The Fight of a Lifetime

June 7, 2017
By Josh12345 BRONZE, NYC, New York
Josh12345 BRONZE, NYC, New York
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“I see land ahead” said one of my fellow crew members.

I didn’t believe him at first. Oliver was known to lie and prank us quite a bit like yesterday when he said “I see a land of gold ahead filled with angels!” I just sat in my chair in my room just listening to the sound of people working on the ship and the smooth sound of the ocean waves. Being stuck on this ship for over 17 days and I’ve never been more bored.

I heard captain’s heavy footsteps above my room and I heard him gasp loudly. “LAND AHEAD” he yelled out and everyone ran out onto the main deck. The fog was covering something land like and we couldn’t believe our eyes. It took us 17 days to get from England to this land. It didn’t look big at first I have to admit, more like an island, but worth a shot to take a look at this land.

As we neared the island, some kind of figure came to the shore of the ocean. It was big, moving, alive. Captain looked happier than ever, while crew members were just happy to get off a crowded, small, ship.

The figures I saw before, looked somewhat like humans, in the common structure of humans. The figures ran away back on the island and hopefully it was just some curious animals that had been frightened. The smell of the air was rich but had a distinct smell to another island we conquered last year. The land was Geryew near our settlement of England and the land was filled with Indians. The smell of Geryew came back to me on this island and brings back horrible memories of our army fighting of the Indians. I lost many friends in the battles but we did conquer land which is all everyone wanted.

We walked further into the island and noticed that the island had houses of some sort. There were people here. We raised our guns and watched each other's backs. No one was safe.

We walked slowly moving into land. The mountains were beautiful and tall. Again! I saw shadows above the land, looking like people overseeing the land and seeing us, they ran away behind the mountains to the other side.

“Bill, did you see that up there? On the mountains?”

“Didn’t catch it Tyrone, sorry.”

I felt more relieved that it was something in my head, hopefully.  Then out of nowhere, people, still don’t exactly know who they were, attacked us. They had spears while we had guns.

Boom! Bill shot his gun. The Indians had killed many of our men but we killed even more of them and we outnumbered and out strengthened them with our weapons. I got hit with a spear on my head but luckily I had a helmet so nothing was pierced.

After the last Indian was dead we only saw 7 out of 95 of our men down on the ground. The Indians only had approximately 78 Indians were on the ground and either dead or severely wounded, that we let them die on the ground.

Captain stepped over all the Indians in gratitude, “THIS LAND IS OURS NOW.”

Everyone yelled up and celebrated in taking over a gorgeous, new, land.

The author's comments:

This is about how a land of Indians are taken over by whites.

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