The Heist

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

It was an early winter morning and Logan was walking down the street to go to school when he looked to his left to see someone holding a camera interviewing a man. He stopped for a second trying to figure out what was happening. The man being interviewed held up an old baseball card. Logan could barely make out what the card said but he could see a picture of Babe Ruth and in the corner the year 1920. Logan’s jaw dropped because he knew that card was very rare. He looked down, checked his phone, and hurried to school so he wouldn't be late.

He went to a rather special school for children who had exceptional talent. Whether that be academically, athletically, or some other kind of talent. Logan however, was being very educated about everything computers. After school Logan walked home to find his mother crying. He asked if everything was ok. He mother said they did not have enough money to keep living in that house and they would have to move. The next day at school his friend Gabe noticed he seemed a bit off. He asked what was wrong but Logan resisted telling him. Later that day during 3rd period Gabe found a note in his locker telling him to meet Logan after school behind the bleachers. Later that day Gabe found Logan under the bleachers.

Gabe asked him why he was here. Logan responded saying I need your help with something. Gabe being his best friend said yeah anything what is it? Logan said yesterday when I came home my mom was crying and when I asked her what was wrong she said we couldn't afford to live in our house anymore. Gabe responded aw man i'm so sorry but um why are we under the bleachers? Logan told him yesterday when he was walking to the store he saw a babe ruth 1920 card in a man's hand. Gabe said woah thats really cool but what does that have to do with anything. He told him I know this will sound crazy but to save my house we need to steal it. Gabe so woah woah woah I'm not a thief. I know neither am I but I need you to be for this one time Logan said.

After school they met at Logan's house to start working on a plan. Gabe scoped out the store to try and figure out the best way to enter and he found a small window towards the back of the store. Through the window a small safe was visible but it was attached to the ground. That's where is he probably keeping the card said Gabe. While Gabe was gone Logan started making a plan. Logan said  7 is when the store closes so after closing time tomorrow  we will tell our parents that we are going to ride our bikes. Once we get to the store we will slip through the window on the back and try to open the safe. Gabe said uhhh by the way the safe has a 6 digit code meaning there are a lot of combinations. It's fine i'll just use my dad's stethoscope to listen to the lock. Gabe said ok and went home.

The next day after school Gabe met back at Logan's house and just like they discussed they told his parents they were going to ride bikes. They got to the store at 7:05 and there were no cars. They went around back to the window and it was opened just enough to get them inside. Once in they went up to the safe and he took out the stethoscope. Gabe said logan we have a serious problem, the stethoscope snapped. Logan said what oh my gosh it must have gotten caught in my bike. Logan said we have to get it open they said online that the auction was tomorrow night. Gabe sat there for hours trying to get that safe open until Logan said wait let me try something. Gabe moved aside and Logan entered the code 073072 the safe opened. Gabe said how did you do that. Logan responded I looked him up online and that was his birthday July 30th 1972. Gabe said wow took the card and they slipped out the window onto their bikes and rode home.

The next day they told Logan's parents they were going to the park for a few hours but instead they rode to an auction an hour away. Once there they told the owner they wanted to put something up for auction and held out the card. The boys looked at the owner's face to see nothing but excitement. He told the boys to come back 23 minutes later when the auction started. The card sold for an astonishing 567,000 dollars and their house was saved.

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