Hero of the Hive

October 20, 2017
By peckr18 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
peckr18 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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It all began in the front yard. The other yard insects considered the bees to be foolish and unwanted. This later led to the war that left the yard in great despair. This all happened many years ago. Many still remember this many years later, it still has left the yard in a great amount of pain. Let us get started on how this war began.

It was a dreary day in the yard that day. Many people were sheltered inside from the rain that was in a downpour over them, including the bees. The bees were never violent folk, they always would keep to themselves and do things independently. This all changed when the other insects decided to eliminate the bee’s from the yard. This day was known as the day of sorrow. Still nobody knows how this battle began but many know how it ended.
“It’s the rainiest day of the year,” said Jim.
“Indeed it is,” replied Bob.
That was the last conversation between father and son before the initial attacks on the beehive. Seconds later the first of the war ants arrived. The war and are the kind of insects that are ruthless, not caring very much about other souls besides themselves. They invaded the hive in a matter of seconds killing and destroying everything in their way. You could call it a massacre, but indeed it was very much so.
Jim and Bob saw the first of the attacks and decided to try to rally up some troops to defend their hive from these destructive attackers.
“You go Jim, I can’t have you get harmed.”
“But I must father this is my fight too.”
“It’s practically suicide to go out and fight these warrants”, said Bob.”Please get all the normal folk to safety.
“Whatever you say father”
“Stay safe son.”
“You too dad.”
Jim did his job, he got all the people to safety. His father Bob was not so lucky. Yes indeed he did get troops to defend the hive, but it was a complete fail. They were confident of success until the grasshoppers came into the picture. The grasshoppers are beasts that will tear any living thing to shreds if it has the desire to. They tore through the war ant and bee’s line like a hot knife through warm butter. Totally diminishing the bee’s last resort.
The hive was left hopeless and destroyed. All burning and unkempt. Everyone thought this was the end of the bee race in this yard, they were proved wrong. Jim and some of the other bee’s made it out of the hive alive running for their lives they were, but they knew they must avenge the bee’s legacy. For they were one of the strongest forces in the yard. They later found out there was a queen bee among the group of survivors, they may have not spoken of the idea the bee’s had but they sure are all thinking the same thing. They had that smile on their faces, a smile that would only prove true confidence.
The bee’s had no time to waste they got to their plan right away. There plan was a brilliant one indeed. There plan was to raise an army of the children that the queen be had. This was not an easy task. This task took many years of training and planning but in the end the bee’s decided that this was the best shot of winning back their home and regain their power that they long lost due to the ravaged war ants.
Jim, the leader of this new formed army is ready for battle. Armed with 10,000 bee’s they have a significant amount of bees to pursue this new war campaign.
“Are we ready to march to the war ants base”, the major general said to Jim.
“Yes, get the men ready to move out, we will start the march in six hours time”.
“You got it sir,” started the Major General.
The long time of preparation, training, and planning , the bee’s were ready for their final destiny. They marched in this confident way that the bees never thought they would have in years. they made it to the war ants base in less than a day. The end to the war ants was thought to be coming.
The bees plan was to get noticed by the ants before they attacked. There plan was not to coward with a surprise attack that the war ants performed on them many years ago. They knew that this war will be bloody and destructive, but it had to be done. The bees didn’t like to lose they were the overachievers, always wanting more than they had. This fight would be the end of the war ants and the rise of the bees.
The bees were ready to attack. They marching up to the ant hill in a rapid succession. Their columns consisted of fifty men in five rows. A very tactical position when taking on ant hill. They didn’t waste time ransacking the hill of all its homes and belongings. For that was not the bees way. They went for the instant attack killing all the ants in their path.
“Leave no ants standing,” said Jim in a loud holler.
The reply was loud and menacing as the war ants retreated the place of their final stand. The ants were cowards as the bees thought. The leader of the war ants was cowering behind the last standing line of war ants.
“Stand and fight me you coward,” Jim said in a determined voice.
Silence overtook the room as the leader of the savage war ants stepped forward. It was Jim’s father.
“What? You have been dead for ten years,” Jim proclaimed.
“I was with the men that last day of the hive, and I thought very closely to how this was all panning out. I am a coward yes, I left my men for these war ants. For they give me more wealth and power than the bees ever will. You bees and your ways on honor, it disgusts me.
“I believed in your legacy father, This all was to avenge you!”
“Indeed you did in fact avenge my legacy, you may have won this war, but I will still strike you down before me before this battle is over.”
“Bring it on coward!”
That was the fight that will sorrow the bees for the rest of their lives. The bees won that battle and now is in control of the whole yard. But let's not forget what happened to that father and son that played a huge role in this war. The father and son did fight. They fought long and hard. Never giving up with each attack move. The son did strike down his father. But he was also mortally wounded from the stinger that now was in his body. Jim died not long after his father's final breath. Jim died a hero, the real hero. In the first invasion there was no death of a hero. It was all a lie. His father cheated death in a cowardly way. Jim may have died but he died a true hero.
Many months later the hive was restored to  its former ways. After years of planning and fighting the bees are finally at peace. Though many have been lost in this war, many gains have been made. Though the time of this story is long over, many people still remember Jim and his courageous ways that saved the hive. Jim and his legacy is long gone, that was the last invasion the hive has experienced in two-hundred  years. Jim will always be remembered as the legendary “Hero Of The Yard.”

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