the rugby game

July 24, 2017
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There were two best friends named Lacey and Trinity.   They like to do everything together.    They were walking home and Trinity found two pairs of cleats.    The cleats made them run fast.   The first game is in two days they had to practice hard.   They ran and did pushups and sit ups it was game day Lacey and Trinity were really scared because they didn’t know if they were going to do good Lacey was up there first.    She got the ball and she was running really fast. She made a try. She was so happy.   Now it is Trinity turn she was running and everyone was trying to get her down. They have her shirt and she made a try too they was so happy.    Lacey said to Trinity we should go somewhere and go have fun. Trinity said these cleats must be magic. Lacey said where did they come from? and Trinity said I don’t know”,  If they want to keep winning they games they had to work hard in practices they was working out and practice all the time the second game is tomorrow .  Lacey spent a night at trinity’s house so they can go to the game together. So they woke up got in the shower and brushed their teeth and got in the car. They start driving to the game when they got there the put on the ‘magic cleats. Lacey was in the back line because she the fastest person on the team and trinity was in the front line because she was the was big and big people is fit to be in the front line. The game started they were  kicking the ball off the other team got the ball they were running Trinity came and took the girl down and our team took the ball they game the ball to Lacey she was running with the ball they tried the get her down and  not  going down  and she made a try everyone was happy they got the big and big ball again the pass it off to Carly she was running she threw it back to Sierra  she was running  they give in to Lacey and she made a try it was 14 to 0 now the other team got the ball. This big girl was running everyone was trying to get her down no one can then Lacey came and tried the big girl fell on top of her. Lacey was very hurt.  They had to come and get her to the side line when they took Lacey out the game. The cougar was losing Lacey was like put me back and put me back in. I’m fine. They put her back in it was only 3 minutes. They give her the ball she was running no one can take her down and she made a try. The cougars won they were so happy. The team the they played l  all became friends. They learn a lot about each other they ate and left Lacey went to the hospital just to go get a checkup they said she fine just to make sure she need to sit out a couple practices. she was so mad because she was rugby is her life the doctor said you will be back playing in no time Lacey said ok Lacey went to practice. She just had to sit there and watch the other teammates. She was mad but she knew it was for the good Lacey was yelling at the girls telling them keep going don’t stop you almost there. The  girls next game is at Chico is a really good team we had to work hard .If we want to beat them the coaches are really scared because they don’t want us to lose Lacey said to Trinity, good job keep up the work.
Trinity said,” thank you, best friend.”
Lacey said”, you welcome
The game is in two days. We have .been working hard and Lacey can practice again. She was ready and everyone had to run they all had 13 minutes to finish. Lacey was the first one to finish she finish in 7 minutes and 30 seconds everyone else finished in 12 minutes and 30 seconds .
Trinity said,” dang lacey you fast.”
Lacey said,” I know right
Everyone was like we lucky we have you on our team.
Its game day we were driving to Chico in the car. It was Trinity and Lacey and Lily and Lana we were driving for 1 hour and 48 minutes 

They was still an hour before the game started we were practicing.  the game started and had we had to kick the ball off to them the girl was running then took her down trinity y took her down the cougars start running then they got took down then they pass it back to lily she state running then the pass it back to lacey she was running then she made a try the cougars was in lead it was 21 to 7 now it was half time.
Trinity asked Lacey are you having fun
And lacey said yes what about you?
Trinity said yes
Lacey said you,” doing good trinity
Trinity said,” thanks best friend you are too
The girls had to get the ball back to play the game ended in 30 minutes the other team started with the ball in the second half the cougars kicked the ball off they just stated to run then taking the person with the ball down the person with the ball drop it trinity pick it up are started to run with the ball and she made a try the cougars win after the team they made friends on the other team and they took pictures and then they left
Lacey said,” Trinity is you coming in my car?
Trinity said,” yes
Lacey said ok and get in.”
When they were leaving they stopped at Denny’s to eat. After they left Denny’s they went home. Two days later they were playing them last game at will Rogers they were playing Mira Loma team. Trinity and Lacey forgot their magic cleats so was so scary because they don’t to lose their last game so they had to go get some other cleats because they didn’t have to go get the magic ones at home.  So the game started they were doing good. Lacey said to trinity we didn’t need those magic cleats after all. Then Lacey got the ball. She was running they were trying to get her down. she pass it back to Lily then Lily pass it back then  they pass it back to Lacey and she made the game try. They win they was so happy they started to cry then went out to eat.
Lacey ran and hugged Trinity and said good job and we did it.
Trinity said I know right.”
Lacey said, I’m so happy we never lost a game.”
Trinity said, I know right
They had a good season Trinity and Lacey thought they weren’t good without the magic cleats but it ended up they were good without them .

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