October 16, 2017
By Billybob202 BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
Billybob202 BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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 I was born in Morrowind southeast of Skyrim, my family was refugees of the war happening in our homeland. We wanted new hopes and dreams for work and prosperity in Skyrim. At the time we came an uprising of the Nords came to be a rebellion against the empire named the “ Stormcloaks .” We settled in the refuge of Windhelm the heart of the Stormcloak rebellion, the extremist in Windhelm hated the Dark Elves( Dunmer), I and my Family were acused that we were imperial spies for the empire because we're dark elves, they shunned us of our existence.

One day I was working on the docks carrying supplies for the city when an elf came up to telling me that my parents had died, they were found inside the building where the refugees live. On that day I never forgave the people who killed my parents, the next night i was looking into my parents death finding out rumors. I went into the cavern hearing that a man named “ Angrenor Once- Honored” kill them. On that same night I went outside and walked to his house and got a lockpick and open the door sneaking in I went to his bedroom and killed him in his sleep with my dad’s knife. The very next morning I left the city so I wouldn’t be captured by the guards.

I was wondering Skyrim’s plains when nobody wanted me not even to work for them, I scavenge for food to eat and slept on the cold ground. I appeared to a door under a hill in the middle of nowhere a woman in black robes came to asking me if I was lost. “ No just wondering.” I said speculating the person, but then she motions me to the door to come into the sanctuary. As I walked through the door I see a group of people with the same robes and hoods on in a circle chanting a language I did not know. The woman standing next to me grabs their attention towards her introducing me to the people. They asked who I was “ I am a refuge for Morrowind.” I said suspicious of their intentions, they all mumbled to each other till finally a person says we shall take you in under us, form then on I became an apprentice of the witches in this sanctuary as a conjurer. I did the initiation on that day and studied alchemy, conjuring, and witchcraft.

Teaching me destruction magic as a fire mage, they noticed I had more promising abilities with conjuring and selecting ingredients for alchemy. We raided carriages and terrorized people on the road for money and food, I lived like this till the day I left and was ready to live on my own and go my direction. Now to present day I am in  Solitude joining the army to defeat the rebellion once and for all. To avenge my parents death and for all the people of skyrim who live here for new lives.

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Skyrim is one of my favorite games to play

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