Ko Takeuchi

September 8, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a crisp day in Chinatown New York, and all was well. The buffet and sushi restaurants were opening and the fireworks were going on display. Chinese people and tourists were wandering the streets as usual. Surely though, there was always giants amounts of crimes happening throughout the city. People were snatching up purses, kids were taking Ding Dongs from each other, and ninja gangs were stealing valuable belongings from people all over New York, until today that is.

Wishi Washi Sushi is a five star gourmet sushi restaurant that serves some of the most delectable and valuable meals. They make gourmet sushi perfectly, and seafood so rare, that no other seafood restaurant in New York has the same menu items. The materials they use in their food is super rare and extremely valuable, and many seek these items for their own greedy desires.

One day, the chef was working very hard in the kitchen. He worked very hard, and the garbage started to pile up more and more as he worked. He finally just had to stop and take out the garbage. He grabbed up all of the garbage, and walked out back into the alley way. Out of nowhere, the chef got jumped by a couple of gang members. They beat him up and pulled a gun out.

“Go get the most expensive thing in your kitchen. Now! Two minutes, or else we’ll shoot up the entire place!” The leader of them told him. The chef as quickly as he could ran back in. He was under attack and in grave danger. He was panicking, and was not sure if he should follow what the gang wants him to do, or defend the restaurant and it’s valued goods. He gave it a thought for a second and then came up with a plan. He grabbed a big looking flounder that wasn’t expensive at all, and ran out with it.

“They don’t know what the most expensive thing in the restaurant is, so maybe they will fall for it” he thought to himself. He ran out with the flounder, and attempted to give it to them.

“What do you think, that we’re freaking stupid or something? Do you really think that we are going to take this fish believing that this is worth something?” the leader said.

“We know that your most valuable delicacy is the transparent elver. Now go get a whole pound of it!” He demanded. The chef ran in and got as much of the transparent elvers that he could fit in his hands. He ran out and showed them all the eels. One of them held up what looked like a tool box.

“Put the eel in the box” the leader demanded. The chef did as he was told, and put everyone of those eels in the box.

“Thanks for the gift. Sweet as honeysuckle on the vine” the leader said with a demented grin “But I just have one more thing to do… get rid of the witnesses!” he said as he held his gun up. Just before he did the deed, someone swooped down out of nowhere, and sent that gun flying out of his hands. This stranger was here to stop them.

“Who are you?” the leader asked.

“Please give him the eel back” the stranger told him. They all burst out laughing.

“Or else what man?” one of them said laughing.

“Please, just do so” he told them.

“If you wish for so to happen, you better come over here and make it happen. Come at me bro!” the leader yelled. The stranger did a fighting dance and prepared to fight.

“Get him Pedro!” the leader yelled, but that’s when one of his guys started to beat up the other one.
“No Pedro! No! Bad Pedro!” the leader yelled. The leader then put the box full of small transparent eels to the side, and stepped up and to take action. He put up his dukes and was ready to get down to it.
“Hit me with your best shot” he said.

He tried to punch the stranger real good for a start, but that stranger was quick and was able to block every single blow that the leader threw. Then they both went for a huge knee on each other, but the collided and it pushed them both back. The stranger got up very quickly, however, and was able glock the leader in the schnoz, causing him to fall down. Then his guys saw their leader down like he was, and they stopped their fighting to take on the stranger.

The one the call Pedro came up on him, but was put in a headlock and passed out. Then the other one pulled out his little switch blade, and was waving it around. The stranger crane kicked the blade right out that guy’s hand and into his kneecap. That guy yelped like a monkey on a thorn, and fell down on his knees. That’s when the stranger jumped up and did a quadruple kick on the guy’s face mid-air, and when he landed, he threw dirt on the guy’s face, causing him to collapse fully.

The stranger went for the box of small transparent eels, but was stopped. Pedro was up again, and fighting back. Pedro grabbed the stranger’s leg and tried to bite his hand. The stranger started spinning super fast, and Pedro was having a super difficult time holding on to the stranger’s leg. Finally, the stranger came to a dead stop, and sent Pedro flying into the wall, and into a nasty garbage can full of roly poly fish heads.

That’s when their super secret look out guy came out and tried to jump the stranger. This lookout seemed bigger and badder than the other two guys. He picked up the stranger, and tried to throw him out in the street, but the stranger grabbed, and broke his thumb. The lookout dropped him, and grabbed his hand hollering in agony. His hollar was so loud, it 2 alerted more of the gang members, and they came with big katanas. The stranger stood his ground. He wasn’t going to let a couple of katanas and a big muscular guy stop him from protecting the chef and the restaurant’s eels. He reached behind his back, and pulled out a set of some nunchucks. He whirled those suckers around as fast as he could, and showed them he had the power.
One of the guys with a katana ran after him, and pointed the katana in his direction. The stranger step to the side, and the gang member rammed his katana right into the garbage can with Pedro in it. Red juices started pouring from the cut, and when he pulled it out, it was clear that he had stabbed the face of a box of strawberry juice. His sword was dented up and covered with strawberry juice, completely ruined. The stranger used his nunchucks, and bonked him right on the head.

The other guy with a katana threw a few ninja stars at him, and then charged at him with his sword. The stranger hit all of the stars back at him as if though they were ping pong balls, and then picked up a rock and hit it towards him too. The gang member dodged all of the stars, but the rock hit him dead on the head, and sent him flying into the other guy that he knocked out earlier. The stars kept flying, and pinned up the big muscular guy right to the wall. The stranger jumped and soared all the way over to him, and clouted him in his ribcage, and then knocking his molars out with a quick thwomp to the jaw.

Just when he thought that the fight was over, a giant sumo wrestler jumped from up top of the seafood restaurant, and caused the ground to shake. It caused the ground to shake so much that the stranger had trouble standing up, and fell to the ground. The sumo wrestler yelled out a mighty loud roar, and ran as fast as he could to the stranger. Just before the sumo wrestler gave him a great big body slam of death, the stranger rolled out of the way, and avoided his doom. He flew up high into the air, and came down as hard as he could with his elbow on the sumo wrestler’s back. He gave a big blow, but it had no effect. Instead, the stranger started to sink into the sumo wrestler’s back. The sumo wrestler knew that he was stuck in his glorified fat rolls, and so as fast as he possibly could, he rolled over on top of the stranger. For sure the stranger was dead now. The sumo wrestler let out a mighty laugh, and got up to a very shocking surprise. When he looked, the stranger was nowhere in sight. The sumo wrestler looked around for awhile until h started to feel something. All of a sudden, the stranger jumped out of the sumo wrestler’s stomach area and landed perfectly on his feet. The sumo wrestler stood there in a state of surprise, and the stranger went over to the garbage can full of the roly poly fish heads and pulled out this big blowfish. The stranger threw it at the sumo wrestler hoping that it would poke him, but to his surprise, the sumo wrestler ate it whole in one single gulp. The stranger was shocked, but not worried for a second. The sumo wrestler started to ran after him, but then he suddenly turned purple, and collapsed. The poisonous effects of the blowfish had killed him instantly.

The stranger had done it, he had defeated the entire gang. He went over, grabbed the box that was full of small transparent eels, and handed it to the chef. The stranger was just about to take off in the alley way, when suddenly, the gang leader was back up and had him pinned up to the wall with a gun. Just before he went to pull the trigger, the chef came up from behind him, and bashed his head right in with a top quality frying pan. The gang leader dropped the gun, let go of the stranger, and held his head while crying like a total sissy. The stranger looked at the gang leader, and he started floating. His hair turned golden and stood up on its own, his eyes turned bright yellow and angry, an aura of power started to surround the stranger. He clenched his hand into a tight fist, and pulled it back, charging up his next blow.

“Shoryuken!” The stranger yelled as he unleashed all of his mighty powers, and smited the crap out of that gang leader. A bright light lit up the alley way, and when it all was over, the gang leader’s clothes were still standing empty in place. They suddenly went flying in the air, and landed in the cart of the homeless guy down the alley way, who was watching this whole event take place in amazement.

The chef stood there in awe, and thanked the stranger gracefully. He bowed down to him, and kissed his feet, and called him the mighty ninja warrior master of the skies. The stranger asked for him to stop, for he said that he did not deserve to be treated like royalty as all he did was the right thing. The chef shook his hand, and the stranger was getting ready to leave in the most awesome, coolest way that every single warrior does in the end of a dramatic scene or story. Just before the stranger left for good, the chef asked him a question.
“Who are you?” he asked. The stranger looked at him with an intense look, and yelled out his name.

“Ko Takeuchiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

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