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October 10, 2017
By fiona43 BRONZE, Colorado Springs Co, Colorado
fiona43 BRONZE, Colorado Springs Co, Colorado
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Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

Joy was a young bulldog pup with her six sisters, Lucky, Bright, Hope, Bliss, Magic and Miracle and her one brother Tib. Her parents were Hogan and Ally. All the pups love each other very much.

Joy loved her home at the Colorado Animal Life Hospital and Puppy Pound.  She loved to watch the leaves fall from the trees and the sun go down and up.  She watched the old trees sway and the tire swing stay as still as the wind. She heard the wind of the aspen trees blow away the sound of the birds flying south and the curious sound of the wolves howl deep in cold dark woods.

Joy was always the most curious pup. She love to watch things go by, meanwhile, her brother Tib would jump around and be in a hurry whenever or wherever we were going.  Yesterday he made it a race to see who could get to the kibble bowl faster. Immediately he said go and left us in the dust just as we were reaching half moon ranch where mom and dad were waiting for us to come home so we could eat supper. Of course  Tib was in  first, Lucky with second, Magic with third, Hope and Bright with fourth, and Bliss, Joy and Merical with fifth.

Bliss was someone joy liked very much. Bliss always stuck around no matter what we were doing or where we were. If we needed her she was there. Bliss loved the quiet and peaceful ness of winter. Her white coat blended in perfectly with the snow. Joy always love fall.  Her brown speckled coat blended in beautifully with the leaves and the grass. Magic had a black and white coat  that blended in with the cow pasture. Seriously it was like magic. Hope is brown and white so is bright. Hope and bright were like twins! The both love summer they both are brown and white, and they both have moms eyes. Its ridiculous! Luckey is gray and speckled and also loves summer. Oh and little miracle she's white with one black eye. She is a spring pup.

The sibling pups are so different but they all love eachother very much.  But sometimes there differences get in the way to much . For example, last week Tib accidentally elbowed lucky on the way to the kibble bowls mom saw and Tib got dog pounded for the rest of the week.  Most of the time accidents were just elbowing someone in the side or stepping on someone's paw. But this time an “accident” actually changed something.

It all started when, Tib made fun of Magic by calling her a smelly cow and bliss said “look who's talking the big tough bull in the family.” Just then mom walked in and said it's a mess in here! Tib yelped in fright. We all giggled a little bit. You know your father was always the messiest one in the family said mom. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The laughing stopped when she said you're all dog pounded unless you clean this up right now. We all started cleaning then all of the sudden bliss looked up and said where's magic? The pups were all looking around and then realised that the back door was open. The pups ran out and went to the cow pasture and looked all around the barn.  No sign of her just then Bright and her magnificent eyesight said look over there. There was somthing blue and sparkly stuck on the barb wire fence. It was Magics collar! Then Hope saw some little dog paws on the muddy dirt trail. They followed the paws foot prints all the way to a old tree there sitting under that tree was Magic. The pups were overjoyed to see her that they did not even realize that the sun was going down and they were in the middle of nowhere.

After a little while the pups began to get nervous they started walking in some direction and Tib started to sing. That is what he does when he misses mom although he would never it mit it.  It was beginning to break dawn and the sun lit the meadow which was filled with daisies and other wild flowers. The wind blew from what appeared to be the North East and the sky was a beautiful and bright shade of pink, purple, orange, and yellow.  Then something started rustling over in the bushes. Out appeared a little black and white striped cat. Tib started to bark at her, while the others started to back up. Tib said oh are you guys afraid of an little cat! Joy said toTib “that's  not a cat Tib.” The black and white furry object said “ you should listen to her more often.” as it turned around and lifted its tail. Out of it came  spraying stench that brought tib and all the pups running away in fright and smell. They soon ended up at a truck stop downtown. The pups were looking around for someone they knew. Then miracle said look that truck is full of apples! Tib said “I know you're hungry but this is hardly the time.” “no, on the crates said miracle.” there on the three or four crates  was a sign that said ship to Half Moon Ranch. The pups jumped in and buried themselves in the apples.  Soon after came the truck driver. They were driving for about an hour and finally reached the ranch the truck driver got out and said howdy to  the people who owned the ranch (sally and joe, very nice people) he then went back and grabbed one of the apple crates. There out popped four little puppy heads then  popped out two more. The truck driver smiled and said well how do you like dem apples.

The author's comments:

Joy is a young pup who has six sisters and one brother and when one of the pups goes missing the pups must wok together to find her and then get home safely. I was inspired to write this stoy because i have two dogs and they are best frirend even when there diffrences get in the way. My grammie has had a buldog and i have heard nothig but good things and i thoght that it woud make a cut story to write about one.

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Posey said...
on Oct. 23 2017 at 11:07 pm
What a fun and happy story . There is excitement and some suspense which I always like in a story . Loved the colorful writing with such great action words . A great read . I’d like more !

Beautyful said...
on Oct. 23 2017 at 10:56 pm
I love this story! It made me smile! It is sweet but still exciting! Would love to see it in the magazine. I love reading young people's work! It is so fun and this artical is a great example! You keep going I want to here more

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