August 13, 2017

A sudden loud Groan startled Riku as he rushed backwards once again. "Grrrrh...grrrghh!" The Body Shifted. Riku continued to poke the person, "Why are you Poking me with that stick!" The person Yelled. "Huhh! Your...Alive!" Riku freaked looking absolutely Frightened. "Of course I'm alive you Dopehead" The Person said standing up. It was a youngman, about the same Height as Riku, they both had similiar hair which was long but frowed forward instead of backwards like Riku. "What were you doing Half Buried into the sand?" Riku yelled. "Isn't it obvious, I was taking nap." The Person said sounding abit unsure. Riku begun to examine the boy further. He wore Short torn pants which seemed bigger than the original size for him, and a oversized marina which was covered in filth. "Where I'm I anyway?" The boy said looking Confused. "Your at Crystal way Island" Riku said. The boy took a While to answer, "Crystal Way?" The boy asked looking at the open Horizon. "What is that..." He continued. "I guess your not from here...what do you mean you were taking a Nap!, looks like you've been Shipwrecked or something?" Riku said in a Speed. "I can't Really Remember...Okay" he answered stuttering. "What's your name?" Riku asked. "I don't Know? I can't Remember." "Well...Umm' my names Riku Cebers!" Riku jumped as he Drew nearer to the boy. "Where I'm I...and what happened..." The Boy thought to himself. The young man begun to Dust himself off, noticing the deep wounds in his Skin. "Huhh?" "What Happened to you?" Riku Jumped. "I don't Know." The boy answered. "Are you in Pain?" Riku asked. "Sigh'...I've got no Time for this Kid, I need to find out what Happened and How did I end up on this Island" The boy said as Walked away glaring at the majestic Horizon. "Hey! you could Follow me back into the Village to meet my Grandma, maybe she'll know what to do?" "Village?" The boy said Turning Around. I'll be taking that!" Someone rushed passed Riku taking the Batch of Mushrooms. "Hehe...HEY CEBERS!, what you doing out on our Turf?" A voice broke into the atmosphere. Riku just froze, standing completely still. "And whose your friend?" Another voice called. "I thought we were your only Friends Riku?"The Voice said Chuckling under his Breath "Huhh" the boy looked Behind. "Ummm'...Guy we have to run!" Riku yelled with fear. It was the Joker Brothers, the Local twin Bullies that usually Hung around Here. "Run for what?" The young man said walking Towards Riku. "Well allow us to Introduce ourselves to your Friend." "I'm Shrimpy" one said. "And I'm Ice" another announced. "And were the Joker Brothers...and this Our Turf". "Hey Riku are these Friends of yours?". "Ha! I wouldn't be friends with this Low Life Loser!" Shrimpy laughed as he swung his fist straight into Riku nose. Riku fell directly to the ground. The youngman stund Silent. "Why did you Punch him..." "Oh' lemme' guess you want one too?" Icey Said. The Boy Quickly rushes towards both of the Twins. "How'd you Like it if I Hit you!" The youngman swiftly swapped the first Twin with a serious Round House Kick. Sending him into the Air. "Arrghhh!" It happened so Quickly, the second Twin didn't even get the chance to respond. "Shrimpy!" Icey Cried glaring back at The Boy. "Riku you alright?" "Ugh" his nose begun to bleed. The Second twin Immediately rushed to his Brother who was Knocked out. "Well be Back!". "Who were those windbags?" Rashawn said Cracking his Neck. "Ughhh..."

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