September 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Darkness shrouded the occupant of an alloy cage that reflected glints of lost light. A faintly visible dark form paced in front of the prisoner.  The regular thud of his footsteps and the varying plunk of water dripping from stalactites rang through the cave.

Light flooded the cave and the footsteps missed a beat and then stopped altogether leaving the cave silent and filled with anticipation.

A small skinny man with white flowing robes that gleamed in the dim light stood in his way. He stood proud with his hands clasped in front of him and his face showed no sign of fear.

The dark one started to whimper ever so slightly the sound of a dog submitting to its master. The whimper grew louder and turned into a cry of anguish as the dark figure seemed to shrink. 

The white robed man strode forward and past the other man who was huddled on the floor. He stopped in front of the cage. The dark figure had been guarding.  He reached out his hand and touched the lock. A sweet click sounded and the lock opened. He opened the door and the unoiled hinges let out an ear shattering protest. Inside the cold iron bars a tired prisoner lay on the floor oblivious to the world around him.

"Rise you are free," the light man said his voice rich and full like a preacher's. He reached out his hand and the man reached out his own cracked and bleeding hand and took hold of the other man's uncalloused one.

The dark figure on the floor cried out in anger as they walked back past him "I'm Anger. I lurk around every corner you haven't seen the last of me"

The two men walked out of the damp dungeon into the bright fresh air. The white man placed his hand on the other man's shoulder.

"Be strong. Remember you are free," he told him taking note that the man’s cuts and bruises had already started to heal in the sunshine.

"Who are you?"  The free man asked meeting the others man's eyes with awe.

"They call me forgiveness."

The author's comments:

This short story is inspired by a song called "Forgivness". I really appreciated that it described forgivness as anger's worst enemy and that forgivness can set us free so I decided to write about it. 

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