The Dallas Cup

July 26, 2017
By Anonymous

“Wake up,Wake Up”,Johnny come on you're going to miss big game. “My game big game”;said Jonathan, “Yeah for soccer, The Dallas Cup” ; said Jonathan’s Mom. “Oh Yeah!”, “Come on we're going to be late”. Wait what time is the game. Its at 8:05 but we need to be there at 7:00, Coach said to be an hour early. It was so cold today even though it was a Saturday. I have been waiting for this game for so long and worked hard for it. It is so hard to get selected to this tournament. It is also so far away from my home town in Philadelphia. It's all the way in Dallas Texas.


       We had to take a plane to get to my game. We arrived around 6:09 and I was so tired I wanted more sleep. After the flight Coach came to pick me and my family. “Hey Johnny,ready for the game”. ;said Coach. “Yeah,What fields are we playing on?”. There going to be ats Fields of Dream”. They such nice fields, You’ll like them. We made it right on time, I started to putting on my gear and uniform.Right when i was putting on my second shine guard I see my rival when it comes to the game. It was Zach,Zach is short and quick and really good with the ball. He is so good and really hard to beat. He played for Eclipse.

      I played for VCU, It stands for Ventura County United. Eclipse and VCU have been rivals for a while, It was time for my first game. The whistle blew. The first team I played against a team called kickers.They weren't so good and didn't give us much of a challenge. We were doing circles around them.I was dribbling through them like nothing.The final score was 6-0 and we were doing great for the first game.The next game we played against FCU they were pretty good we came through the whole 1st half 0-0 and it was the last time few min and I was dribbling and all of a sudden I pass it to my friend Billy and he tap it in the goal and scored.The last few seconds we were trying to hold off. The whistle blew , Mhh,Mhh,mhh.We won the game.

    It was the last game of our bracket and we were playing against Thousands Oaks.They were so good and my friend was on that team his name was Nick.They were winning 3-0 and were running out of time. Finally I give a pass to my one of my teammates and they score. “We finally start working as a unit and then I score from the half and we were 3-2 and there was only one minute left in the game and my friend passes it to me then I pass it to Anthony, Anthony then scores and we tie.


    My friends and I were so worried if we were going to make it to the championship. The people at the scoreboards were checking all they other games and wouldn't know until the next hour. Zach was coming over to see where they ended up. “Johnathon did you make it to the next round.” ;said Zach. “I will not know until the next hour.” “Oh cause I made it”. He said it in such a stuck way and I wanted to say I made but,I couldn't. He would know that I was lying.He said in such a stuck way that it made me feel so small like I didn't mean anything. I had to hold the agony and move on.The hour passed by the score board was set with the final results of the games.

    I walked in with a full stomach to the tent. I just came back from subway.I was checking the scoreboard and we made it.We beat the Thousand Oaks Team by more points.I was so happy. I had never made it this far in a tough tournament like this one. I was filled with joy.I checked who I was facing up against for the championship. It said Eclipse. Once I saw that name My face went from excited to terrified. Everytime we play against Eclipse we lose. I don't remember one time that we won Eclipse.I felt so doubtful in myself, I wanted to quit.I knew my fate if I go and play against them. I thought to myself I have faced harder teams and I never was scared. I can beat this team.I  feared Zach the most because every time we faced each other, He always out plays me.

   I was getting ready to play the final game.The whistle blew Anthony passed it to me and then I passed it to Billy, Billy tried to pass it but was to slow and he got the ball token away. Zach took the ball away from Billy, He took it like nothing and went through four of my players and scored.It was 1-0 already in the first two minutes. This time I started with the ball, I went through Eclipse defense and I could see the goal,But I could see something approaching me it was Zach, Zach snatched the ball away from me and took of h was so quick I couldn't keep up.He kept running until he reached the goal and scored another goal.I was so shocked at what I had saw.I did not want to play anymore. The first half was gone and with Eclipse with a 4 goal lead I was devastated and I was thinking that there was no way of winning now. They made us look like ballerinas.

   It was the second half and the ref blew the whistle to bring the players to the field my Dad called me. “Johnny you need to put a 110% if you want to win”. “You need to step it up,stop thinking that,that kid is better than you , “He’s not you are so much better than him”. “You need to stop thinking that!”. “Now go out there and win!”. I was so fired up and I was only thinking of winning nothing else was going through my mind. The whistle blew and the second half started. Zach was running with ball, I took it away from him. I had never taken away the ball from Zach before. I dribbled pass all the defenders and I scored. It was 4-1 now and i had the ball again,I passed it to Billy, Billy then passed it to William passed it to Anthony, Came running and shot a goloso. The score became 4-2 now.


The game was all tied up now we went to to extra time and we were still all tied up. Both teams were putting their all out there. We had to go down to penalties.My team went first and scored,The penalties didn't do anything to the score and it was down to the last shot. The final penalties were going to finalized by me and Zach. I had to shoot first. I was walking up to the gaol all nervous and thinking twice to where to put the ball. I thought of what my Dad told me, I shot the ball and I scored. All the nervousness I felt went away.Zach went up. He was going to shoot when I was praying to myself for him not to make it.He shot the ball and missed. The ref blew the whistle and we won.I was screaming of joy. We ran to Coach and threw water on him.Coach was handing the trophies to my team when I see Zach walking over. “Good game”, “Well deserved”. I was so shocked of what he did. I had never before gotten respect from Zach. We became great friends after that day.I finally proved to myself that I am something great.

The author's comments:

This story is about a kid who is trying to find who he really is and what he can really do. He has to test himself. He has to belive in himself by facing his frears. In this story you will find out how Johnny faces them.

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