn there death.

The year is still 1942 and I have just gotten word that my mother has just died from a unknown disease. This is the reason that I never want to have children but if I do I can not love them as much as I would want to because they would be gone in a flash therefore I will miss my mother very much. My commander has just gotten intel that that we will start pushing on german forces to try to get them out of the war. We can only hope and pray that this war so that we can possibly try to fix the correct pearl harbor and to add another military base to the area of pearl harbor. We have overheard the use of The Manhattan Project but we still have no idea of the project is. We are still trying to push up on the netherlands and try to get the nazi occupants out of there so we can free the people of that country.

We have just liberated auschwitz the current date is January 27 1945 what we have seen is just horrifying such as emaciated bodies now the war on japan has increased but or allies will not help us attack japan.

The year now is August 6 1945 we are now starting our attack on the japanese forces we will probably be in war for about two more years or so unless japan surrenders. We have since dropped the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima we are just waiting for this war to end.

It is now September 2 1945 and the war has finally come to an end most of us or happy to go home and see our family but for me I have no more family to come home to this is the end!

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