Jay Peak

October 30, 2017
By RyanGio SILVER, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
RyanGio SILVER, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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When you are in the middle of nowhere and you suddenly come to a little town called Jay, Vermont, then you drive up the road that has annoying sharp turns that whip you around, and you finally get to a sign that says Jay Peak Tramside Base. Then you drive up the road and there is the Jay Hotel that looks amazing and the excitement begins. This begins my February vacation with my family and friends. I am 14 year old girl named Alice Linlay.
As we stepped up to the front desk, the desk clerk informed us our room wasn’t ready. This is not what we wanted to hear after many hours sitting a cramped and uncomfortable Honda Pilot.  Feeling tired, we sat in the lobby and got our ski gear on and headed outside as we are all diehard skiers, plus we did not travel this far to sit in the stuffy lobby.
Once we were all dressed we headed to the lifts which were right outside the hotel. In order to get on the lift you have to put your ski pass in your jacket pocket and stand up to a scanner that scans your card, the card once scanned opens the gate to the lift. The lifts were not fast; I could have probably walked up the mountain faster. Once we arrived at the middle of the mountain on the most uncomfortable lift chair, I jumped off the lift and took the French Canadian first time skier out in front of me.  I apologized in French to them since I know the language and then pointed my skis down hill and went for it. As I hit the fresh powder, I flipped in air and one ski remained stuck straight up in the snow.  After that run I decided I was too tired to ski anymore so my five siblings and I went back the hotel and demanded our room be ready.     
Once we got our three bedroom suite, got out everything we had needed from the car. After we settled in We went to our friends room and played bean boozled.  I decided not to play since I hated the flavors so I  watched and filmed the game. The game was pretty funny and gross at the same time.
After that we went to the water park and had a blast. I went down the la chute and got a bloody nose, blood was everywhere.  As I was searching for help, I bumped into the same guy that I crashed into skiing.  Luckily, he did not recognize me and he helped me with my bloody nose.   After everything the guy realized who I was and  walked away laughing in his french accent *rire. “Comment avez-vous obtenu un nez sanglant en premier lieu. Je l'ai eu Aller en bas de la glissade d'eau de la chute. Pouvez-vous m'aider, s'il vous plaît. Ok je le ferai Je suis tellement désolé que je me suis écrasé en vous descendre de l'ascenseur. comment vous appelez-vous. C'est Mark. Je suis Alice. Merci Marc. Bienvenue Alice”*. After the water park, we all ate dinner and then went to bed early to wake up the next morning early so we could not be so tired and cranky.
When we got up, we ate breakfast and went outside to go skiing for the first full day at Jay Peak. We went up in the tram to ski off of it and it was pretty cold and windy also the tram shook in the wind.  I got really scared that the tram was going to fly off of the tracks.  It felt like I was on a rollercoaster and if you don’t know me, I hate roller coasters. Next, A ski lift called The Flyer is usually closed when the wind is blowing at 35 mile hour. Just my luck it was closed and that is where my favorite trail called kokomo is located. This is the only trail where you have the choice of going through the trees or do regular skiing. 
After we spent the day skiing, we went back to the waterpark. I had a really fun time that night because when I went down the La Chute water slide I did not get a bloody nose this time. I even went on the flowrider and surfed for a long time without falling. Courtney and I went on the double tube blue and green slides together. Then Jimmy, my brother in law and I  went down the slides too. This is when I noticed my brother Matt KISSING  his girlfriend  Amanda whose family also came up to Jay Peak. I kept this secret and did not tell anyone even my own parents.
After the water park we went back to our rooms and had a dance party and played songs such as footloose and all that jazz. It was so crazy and fun at the same time. We played in the arcade and I got a mini traffic light lamp from how many tickets I have gotten. There were 600 tickets I had won to get my prize. We went to bed shortly after that and I slept really good.
    We all had a fun time and all of us wished that our vacation was much longer also the trip was really adventurous and exciting. I am sure we will come back next year, I hope. Matts girlfriend I am sure is going to talk about the vacation again with Matt and KISS again, but I hope not. I am still not telling my parents that Matt kissed Amanda and I am sure Matt wouldn’t either.   

French into English translation:

*“Laugh”. “How did you get a bloody nose in the first place. I got it going down the La Chute water slide. Can you please help me. Ok I will. I am so sorry that I crashed into you getting off of the lift. What is your name. It is Mark. I am Alice. Thank you Mark. Your welcome Alice”*.

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