Turn Around

October 20, 2017
By Reyrey03 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Reyrey03 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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 As Kooper sips his mourning coffea with his partner Kane, the walki-talkie blares " Kooper and Kane we need you two down at the water hole now!" Without a hestitaion the two dash into their car and zoomed out onto the road. Rushing to the waterhole, Kane notices a young boy, which what seems to be a smudge or dirt on his face.

 "Probably homeless or a runaway," said Kooper.

 Kane was unsure of this, something about that boy made Kane want to turn around. But Kooper was  saying the opposite. 

 "What if we turn around Kooper, just check it out," Kane asked.

 "Kane! I know you are new,but you should know we have no time for him. We have bigger problems!"Kooper yells. 

 Kane was new, but he knew that this was wrong. Their duties are to protect all the people. Big or small. Outraged by Koopers juvinile behavior, Kane swerves around and heads back towards the child. 

 Kooper exploding with rage shouts, " what are you dong! He is none of our business, Kane. We have more important matters. And a child with dirt on his face is not our concern. Turn around!"

 Kane was obviosly not listening. All he could hear was his heart pounding. Why was is it pounding so hard? Something about that kids keeps driving me to him. But I dont know him, Kane thinks. 

 As Kooper continues to yell and Kane  blocking him out, a reacuring thought is in Kane's head. Could it be him? Maybe it is him? Not possible. As Kane has a quarel in his head, he almost doesn't notice the roaring truck coming their way. Kooper quickly turns the the wheel, missing the truck by a few meters. Kooper looks over to Kane to notice his blank eyes, as if he just brushed off their near death experience like it was nothing. 

 Kooper yells and claps his hands to catch Kane's attention, but Kane was too far driffted into his thoughts. No way it could be him. Cant be. What if it is him? His thoughts keep coming simultaneously over and over again. What if it is him? It cant be him. No way it could be him as he chants into his head till he said it out loud.

 "No way it could be him, cant be him. But what if it is him?"

  Kooper viciously tries to wake Kane out of hsi mind. All that did was wake up his leg to stomp on the gas and dash back into the road, heading back to the childs direction.

 "Where are you going? You're out of your mind now, Kane!"Kooper protested. kane just gave kooper a sharp stare and continued to drive. But Kooper would not stay quiet untill Kane yells!

 "It could be him! What if this was your child Kooper? You would hope someone would stop to help him, hold him, comfort his lonely heart! You would hope your child is safe. Wouldn't you?" 

 Not affected by his speech, Kooper just replies with a simple heartless answer.

 "The child will still be ther efor some other ranger to pick him up. We were called to the water hole. That is out duty right now. But since we are almost there to the kids, no point in turning back."

 Offended by this Kane starts to boil up till he could not take it it an yells to koopers stuborn head. 

 "It is out job to to protect whoever, whenever. And this is me doing that. Plus that could be him."

 Confused and starteld Kooper had to ask Kane.

 "Who is he, Kane? Who are you talking about?"

 Tears start to emerge, embaressed yet confident, Kane decided to unluck the doors to his dark, lonely past. Too heartbreaking to speak of. But Kooper needs to know. He needs to know about him. I dont think i can keep it caged much longer Kane comtimplates. After a period of silence, Kane frees his past.  

 " He was separated from me. I couldnn't find Tim. I searched and searched. The hours turned to days and the days progressed to months and after long months the years go by. And his room is still empty, cold and lonely. Their is no laughter to echo in the room, no smile to brighten the room. Its just a reminder. A shivering reminder." kooper tried to best to contiue," He just slipped from my hands. But I held them so tight. That was the last I saw of him at the county fair six years ago" 

  "I'm very sorry to hear Kane. I didn't know, " Kooper confessed.

  "Of course you wouldn't know. The case turned into a cold case after a year. You guys just quit," Kane says with his voice breaking up. But he still managed to get his words out.

 "This is why i decided to join the Little Meadow Rangers. I was going to search for the kids, I was going to make the "least important cases my priorty!"

 Not noticing that they had reached the child Kooper interups Kane.

 "Well here we are Kane. Get out and great the young man."

  Kane steps onto the ground. First thing his eyes see, the birthmark. It wasn't Tims birthmark. This was not him. Kane wanted to rush back to the car, but he promised he was going to help this boy, that is what he's going to do. After taking in the boy a few weeks ago, the missing childrens cases have slowly decreased thanks to Kanes comitment and Koopers new understanding of his duties as a ranger in the town of Little Medow.

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