Naruto Descriptive Essay

September 19, 2017
By mballard8 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
mballard8 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Many people have told me to never give up and sometimes I tell myself that. However, one specific character I have seen lives and would die by that motto. His name is Naruto Uzumaki and he never backs down from any challenge, no matter what dangers face him.
  Naruto is an anime, or Japanese cartoon, that shows the life and journey of Naruto himself. Naruto is an up and coming ninja who aspires to eventually become the village’s Hokage, or the leader of his village. However, Naruto has been cursed with the Nine Tailed Fox spirit as it was sealed in his body by the Fourth Hokage to save the village. As a result, Naruto is neglected by many villagers because he is different and has this demon inside of him. Naruto has found people who have accepted him though, such as his sensei, Kakashi, and his squad members Sasuke and Sakura.
  One thing that makes Naruto special is his ability to never give up, no matter the circumstance. In battle, Naruto always has a determined, stern look in his eyes. He is almost smirking as if he knows he is going to win. He usually tends to try and throw his opponent off guard and try to strike first, no matter how formidable the foe is. Typically, Naruto will eventually tumble to the ground. Remarkably, he is able to stand such hard blows to his body, and his determination gives him immense strength. Naruto has said that he will, “never give up because that is his ninja way.” This allows Naruto to always have shot of winning any battle he is put in.
  Another thing that makes Naruto so special is his determination to be better than his rivals. In battle, Naruto is constantly contemplating what he can do to be better than Sasuke. Naruto sees Sasuke as someone who is perfect in every aspect of being a ninja and envies him for it. So because of this, Naruto trains nonstop to learn new techniques to impress Sasuke and others. Naruto eventually learns to summon a very large battle toad that even had Sasuke questioning where he had learned that from. Naruto’s drive allows him to be the best ninja that he can possibly be.
  One last thing that makes Naruto different from all the others is the enormous strength that is inside him. Unlike others, Naruto possesses two types of energies inside him because of the spirit that he has possessed ever since he was born. The first is a normal type of energy that is light blue in color and just somewhat of a threat to an opponent. The second type is much more powerful energy. This energy is a dark, ominous, red energy that comes from the spirit inside him. At first, just when Naruto was in danger, this power would become unleashed. Now, Naruto is able to harness and control this unusual power making him unstoppable. This energy changes Naruto’s appearance, as he grows fangs and claws and closely resembles a fox. The power makes him unbeatable and no match for any other ninja.
  Although Naruto seems like a knucklehead outside of battle, he is truly a warrior in battle because of his determination, rivalries, and his power. He is truly a special individual who I personally have looked up to for lessons in my own life.

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