Golden Age of Assassination

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered what a world of assassins climbing to the top to become the number would be like? Assassins all around the world are training to be number one. Blood is spilled , families are destroyed , monsters are born in this great era. Our story begins with a young child living in the small town of Torroko.
“Go into town  I will supply you with 7 coins that should be enough to get some water and a loaf of bread,” Linda told her son demandingly .
“Mom can I get some more coins  to get some candy?”, Rye asked .
“You know we have very little money and can’t afford to buy you candy.” Linda responded with sadness in her voice.
Rye done arguing with his Mom sprinted down to the market to buy  the bread and water . Rye had always been the  fastest in his town even adults couldn’t catch .He made it to the market with little trouble beating his old speed of a 2 minutes and 12 seconds. Astonished to see a employee dead on the counter his blood spilt on the floor . 
“Who could have done this” Rye said still shocked by the dead body.
In a matter of a seconds he had a dagger to his head.
“Forget what you’ve seen tell the villagers he had a heart attack or something if you don’t I will kill your family, you’re lucky you haven’t been registered , whispered the hooded man.
Rye ran back home to tell Mom what had just happened .
Trying his best not to think about what had just happened he asked” What does being mean registered mean?”
“I was hoping you would never learn about this” Linda sighed.
“There are people known as Assassins who are registered by the government and kill targets the government want dead”
“There are three classes Speed, Power, and Arcane if you are not born with one of these classes you will never be able to become an assassin”
“You were born with the Speed Class that where you guessed it your amazing speed came from you  are the fastest out of all the classes but you need to get extremely close to eliminate your target”
“We are getting off topic once you get registered by the government you will eliminate targets , get rewarded with money , and rise the leaderboards of assassins to become the number one.” Linda said gasping for air after the giant speech.
“ Why did you keep this away from me for all these years we wouldn’t be poor anymore barely able to afford rags and bread,” Rye exclaimed angrily.
“ To keep you safe thousand upons thousand die every day trying to eliminate their targets your  father didn’t fall off a cliff he died trying to eliminate the legendary wizard Merlin , I don’t want  the same thing happening to you “ Linda responded with tears in her eyes.
“I have to do this we have no other choice if we keep living like this we will eventually starve” Rye said knowing this was the only way.
“If you really want to do this I won’t stop you , you can register in Fakrom its normally takes a day by foot but with your speed about 8 hours.”
“I’m off to become an assassin see you when I’m number 1.” said Rye with excitement completely forgetting he saw a dead body.
Stay tuned for more amazing content made in rush because this was due on Monday and it was my birthday. Will I continue this story on my next contest or getting a failing grade and switch to Lopez find out next time on Golden Age of Assassination : Crimson Dagger or some other cheesy name?

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